NWCA September Newsletter, Practice Planner Info, and Convention Notes

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September Newsletter can be found here: http://mailchi.mp/nwca/cysgdxrac6-328789?e=65c18c12cd

Practice Planner Info can be found here:  http://mailchi.mp/nwca/nwca-brand-new-practice-planner-version-328845?e=65c18c12cd

Note from George Way and links (click on text) to NWCA Convention Presentation below:

  3. Sport Participation
  4. Coaching Philosophy


Below I have attached the four (4) areas that I presented for discussion during my two (2) sessions at the Convention (Scholastic Forum and Scholastic Congress). Because these are just my notes taken from research/readings that I have done there are no references/footnotes as to where this information came from. I can however provide that information if you would like to use in a public presentation or distribution. We had some excellent discussion relative to these topics and during the Scholastic Congress we identified four (4) areas to develop action plans for during this upcoming year. While these we can focus on, there are obviously other issues that will need some direction and work done. Please let me know if you need some clarification or wish to have a conversation with regard to these issues. Thanks for any feedback in advance and let me know if there are any ideas that you might have for me going forward. I’m always interested in continuous improvement. As you can see this years Convention was a huge success with record participation with participants and vendors. Awesome speakers and great networking opportunities. So much to offer. We will need to start a discussion on how we can get more of our State chairs to attend next year (first weekend in August). I have some ideas on how to fund that. I’ll save that for another correspondence however.

Hope all of you are doing well and a huge thanks to those of you who contributed to our dialogue.


Action Plan Areas Identified:

1) Develop Social Media/Marketing Strategies to Grow Wrestling

2) Dual Meet Importance/Relevance to Create Local/Regional Interest

3) Youth/Middle School Programming Developmentally Appropriate)

4) Impactful Rule Changes for Future Consideration

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