Michial Foy

Wrestler ⋅ Class of 1993


Michial Foy began his wrestling career at Thornwood High School for Hall of Famer Jarret Hubbard. Mike was a State Qualifier in 1980.

Wrestling at Minnesota University, Mike was a two time place-winner in the Big 10, qualifying for the Nationals both years. He was also a two time place winner in the Midlands, winning the most falls award.

His greatest achievements in wrestling have come in the International Style, both in Free Style and Greco Roman. This started when he became a qualifier for the Junior Nationals in 1980.

Since then he has:

* Placed 4th in the Pan American Trials in Free Style in 1987

* Placed 5th in the AAU in Greco Roman in 1988

* Placed 2nd in the US Open in Free Style in 1988

* Won the 1988 Olympic Trials in Greco Roman

* Member of the 1988 Olympic Team in Greco Roman placed 8th

* Placed 2nd in the World Championships in Switzerland in GRECO ROMAN

* Won the Pan American Championships in GRECO ROMAN in 1989

* Placed 3rd in the World Cup in Norway in GRECO ROMAN in 1989

* Placed 2nd in the US Open in GRECO ROMAN in 1990

* Won the US Open GRECO ROMAN Championship in 1989

* Placed 2nd in GRECO ROMAN at Concord in 1990

* Won the 1990 GRECO ROMAN Team Trials Championship

* Placed 2nd in 1989 GRECO ROMAN in Concord

* Placed 2nd in 1991 Free Style Open Championship

* Was Champion in US Open GRECO ROMAN in 1991

* Was Champion in US Open GRECO ROMAN in 1992

* Won the Olympic Trials in GRECO ROMAN in 1993

* Member of the United States Olympic Team for the 2nd time in 1992 placed 6th

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