Girls’ tournament recaps from Jan. 19-20

By Mike Garofola for the IWCOA

Central Suburban League champion: New Trier

New Trier claimed the first ever CSL conference title when it outscored runner-up Maine East 142-127 Saturday afternoon at host Highland Park.

Maine West was third overall with 118 overall points, followed by Niles West (98), Maine South (69), Vernon Hills (63), Highland Park (60) and Glenbrook North (55), rounding out the top eight team finishes.

The Trevians claimed three individual champions in Sunny Aitzemkour (100, 14-9), Jillian Giller (140, 23-4) and Nina Aceves (155, 21-4), while adding second place trophies from Liv Pandolfino (110), Lola Bianco (115) Katelynn Parsawasdi (125) to help the cause.

Giller, ranked No. 8 in the state, recently won at the Conant girls tournament.

Second-place Maine East celebrated tournament titles from Eliana Badeen (105) and Guadalupe Montesinos (115, 8-1), while third place Maine West collected a trio of individual titles, from Ava Reyes (130, 19-11), Lillian Garrett (170, 20-4) and Eliana Garrett (235, 14-6).

“It was fun to have both the boys and girls tournaments going on at Highland Park, it was great to highlight, and to include the girls from around the conference,” Maine West head coach Anthony Lonigro said.

CSL championship match results:

100- Sunny Aitzemkour (New Trier) F 0:25 Briana Regules (Niles West)

105- Eliana Badeen (Maine East) F 2:15 Hanna Lee (Vernon Hills)

110- Zoe Pomeranets (Niles West) F 0:35 Liv Pandolfino (New Trier)

115- Guadalupe Montesinos (Maine East) F 3:17 Lola Bianco (New Trier)

120- Ariella Dobin (Glenbrook North) F 5:48 Sarh Al Radi (Niles West)

125- Riley Moore (Highland Park) F 0:48 Katelynn Parsawasdi (New Trier)

130- Ava Reyes (Maine West) F 0:34 Dany Esparza (Deerfield)

135- Clara Ugaz (Highland Park) F 0:00 Ashley Mansell (Maine West)

140- Jillian Giller (New Trier) F 0:30 Alena Oshana (Maine East)

145- Helen Xiao (Deerfield) F 1:00 Olena Ftoma (Maine East)

155- Nina Aceves (New Trier) F 2:16 Lotus Alhyasat (Maine South)

170- Lillian Garrett (Maine West) F 1:23 Madeline Borkowski (Vernon Hills)

190- Sophia Fortis (Maine South) F 1:24 Angelica Wszolek (Maine East)

235- Eliana Garrett (Maine West) F 2:54 Ari Leon (Niles West)

CSL third-place results:

100- Aphrodite Gineras (Maine South) BYE

105- Zoe Handler (Glenbrook North) BYE

110- No third place match

115- Lora Kashidova (Vernon Hills) F 0:29 Samantha Albaugh (Evanston)

120- Zoe Lee (New Trier) F 5:19 Heba Kiloul (Maine East)

125- Alexis Mendoza (Niles West) BYE

130- Ary Latushkina (Vernon Hills) BYE

135- Siena Dini (Glenbrook North) F 1:25 Evana Moseley (Deerfield)

140- Soila Orozco (Maine West) BYE

145- Jasmine Dutt (Maine South) BYE

155- Gabrielle Toney (Niles North) BYE

170- Lexi Rosenthal (Highland Park) D 4-3 Luz Garcia (Maine West)

190- Fatima Gomez (Evanston) D 7-4 Jathziry Valencia (Maine West)

235- Lyric Watson (Maine East) BYE

DuKane Conference champion: Batavia

State power Batavia ran over and through the field en route to lifting the DuKane Conference trophy Friday night at host St. Charles East.

There was little doubt the Lady Bulldogs were up to the challenge from their seven league rivals, as Scott Bayer’s club won eight of the 14 weight classes, including six-straight beginning at 135 with Amelia Howard, and ending when freshman Caoimhe Mitchell collected the top prize at 190 pounds.

No. 1 Sydney Perry continues to dazzle at 145 as the nationally-ranked Batavia senior won with ease, as did Lily Enos (100), as two of 13 overall medalists for the Lady Bulldogs, who posted 276.5 team points on the day.

Second place Lake Park finished with 156 total points, twenty more than third-place Glenbard North. Wheaton North (124) was fourth, while Wheaton-Warrenville South earned fifth place with 100 overall points.

Lake Park collected eight medals, Wheaton North won six, and Glenbard North, with its sensational two-time state champions Gabby Gomez, earned five medals at day’s end.

DuKane Conference championship match results:

100- Lily Enos (Batavia) F 5:16 Sophia Espinosa (St. Charles East).

105- Andrea Jaimes-Alvarez (Wheaton-Warrenville South) F. Gwen Davila (St. Charles East).

