Don Millard

Wrestler ⋅ Class of 1985

Pekin High School | Southern Illinois Carbondale

Don began his career at Pekin High School, under the guidance of Hall of Famer Jim Custer and his Assistant- Hall of Famer Jack Stoudt.

While in High School he won numerous matches and tournaments. He finished 2nd in the State Two times. Losing both times to a 3- time State Champion Rick Bay who is also a Hall of Famer; the scores were 2-3 and 8-10, extremely good bouts.

While at Southern Illinois, Don developed rapidly with a number of accomplishments: He won the NIAC Conference Championship Three Times; Placed 2nd in the Midlands; Placed 4th in the NCAA Division I in 1962 and in 1964 he Won the Division II NCAA Championship and culminated this achievement with winning the NCAA Division I Championship. He later tried out for the 1964 Olympics, and finished 5th in those trials.

Before going into private business, Don assisted at Elgin Larkin; West Chicago and Pekin High Schools.

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