William Friberg

Contributor ⋅ Class of 1988


Bill is a graduate of Chicago Amundsen High School, where he began his wrestling career. He enrolled at Illinois Wesleyan University where they did not have wrestling at the time. However, Bill was the Intramural Champion there and through his efforts in developing the Intramural program, Intercollegiate wrestling began.

His coaching career began at Wauconda High school, where he has a 40-22-1 dual meet record, with 1 State place winner, a time span of 4 years. He then moved to East Leyden High School as an assistant and over a span of 7 years his lower level teams won 105 and lost only 17.

His coaching career ended as he moved into Administrative duties, but his involvement in wrestling did not.

As an official, he worked on the mats for 13 years, which included 5 Regional and 3 Sectionals.

As an IHSA State Final Tournament Worker, he has been involved for 16 years, as a mat scorer. As the head bench official and for the last 5 years he has been involved in the Final Ceremonies, plus the Team Tournaments.

As an IHSA Tournament Manager, he has been involved in organizing 15 Regional Tournaments and 14 Sectionals. He also originated and managed the Leyden Invitational which is now 13 years old.

As Athletic Director for Leyden he has been named State Athletic Director of the Year two times, he has been Named Athletic Director of the Year on the National Level once. He has been program chairman for the State Organization and on the National level he has been on the National Convention Committee and has served on the Credentials and Election Committee, which he now chairs.

Retired 1990.

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