110- Rebecca DiSilvestro (Geneva) F 5:22 Ana Sanchez (Wheaton-Warrenville South).

115- Gabby Gomez (Glenbard North) TF 5:06 (29-14) Star Duncan (Wheaton-Warrenville South).

120- Ryan Mark (Wheaton North) F 3:08 Natalie Lenart (Batavia)

125- MacKenzie Harried (Batavia) F 0:49 Kathryn Brooks (Batavia)

130- Keagan Edwards (Glenbard North) MD 9-1 Anabelle Guthke (Batavia)

135- Amelia Howell (Batavia) F 1:20 Cheyenne Duncan (Wheaton-Warrenville South)

140- Norah Stoodley (Batavia) F 2:22 Addison Wolf (St. Charles East)

145- Sydney Perry (Batavia) TF 3:37 (26-11) Joscelin Ritthamel (Lake Park)

155- Sarah Anderson (Batavia) F 1:38 Giovanna Sampognaro (Lake Park)

170- Emma Abbate (Batavia) F 3:06 Delaney Hajdich (Lake Park)

190- Caoimhe Mitchell (Batavia) F 1:54 Marija McFadden (Wheaton North)

235- Iana Victory (Wheaton North) D 4-1 Asreilla Wallace (Glenbard North)

DuKane Conference third-place results:

100- Izzy Paz (Wheaton North) BYE

105- Lilah Jones-Garrous (Batavia) BYE

110- Laurie Cando (Lake Park) BYE

115- Charlotte Ries (Wheaton North) F Eli Landgrebe (Batavia)

120- Autumn Badon (St. Charles East) F 1:15 Elida Garcia Torres (Lake Park)

125- Ezri Incrocci (Glenbard North) BYE

130- Isabelle Harty (Wheaton North) F 1:39 Folu Afolarin (Batavia)

135- Ava Burns (Lake Park) F 1:23 Lizzy Beling (Batavia)

140- Nermina Rustemi (Lake Park) F 1:55 Jordan Martinez (Glenbard North)

145- Nathalie Miranda (Glenbard North) F 1:21 Avalon Bicesto (Batavia)

155- Feyi Afolarin (Batavia) F 2:55 Ayko Suarez (Wheaton-Warrenville South)

170- Paige Washburn (Lake Park) D 6-0 Lauren Smith (Batavia)

190- No Match

235- Kylie Bednarski (Lake Park) BYE

Lake County Invite co-champions: Lakes, Round Lake

Round Lake and Lakes Community both earned 119 points to share the title at the first ever Lake County Girls Invite in Fox Lake at host Grant.

Round Lake collected four individual titles, the same number as fourth-place Zion-Benton, which fell one point short (81-80) to third place Grayslake North.

Grant was fifth overall with 72, edging out Stevenson with 71 points.

The state-ranked duo from Round Lake, Riley Kongkaeow (100, 30-2) and Ireland McCain (115, 29-6), led the way for the Panthers, with teammates Raven Burnett (145, 22-6) and Yareli Macias (14-6) at 235 pounds earning first-place trophies as well.

Lakes enjoyed a trio of individual titles beginning with Zaryia Mouzon (105, 25-3), and followed by the state-ranked and state medal-winning duo of Olivia Heft (120, 26-6) and Ava Babbs (20-0) at 125.

The Zion-Benton program, which is growing by leaps and bounds, was recently second behind Lakes at the Dundee-Crown Invite. The Zee Bees watched the quartet of Emily Ortiz (130, 26-4), Adrianna Ketchum (140, 16-12), Grace Johnson (155) and ILeen Castrejon (190, 14-1) each win titles, with Castrejon defeating Josephine Larson (Lakes, 24-5) in a title match between the Nos. 2 and 3 ranked 190-pounders in the state.

Ayane Jasinski (110, 12-0) gave the hometown fans a treat when she won the 110-pound crown, the third tournament title of the year for the reigning 110-pound state champion, who currently sits just behind top-rated Gabby Gomez from Glenbard North in the state rankings.

“We were excited and thrilled to be hosting the first-ever girls Lake County Invite, and it was great to see Ayane win here on her home mats as well,” Grant head coach Mark Jolcover said.

Lake County Invite championship results:

(best two records in bracket at end of tournament)

100- Riley Kongkaeow (Round Lake), Ester Migues-Gaytan (Grayslake North)

105- Zaryia Mouzon (Lakes), Liliana Aly (Wauconda)

110- Ayane Jasinski (Grant), Aylssa Bentley (Warren)

115- Ireland McCain (Round Lake), Nastasia Kobets (Stevenson)

120- Olivia Heft (Lakes), Gianna Arzer (Grayslake Central)

125- Ava Babbs (Lakes), Noelani Rodriguez (Waukegan)

130- Emily Ortiz (Zion-Benton), Vanessa Alvarez (Grayslake North)

135- Khloe Herrdegan (Mundelein), Quinna Sheets (Grayslake North)

