Jack Cutlip

Class of 2002

Arlington Heights

Jack Cutlip is an alumni from Clinton High School. Graduating from a high school without a wrestling program forced Jack to begin his wrestling career at Eastern Illinois University. He competed for the Panthers from 1957 to 1961 at 177 punds and 190 punds.

Jack started the wrestling program at Argenta-Oreana and had a 26-1-1 record for two years. He moved to Arlington Heights. During his 26 years in coaching, he had a career record 144-77, eighteen state qualifiers, eleven state place winners, and one state champion.

Jack serves on the stewardship committee for the First United Methodist Church of Arlington heights. He is also a board of directors of the AAEC Credit Union. Prior to his retirement, Jack was honored by the District 214 with the Outstanding Teacher Award.

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