Pat Patterson


University Of Illinois

Mr. Buell “Pat” Patterson coached at the University of Illinois from1950 until 1968. During this tenure he developed a number of place winners in the NCAA, with 3 of them becoming National Champions. He also developed a number of Big 10 champions and place winners and Team Championships in the Big 10. Pat came to the University of Illinois with an illustrious career behind him as a wrestler for Oklahoma State, Coach at Kansas State and Coach at Nebraska with notable success at each place.

In addition to coaching, Pat is past president of the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee, Manager of the United States Olympic Team, Past Editor of the NCAA Wrestling Guide, First coach to take movies of the National Collegiate Wrestling Tournament in 1937 and I think he was the first coach to use video tape. Pat is also a member of the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame, while is the National Hall of Fame. He most recently wrote and had published a book entitled “Principles of Championship Wrestling “.

Pat Patterson for many years was the Manager of the Illinois High School State Championships and for a long time the only Manager of a Clinic in Illinois, which he initiated.

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