140- Adrianna Ketchum (Zion-Benton), Gesselle Vazquez (Wauconda)

145- Raven Burnett (Round Lake), Naomi Foote (Zion-Benton)

155- Grace Johnson (Zion-Benton), Cassidy Graham (Grant)

170- Jennifer Perez (Waukegan), Jeniah Robinson (Grayslake North)

190- ILeen Castrejon (Zion-Benton), Josephine Larson (Lakes)

235- Yareli Macias (Round Lake), Allison Poole (Grayslake North)

Mid Suburban League tournament champion: Schaumburg

Schaumburg’s lower-weight foursome of Makenzi Aguilar, Justice Girod, Diya Patel, and Anna Villarreal got their club off to a flying start on Saturday, and the Saxons never looked back as Matt Gruszkas’ club went on to collect its second consecutive MSL crown.

“This conference has a lot of individuals that will do a lot of damage downstate,” Gruszka said. “In a tournament that is much bigger and better than last year, we were thrilled to come out on top with our seven champions.” 

Schaumburg topped second-place Hoffman Estates 289-207.

“Sophia Ball, Abi Ji, and Emmylina O’Brien from Hoffman Estates are terrific wrestlers, as is Jasmine Rene (190) over at Wheeling. They should all do really well from here on out,” added Gruszka.

Conant was third overall with 119 points, followed by Wheeling with 113, Prospect with 79, and Palatine with 75.

MSL tournament championship results:

100- Makenzi Aguilar (Schaumburg) F 0:25 Amari Gibson (Hoffman Estates)

105- Justice Girod (Schaumburg) F 0:47 Catalina Videlka (Buffalo Grove)

110- Diya Patel (Schaumburg) F 1:19 Samantha Hernandez (Hoffman Estates)

115- Anna Villarreal (Schaumburg) D 10-6 Isabella Gomez (Wheeling)

120- Sophia Ball (Hoffman Estates) F 2:34 Madyson Meyer (Schaumburg)

125- Abigail Ji (Hoffman Estates) F 2:26 Juana Pulido (Elk Grove)

130- Viola Pianetto (Prospect) F 5:52 Elise Burkut (Wheeling)

135- Emmylina O’brien (Hoffman Estates) F 1:55 Christina Marogy (Buffalo Grove)

140- Madeline Zerafa-Lazarevic (Schaumburg) F Muneeba Butt (Rolling Meadows)

145- Keara Mack (Schaumburg) INJ 4:00 Stephanie Solano (Wheeling)

155- Valeria Rodriguez (Schaumburg) F 3:08 Madeline Chicas (Wheeling)

170- Isabella Chiovari (Hoffman Estates) 2-1 (SV-1) Sabrina Cargill (Palatine)

190- Jasmine Rene (Wheeling) F 3:59 Nadia Razzak (Schaumburg)

235- Monika Irazoque (Palatine) F 2:46 Vivian Kowalczyk (Prospect)

MSL third-place results:

100- Elanie Taboada (Prospect) D 5-2 Kevelyn Price (Palatine)

105- Judy Soto (Hoffman Estates) F 3:08 Linna Vo (Elk Grove)

110- Gwendolynn Ridley (Hoffman Estates) BYE

115- Olivia Pelayo (Hoffman Estates) F 4:40 Valeria Pesantes (Elk Grove)

120- Beth Ciavarella (Hoffman Estates) F 2:55 Andrew Astorino (Prospect)

125- Isabella Rivas (Schaumburg) D 1-0 Brooklyn Jones (Hoffman Estates)

130- Liriana Rakoci (Hoffman Estates) TB-1 14-13 Sharon Olorunfemi (Schaumburg)

135- Lloyd Kowalczyk (Fremd) MD 18-9 Jasmine Zavaletta (Conant)

140- Ewa Krupa (Conant) F 0:45 Stephanie Valdez-Castaneda (Elk Grove)

145- Abby Swanson (Buffalo Grove) F 1:49 Douaa Badou (Hoffman Estates)

155- Emily Bauer (Prospect) D 4-2 Janet Brindis (Rolling Meadows)

170- Alya Razzak (Schaumburg) D 4-2 Lana Ton (Conant)

190- Essenze Reid (Hoffman Estates) F 1:50 Jazz Ocampo (Fremd)

235- Ella Jackson (Schaumburg) MFFT Anjali Gonzalez (Hoffman Estates)

Oak Forest easily claims South Suburban Conference title

Oak Forest rolled to its fifth-straight tournament title as it scored 247 points to win the South Suburban Conference championship by 134 points over runner-up Thornton Fractional South (113) in the 14-team competition that was at Shepard in Palos Heights.

Shepard (106), Reavis (73), Tinley Park (70), Eisenhower (55), Evergreen Park (46) and Lemont (46) rounded out the top-half of the field.

