Dick Coldren

Contributor ⋅ Class of 1989

Northwestern U

Dick graduated from Evanston High School, where at that time they only had intramurals of which he was a participant. After graduation he was enrolled in an Army Reserve Program at Wisconsin University where he again participated as an intramural wrestler. When World War II ended, he enrolled at Northwestern University where he was a Varsity Wrestler for two years for Coaches Wes Brown and Jack Riley.

Dicks wrestling achievements have been great and are notably in the area of administration:

* 26 years as a Director of the Prestigious Midlands

* 3 years as Director of the NCAA Division I

* 23 years as Director of the Big 10 Championships

* 3 years as Director of the Illinois High School State Championships

* Director of 2 matches at Northwestern, when Russia wrestled the USA

* Official at the 1972 US Olympic Trials in 1972

* Official at the US World Games Trials in 1973

* Official at the US World University Trials in 1977

He is a past President of the Northwester N Men’s Club

He is the present and only President of the Wildcat Wrestling Club, a term that started in 1977.

Consistently as worked and support of local wrestling.

Dick is presently the Chairman of the National Eagle Scout Association of the Northeast Illinois Council.

He is in his 49th year of scouting in Illinois. For these achievements in scouting he has been awarded the highest award in scouting: THE SILVER BEAVER IN BOY SCOUTS. Midlands’s Hall of Fame in 1993.

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