Tom Futris

Class of 2014

Crystal Lake

Tom Futris was born on December 31, 1948 in Chicago. He attended Evanston Township High School during the early 60’s, where he wrestled for National Hall of Fame coach Elias George.

Futris is a Vietnam Veteran, serving in the U.S. Navy from 1967 to 1971. Upon returning home he was excited to be involved in wrestling again, supporting his oldest son, Tom Jr., who wrestled for Arlington and Prospect High Schools.

Throughout the 80’s, Tom helped coach the Arlington Cardinals Wrestling Club, where his son Stephen competed. In 1988, Tom began officiating wrestling. During the early years, you could see Tom’s wife, Debra, in the stands or mat side videotaping Tom’s matches as well as matches of some of the more experienced officials. The Futris’ would spend many evenings reviewing the tapes in an effort to improve on Tom’s work and refine his mechanics by studying those of many of the state level officials.

In 2000, Tom retired from a telecommunications career spanning nearly 30 years. He has remained passionate and dedicated to the sport of wrestling and to providing a safe, fair and healthy experience for all wrestlers. During a 25 year period, Tom officiated 22 IHSA regionals, 13 sectionals, and 11 State Final Tournaments. In addition Tom also officiated 8 IKWF State Final Tournaments.

Tom and Debra have four grandsons: their daughter Nicole’s sons, Jason and Nikolas and Tom Jr’s sons, Tyler and Chad. Since retiring in 2000, each Midwest winter brings with it Debra’s wondering aloud about Tom registering to officiate in Phoenix or or Maui. However, with their family settled in the Chicago suburbs, and with Tom and Debra’s strong desire to watch their grandsons grow up and compete; they will welcome and enjoy many more wrestling seasons from their hometown base in Crystal Lake.