Leading the way for coach John Sebek’s first-place Oak Forest Bengals were their eight champions, Aliyah Blount (100), Marjorie Rodriguez (110), Camila O’Leary-Salas (125), Madelyn Sears (135), Maya Coreas Funes (145), Ryann Reeves (155), Isabel Peralta (190) and Jessica Komolafe (235). 

Finishing in second place for the Bengals were Hanan Abdallah (105), Charlotte Pedroza (120) and Adri Bille (170) while Iyobosa Odiase (140) took third and Joran Clyne (130) placed fourth.

Top performers for coach Andre Richmond’s runner-up Thornton Fractional South Red Wolves were champions Dakota Kelly (105) and Akayla Coopwood (140) and second-place finishers 

Abibatu Mogaji (115) and Quincy Onyiaorah (130). Placing third was Jermia Moore (135) while 

Summer Rice (120) and Caylon Guyton (125)  finished fourth.

Coach Scott Richardson’s third-place Shepard Astros were led by runners-up Mila Rocush (125) and Kassandra Lee (235) while Daniella Almazan (100), Sofia Perez (105), Trinity Franklin (120), Stacey Massey (130) and Morgan Lietz (145) all took third place and Amelia Estrada (170) finished fourth.

Coach John Pfeiffer’s Tinley Park Titans had two champions, Jayden Melendez (115) and Simone Standifer (130). Winning a title for coach Erik Murry’s Lemont team was Molly O’Connor (120) and taking first for coach Charlie Manning’s Reavis Rams was Estrella Ramirez (170).

Also placing second were Reavis’ Jocelyn Diaz (145) and Reyna Padilla (190), Eisenhower’s Lynette Cleavanger (100), Evergreen Park’s Sofia Landeros (110), Hillcrest’s Chistiara Finley (135), Tinley Park’s Rylee Hernandez (140) and Oak Lawn’s Charvelle McLain (155).

Camila O’Leary Salas had the most team points with 26 while Jayden Melendez and Isabel Peralta tied for second with 24 points. Caylon Guyton had the most total match points with 42. And Evergreen Park’s Victoria Cruz had the most falls in the least time with three in 2:27.

Champion Oak Forest had the most total match points with 113 while Thornton Fractional South was next with 105 points. And Oak Forest had the most falls with 22, while Shepard and TF South tied for second with 12 pins.

Championship matches for the South Suburban Conference Tournament

100 – Aliyah Blount (Oak Forest) F 1:12 Lynette Cleavanger (Eisenhower)

105 – Dakota Kelly (Thornton Fractional South) F 1:05 Hanan Abdallah (Oak Forest)

110 – Marjorie Rodriguez (Oak Forest) F 0:20 Sofia Landeros (Evergreen Park)

115 – Jayden Melendez (Tinley Park) F 3:32 Abibatu Mogaji (Thornton Fractional South)

120 – Molly O’Connor (Lemont) F 5:33 Charlotte Pedroza (Oak Forest)

125 – Camila O’Leary Salas (Oak Forest) F 1:24 Mila Rocush (Shepard)

130 – Simone Standifer (Tinley Park) D 3-2 Quincy Onyiaorah (Thornton Fractional South)

135 – Madelyn Sears (Oak Forest) F 3:08 Chistiara Finley (Hillcrest)

140 – Akayla Coopwood (Thornton Fractional South) F 1:52 Rylee Hernandez (Tinley Park)

145 – Maya Coreas Funes (Oak Forest) F 3:43 Jocelyn Diaz (Reavis)

155 – Ryann Reeves (Oak Forest) F 0:49 Charvelle McLain (Oak Lawn)

170 – Estrella Ramirez (Reavis) F 3:34 Adri Bille (Oak Forest)

190 – Isabel Peralta (Oak Forest) F 0:53 Reyna Padilla (Reavis)

235 – Jessica Komolafe (Oak Forest) F 3:17 Kassandra Lee (Shepard)

Upstate Eight Conference champion: East Aurora

East Aurora  may have collected just two individual titles at Bartlett on the day, from Monica De La Cruz and Yoheidi Contreras, but the eventual U8 champions were able to gobble up five second-place medals along the way to help them claim their second straight league title.

The Lady Tomcats pocketed 160 points, 35 more than second-place Larkin, with West Chicago squeaking past Glenbard East for third place by a lone point,

121-120. Fenton finished fourth overall with 101 points.

Glenbard East and Fenton each earned a tournament-high three individual titles, with West Chicago and Bartlett next with a deuce.

West Chicago’s Jenny Espinal (135) and Jayden Rodriguez (190), and Bartlett senior Angie Carpentero (110) are now two-time UE8 champs.

Rodriguez is a two-time state medal winner, and 2022 state champion.

Glenbard East’s No. 5 Nadia Shymkiv (105), Kaila Stubbs (130) and Asa Lacey (170) were each saluted after their U8 titles, as were the Fenton threesome of Yannel Perez (140), Yamile Pencloza (155) and Ariana Solideo at 275.

