Mike Evans

Class of 2015

Bloom Trail

Mike Evans began his wrestling journey at Bloom Trail high school wrestling for coach Ron Ray. Evans was a sectional champion and IHSA State finalist in 1978.

At Joliet Junior College while wrestling for both Larry Schagotono and Henry Pillard, Evans compiled a sparkling 60-1 record over two seasons, graduating in 1982. He claimed two National Championships (NJCAA) as well as multiple All American honors. Evans also attended Louisiana State University and has competed in over 1,000 competitive matches in his overall career.

Evans was a member of several Athletes in Action National teams as well as the Regional Champion and All American with NCLA. Evans was a professional boxer as well as a trainer and promoter of boxing events.

A member of the Screen Actors Guild for the past 36 years, Evans was nominated for the Cleo Awards for his role in the movie City Heat with Burt Reynolds.