NWCA Meeting Minutes

Below are the meeting minutes from the March 2017 NWCA State Rep meeting held in St. Louis during the Division I NCAA Wrestling tournament.

Items for Discussion/Topics for Presentation at NWCA Convention:

  • What specific topics would you like to see offered at our Annual Convention? If you don’t have any today but something comes to mind later, shoot me an email or give me a call.
  • Dates and location this year are August 4-6 at Daytona Beach Hilton (Ocean Walk Village).
  • Attendance Goal – 300 participants to 600 over the next 5 years.

Informed attendees of the location change and dates for this years annual NWCA Convention. We encourage everyone to attend and publicize it in their state.  Our goal is to increase the attendance from 300-600 over the next five years. Additionally, we need to begin to establish an agenda for our Scholastic Congress meeting. Some preliminary discussion was shared but we need to prioritize what we want to accomplish at this meeting. Please forward any ideas, concerns or thoughts you might have so we can make this summers meeting meaningful and productive.


CEO Leadership Academy:

  • Who can sign up for the course?
  • Where will it be offered/held?
  • What does it consist of?
  • How will I benefit from it?
  • What does it cost?
  • When will it be offered?

Reviewed the status of the CEO Leadership Academy. It will be available to NWCA members throughout the Country at state conventions, clinics and other designated sites. Hopefully each state will begin to formalize a designated time, site, etc. that would lend itself to an on-site training. This will cost $25 to complete a 360 evaluation but the actual course will be free. Best Coaching Practices and CEO Leadership training will be the focus. Hopefully we can provide our coaches with the skills they need to make their programs successful. This is one of the top priorities of our organization, coaching education.

 NWCA Survey Results:

  • Inform attendees of the results/feedback.
  • Opportunity to better frame the issues.
  • Educate the coaches of topic perspectives.

Shared a “Readers Digest” version of the survey we sent out earlier. I have since sent out to each State Chair and Section Rep. the actual results of that survey. I’m sure many of you will have some varied perspectives of the results. I feel that this information will help guide future discussions and direction for our organization. Clearly these will be philosophical based discussions.

Rule Change Process/Update:

  • What is being recommended?
  • Any rule/s that we should consider reviewing?

The NFHS is meeting the first week of April to review and/or modify rule changes. As a recommending body we need to better understand the time frames for submission, discussion, and recommendation for this process. I plan to put something together for this upcoming year that might serve us well. Stay tuned and I’m sure this will be part of our work at the Convention this summer.


  • Updates from John Licata re: WIBN.
  • Programs to consider.
  • How to start a chapter if you’re interested.
  • Comments from John?

WIBN represented by John Licata provided an update of what initiatives and support their group is providing. If you have any questions about how to get a chapter started in your area or how to support this group John would be a tremendous resource. Additionally, John spoke about the Social featuring keynote speaker Lou Banach. For those of you who attended the event I’m sure you were glad you attended. It was a great event and of course many wrestling greats and supporters were in attendance.

Woman’s Wrestling Update:

  • Any news from across the country i.e., new state tournaments, sanctioned programs.
  • Increase in participation numbers.
  • College program additions.

Shared some recent data as to the growth of woman’s wrestling in our country. We currently have 31 collegiate programs and woman’s wrestling continues to be the fastest growing sport in the U.S. Many in attendance shared what is happening in their states and most were very positive in general. It does have consensus that woman vs. woman is the most successful format.


Scholastic Duals Tournament/Pittsburgh Classic:

  • Duals are in Crawfordsville, In. (Wabash College 4/6-8)
  • Classic in Pittsburgh, Pa. (Univ. of Pittsburgh – Fitzgerald Fieldhouse) 6:00 p.m.

This information was shared as an FYI. The actual duals are the “High School Folkstyle Duals.”


Practice Planner/Other NWCA Resources:

  • Identify Resources and where to find them/access them.

Just offered a reminder of where to find NWCA resources. Not much time devoted to this issue.


State Chairs:

  • Please be certain to share unique/specific issues, concerns, and provide feedback relative to the things happening in your states. Remember, you are our eyes and ears out there.

Reviewed the importance of sharing information. Please make yourself visible and let people/coaches in your state know that you are the state’s NWCA Chairman. Information from your state should be funneled through you and updates and feedback are important for all of us.


Goals, Objectives, Emphasis of each state promoting the NWCA

  • Recruiting/Retention of participants.
  • Eliminate the Forfeit.
  • Increase Woman’s programs/participation/State sponsored-sanctioned.

Highlighted these as our most recent priorities. I believe they continue to be of high priority and will continue to remain as goals and objectives moving forward.


Future Areas of Discussion/Development:

  • Overuse injuries (What is the appropriate number of competitions).
  • Balance between Dual Meets vs. too many tournaments.
  • Youth programs as they relate to recruitment/retention.
  • Professional discussions on specific topics. Social media/blogs/surveys/chats, etc.

Other areas discussed or mentioned are as follows: multiple entries in tournaments, mental health of athletes, sport specialization, Best Practices for coaching women, selecting appropriate developmental competitions and professional discussions on specific topics i.e. social media-blogs-surveys-chats, etc.


Mission of the NWCA:

The NWCA brings the wrestling coaching community together to advance the sport and ensure that current and future generations have the opportunity to engage in a safe and educationally based wrestling experience. This is primarily done by strengthening existing programs, creating new programs, and providing coaches with progressive educational opportunities.


NWCA Cornerstones: Growing the number of wrestlers, coaches and teams at all levels.

  • Coaching Development
  • Student-Athlete Well-Being
  • Promotion of Wrestling
  • Have Chairs and Reps sign contract and return to me.


Open Discussion/Questions:

  • What initiatives/thoughts should we be investigating at the Scholastic level to improve our sport?
  • Participation Awards for each state based on the team with the highest ratio of participation/school population.



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