Penaloza entered the tournament as the No. 7-rated 155-pounder in the state. Bartlett sophomore Lily White joined teammate Carpentero atop the podium at 125.

UEC championship match results:

100- Monica De La Cruz (Aurora East) F 1:43 Susan Cruz (Larkin).

105- Nadiia Shymkiv (Glenbard East) F 0:55 Ashley Hammond (Larkin).

110- Angie Carpintero (Bartlett) MD 12-4 Melanie Granda (Larkin).

115- Azucena Rodriguez (South Elgin) F 2:33 Luz Avilez (Aurora East).

120- Salome Patino (Elgin) F 3:01 Valentina Barboza (Aurora East).

125- Lily White (Bartlett) F 2:48 Kaleigh Allender (Streamwood).

130- Kaila Stubbs (Glenbard East) F 4:54 Briana Anselmo (Elgin).

135- Jenny Espinal (West Chicago) F 3:10 Maria Green (Glenbard East).

140- Yannel Perez (Fenton) F 4:46 Brenda Escobedo (Aurora East).

145- Yoheadi Contreras (Aurora East) F 1:47 Mia Reyes (Larkin).

155- Yamile Penaloza (Fenton) F 5:06 Jordan Smith (Aurora East).

170- Asa Lacey (Glenbard East) D 5-0 Noreidy Ruiz (Aurora East).

190- Jayden Huesca (West Chicago) F 4:11 Kimberly Reyes (Larkin).

235- Ariana Solideo (Fenton) D 9-5 Jocelyn Gonzalez (Streamwood).

UEC third-place results:

100- Kathlynn Spurgeon (Bartlett) F 0:30 Melissa Viveros (Elgin).

105- Brissia Bucio (West Chicago) MD 17-9 Mali Patino (Elgin).

110- Sophia Newell (West Chicago) F 3:48 Haven Cologrossi (Glenbard South).

115- Kai Zamora (Fenton) F 3:12 Zoey Sanchez (Streamwood).

120- Dakota Rosner (Glenbard East) MD 12-1 Tina Ebrahimi (Larkin).

125- Giselle Castillo (Fenton) D 3-0 Emily Pizano (Elgin).

130- Ruby Becerra (Aurora East) F 1:14 Xamantha Ramos (West Chicago).

135- Brittany Chavarria (Aurora East) F 0:39 Jazmin Novoa (Streamwood).

140- Mareli Miguel (West Chicago) F 2:26 Elizabeth Moreno (Glenbard East).

145- Annette Huesca (West Chicago) FFT Tamia Coley (Streamwood).

155- Zamaya Taylor (Larkin) D 2-0 Alex Arquillo (Glenbard South).

170- Jadelin Caballero-Flores (Larkin) F 5:15 Olivia Halminiak (West Chicago).

190- Nadine Spandiary (Glenbard East) F 1:13 Areona Murray (Streamwood).

235- Mildred Reyes (Larkin) F 3:53 Ayanari Solis (Elgin).

Barrington takes MSL crown

By Gary Larsen for the IWCOA

Team tournament titles shouldn’t come easy and Barrington’s MSL tournament win over second-place Hersey was certainly no cake-walk.

Barrington won 265.5-255.5 over Hersey and heavyweight Clarence Jackson got right to the point when asked how the Broncos did it.

“We stayed in tune and never gave up,” Jackson said of his team. “We kept going. We fought.”

Barrington stopped Hersey from winning its third consecutive MSL team title Saturday, inside the fieldhouse at The Academy at Forest View in Arlington Heights.

“Everybody just had a will to win and a goal,” Barrington senior Rhenzo Augusto said. “We really wanted it bad and we got it. We have a bunch of young guys and they’ve been working hard and improving a lot, all of them. The future is bright for them for sure.”

Barrington won the MSL team crown in 2020 and 2022, with 2021’s tournament canceled because of COVID. Prospect (189) finished third Saturday, followed by Fremd (186.5) and Schaumburg (166.5) to round out the top five team finishes.

“We had a really good two days and I’m proud of the way they battled and fought for each other,” Barrington coach Dan Keller said. “We scored a ton of bonus points, which we knew was going to be huge in this thing. We knew it would be tight and in the end we pulled through.”

Elk Grove (130) placed sixth, followed by Buffalo Grove (110), Wheeling (85), Conant (73), Palatine (71), Hoffman Estates (64), and Rolling Meadows (39).

Where bonus points were concerned, Hersey earned an 18-13 edge in falls over Barrington, but the Broncos posted a 6-1 edge in tech falls over the Huskies.

With a tech fall and a major decision in the finals, and three falls posted on the third-place mat, the Broncos earned bonus points in five of the six matches they wrestled in top-four place matches.

Keller got Individual titles from Kaleb Pratt (106), Rhenzo Augusto (150) and Clarence Jackson (285), and seconds from Ryan Dorn (120), Daniel Blanke (132), and Silas Oberholtzer (157).

Barrington also got thirds from Saul Ramirez (113), Jimmy Whitaker (126), and Ayden Salley 190), a fourth from Brady Wright (144), a fifth from Peter Kazaglis (215), sixths from Brennan O’Donnell (138) and Liam Tierney (165), and an eighth from Marino Bernardi (175).

Barrington also got a tech fall at 215 on the fifth-place mat from Kazaglis, on a day when every bonus point mattered.

“We placed fourteen and I’m proud of all fourteen of them,” Keller said. “But Saul Ramirez (113) came in unseeded and has been in and out of our lineup, and he came through and take third. He’s 11-11 but he’s much better than what his record shows and I’m excited to see what he can do in the post-season.”

Hersey also wrestled without last year’s MSL champion at 106 in junior Danny Lehman, and Keller knows what’s coming down the pike when the two MSL powers square off at this year’s regional.

“We’re not ignorant of the fact that they had one of their hammers out this weekend,” Keller said of Lehman’s absence. “So this doesn’t mean anything come regionals. We’ll keep working and focusing on ourselves, and make sure we’re at our best at regionals and let it fly.

“We’re happy but by the same accord, by midnight tonight all of our focus goes to regionals, and this is in the past,” Keller said.

Second-place Hersey got individual titles from Anthony Orozco-Diaz (113), Abdullokh Khamikov (126), and Maksim Mukhamedaliyev (132), plus seconds from Rodrigo Arceo (138) and Anthony Cambria (190), thirds from Esteban Delgado (120), Jake Hanson (144), Frank Tagoe (150), and Tim Boldt (157), and a fourth from Gustav Dammann (285).

Mid Suburban League tournament individual championship results:

106 – Kaleb Pratt, Barrington

Barrington freshman Kaleb Pratt has learned a few things in his transition from a kids’ club eighth-grader to a high school freshman wrestling at the varsity level.

Illinois’ 8th-ranked 106-pounder applied those lessons and won his first MSL title on Saturday.

“It’s the longer periods,” Pratt said. “You have to work harder in practice so you’re not gassed in matches. And I learned you have to be smart for the team – if you’re in a close dual, don’t give up extra points.”

Pratt’s other tournament finishes this year included a second at Barrington, a fifth at Hinsdale Central, and a sixth at Wisconsin’s Cheesehead. Barrington coach Dan Keller is happy with Pratt’s career trajectory in his rookie year.

“We knew he was super talented and he just had to fix some small mistakes,” Keller said. “But he’s super coachable and he’s really coming along.”

No only did Pratt (28-10) not give up extra points, he earned extra points to help Barrington to this year’s MSL team title. Pratt opened with a fall and then won by tech fall on the title mat against Schaumburg’s Austin Phelps (25-10).

Pratt led all wrestlers in the tournament with 29.5 points scored for his team, but like a good teammate, Pratt had one regret in his title match.

“I wish I could have gotten a pin to get more (team) points,” Pratt said.

Buffalo Grove’s Dawson Horvath (19-11) placed third and Wheeling’s David Perez (19-4) was fourth.

113 – Anthony Orozco-Diaz, Hersey

Huskies junior Anthony Orozco-Diaz (20-2) won a tough 6-4 decision in his quarterfinal match against Barrington’s Saul Ramirez (14-12), and it seemingly lit a fire under him.

Top-seeded Orozco-Diaz won his next two matches by first-period falls, culminating in a fall at 1:18 on the title mat at 113 over Fremd’s second-seeded Trent Odachowski (19-6). Orozco-Diaz also had a third-place tournament finish at Barrington this year.

Ramirez went on to finish third and Conant’s Mike Goolish (20-12) was fourth, followed by Schaumburg’s Bryan Sanchez (19-13) in fifth and Wheeling’s Frankie Katz (16-9) in sixth.

120 – Brady Phelps, Schaumburg

Schaumburg junior Brady Phelps’ path this season has been anything but typical. Returning from injuries is a common plight in wrestling but what Phelps had to recover from this year was a different animal.

Only 3,000 people in the US each year contract meningitis – 1.33 cases per every 100,000 people – but Phelps was unlucky enough to contract it in the second week of the current wrestling season.

“I was out for four and a half weeks,” Phelps said. “There was a lot of swelling around my brain, it was hard to breath through my nose, and it’s viral so antibiotics was all I could take. I only came back around three weeks ago.”

Phelps was an MSL champ at 113 last year, and placed fifth and sixth downstate in each of his first two high school wrestling seasons. Now fully recovered, he’s ready to make another run at state glory.

In winning his second MSL title on Saturday, Phelps (15-0) wanted to show everyone that his No. 2 state rankings is bona fide. He posted a fall and a teach fall before having a dominant third period on the title mat at 120 against Barrington’s Ryan Dorn (20-15).

Phelps led 3-0 after two periods before breaking the match open with three takedowns in the third, en route to a 9-3 win.

“I wanted to show people that I can that state title,” Phelps said. “I wanted to put it on him and show him what I’m about.

“From a technical aspect I think I’m much better this year, and I think I’ve matured a lot since last season. I’ve been getting more leg attacks and more explosive on my feet.”

Third-seeded Dorn topped Hersey’s second-seeded Esteban Delgado (17-1) to reach the finals. Esteban went on to place third with a win over Hoffman Estates’ Tengis Vaanchigkhorol (9-12).

126 – Abdullokh Khakimov, Hersey

Hersey senior Abdullokh Khakimov has only been in the United States for two years, and has had to learn folk-style wrestling on the fly.

Khakimov is flying pretty high.

Second-seeded Khakimov (24-6) used a second-period ankle pick to score the only takedown of his title match at 126 against Elk Grove’s top-seeded Grant Madl (29-2), to capture a 3-1 decision.

“In the second period he stepped and I saw it and picked him,” Khakimov said. “This feels great. I don’t have as much strength as some of my opponents but I think I’m wrestling smart.”

Illinois’ fourth-ranked Khakimov was third at 113 in last year’s MSL tournament. He was second at this year’s Barrington tournament and fifth at the Dvorak. Fifth-ranked Madl was a tournament champion at Glenbard West, Niles West, and Buffalo Grove this year.

Barrington’s Jimmy Whitaker (25-15) placed third with a win against Schaumburg’s fourth-place Aidan Ploski (10-5).

132 – Maksim Mukhamedaliyev, Hersey

Hersey’s Maksim Mukhamedaliyev won an individual title at Barrington to start the year and finished second at the Dvorak in December. Now the junior can add an MSL title to that list as fuel on the fire heading into the state tournament.

Mukhamedaliyev placed 6th in Illinois at 126 last season and feels more prepared for Champaign this year. 

“I practiced more – multiple practices in a day, working hard, and I’m more dedicated,” Mukhamedaliyev said. “I fixed some problems I had last year. I was letting guys in on my legs so I worked on my defense, and I’ve got good practice partners, too. It all adds up.”

Mukhamedaliyev posted a pair of falls before winning by major decision in the finals against Barrington’s Daniel Blanke. Fourth-seeded Blanke upset No. 2 Alazar Eyob of Hersey to reach the finals.

Mukhamedaliyev (27-2) had a first-period takedown and led 6-3 after two periods against Blanke (21-9). He locked up a cradle in the third period and earned back points en route to a 16-4 decision win.

Mukhamedaliyev is also on board with his program’s approach to end-of-the-season wrestling.

“Lots of coaches say now is when you taper down but we don’t believe that,” Mukhamedaliyev said. “We believe now is when you have to hit it the hardest.”

Hoffman Estates’ Alazar Eyob (28-6) finished third at 132 and Prospect’s Kasper Kosciarz (22-18) placed fourth.

138 – Giorgio Difalco, Prospect

Two months ago, Prospect senior Giorgio Difalco lost a 3-2 decision in overtime to Hersey’s Rodrigo Arceo at the season-opening Moore-Prettyman tournament at Barrington.

Vengeance for Difalco (28-8) arrived Saturday, when he and Arceo (17-10) again wrestled to overtime, this time with an MSL title on the line. Difalco used a third-period takedown at the edge in the first overtime period to win a 3-1 decision.

“He lost to Arceo earlier in the year, and he was very focused on improving from that match and making sure it did not happen again,” Prospect coach Ashton Brown said.

“Giorgio was stuck behind some really good wrestlers the last few years, but he was committed in the offseason to make his senior year special. He was very active on the freestyle/greco scene this offseason as he wrestled for team Illinois at Fargo. His work ethic is phenomenal and he has worked to make sure he’s at his best as we head into the postseason. I’m excited to see how Giorgio finishes the year.”

Schaumburg’s Rocco Fontela (27-9) placed third at 138 and Buffalo Grove’s Max Turner (18-12) finished fourth.

144 – Evan Gosz, Fremd

Gosz won the MSL title at 126 last year and was MSL champion at 113 as a freshman two years ago. He finished third in Champaign in each of those seasons.

After winning his third MSL title Saturday, Illinois’ third-ranked wrestler at 144 is now assessing his immediate future.

“I’m really excited but I don’t know where I’m going yet (138 or 144),” Gosz said. “At 138 there’s (St. Charles East’s Tyler) Guerra, who’s a really tough opponent and I’ve wrestled him before. At 144 there’s (Joliet West’s) Carson Weber and (St. Charles East’s) Jayden Colon, and both are really tough opponents.

“I’m in the middle somewhere. I think I’d perform well at 38 but I also think I’d perform well at 44 and I wouldn’t have to cut (weight).”

Wherever he ends up, Gosz will take an unblemished 26-0 record with him after winning an 8-0 title-mat decision against Schaumburg’s sixth-ranked junior Callen Kirchner (27-2).

Gosz also won tournament titles at Prospect and Conant this season. He placed third twice in Champaign at 145 and feels even better-equipped this year to get himself into the Grand March.

“I’ve developed a pretty good offense. Last year I was mostly a defensive wrestler and scored off people’s shots,” Gosz said. “I’ve started developing shots and now I’m moving people around. Because if I can get my offense going and build up points, then I’m not wrestling from behind.”

Hersey’s Jake Hanson (27-10) placed third at 144 and Barrington’s Brady Wright (25-16) took fourth.

150 – Rhenzo Augusto, Barrington

After Barrington senior Rhenzo Augusto won his first MSL title Saturday, Broncos coach Dan Keller tossed a weighty accolade in his direction.

“He’s one of the best leaders by example that I have ever had in all my years of coaching, and I’ve had some really good ones,” Keller said. “I know when I come to practice that Rhenzo is going to be there working his tail off, doing whatever we ask of him for the whole entire time.”

After placing second at 138 at last year’s MSL tournament, fourth-ranked Augusto (33-5) was the tournament’s top seed at 150 this year. Two tech falls and then a 14-3 major decision on the title mat later, Augusto had his MSL crown.

“It was the same approach – just go in there and fight,” Augusto said of his title match against Schaumburg’s Gavin Hinkle (22-8). “I still have stuff to work on and next time I’ll do even better.”

Augusto then echoed what top wrestlers across Illinois are all thinking right now: “My goal is to be a state champ,” he said.

Augusto placed second in tournaments at Barrington and Hinsdale Central this year, and was 10th at one of the toughest annual regional tournaments, Wisconsin’s Cheesehead.

The meat-grinder in Wisconsin was an invaluable tool.

“I loved it,” Augusto said of the Cheesehead. “Even though I lost a few matches it really showed me what I have to work on. I truly feel blessed to be able to wrestle and lose to those guys so I can work on my stuff.”

Hersey’s Frank Tagoe (14-10) placed third and Prospect’s Joe Quirk (22-16) finished fourth at 150.

157 – Ryan Muslimovic, Fremd

The second of three seniors winning their first MSL titles, Fremd’s Ryan Muslimovic rode his way to victory in Arlington Heights,

Top-seeded Muslimovic (34-5) rode out Barrington’s third-seeded Silas Oberholtzer (26-10) for the entire third period, en route to a 3-2 title-mat win.

A Muslimovic escape to start the second period tied the score 2-2 before Oberholtzer was tagged with a penalty point for stalling.

That’s when Muslimovic showed what leg-riding can do for you. Oberholtzer chose down to start the third period and could not escape Muslimovic for the next two minutes.

“The start of junior year, when I first started experimenting with leg-riding. I got the hang of it and we just kept improving it,” Muslimovic said.

“It’s just a mentality. You can’t just cut him. Top is my favorite position and I have the philosophy that no one escapes from me. I’ll mat-return him twenty times if I have to.”

Muslimovic won a tournament title at Glenbard West this year, placed second at Barrington, third at Prospect, and seventh in a tournament in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He is currently ranked sixth at 157 in Illinois.

“I was on the third-place mat here last year so it feels good in my senior year to win it,” Muslimovic said. “Now I’ll do whatever it takes now to get downstate and get on the podium.”

Hersey’s Tim Boldt (20-14) took third at 157 while Conant’s Tanner Cosgrove (28-8) finished fourth.

165 – Connor Munn, Prospect

Wrestling is all about mental toughness and last year, nobody had to find their ceiling for toughness any more than Prospect senior Connor Munn (32-7) did.

Munn wrestled his entire junior season with a torn labrum and still managed to become a state qualifier. But he’s relieved to have that limiting and constant shoulder pain behind him.

Munn had surgery in May of 2023, then sat out for six months of healing.

“My first practice back was our first team practice this year at Prospect,” Munn said. “It took about a month and a half before my conditioning started coming back. It was hard and the most important thing was getting into a lot of long matches. That’s the best way.”

Now healthy, the ninth-ranked wrestler at 165 in Illinois won his first MSL title with a 4-0 decision over Fremd’s Peter Mondus (33-10). Munn won a 4-2 overtime decision against Mondus earlier this year.

Munn had a first-period takedown and a third-period reversal in their rematch, and was dominant from the top position in between.

“I just wanted to get to my attacks more in neutral, and I did a good job riding him on top,” Munn said. “I think I rode him for three and a half or four minutes so I’m proud of that.”

Munn also won a tournament title at Prospect this year. He placed fifth at Barrington to start the year and recently placed 11th at Wisconsin’s formidable Cheesehead tournament.

“My conditioning has gotten better throughout the year and once my conditioning is a hundred percent I think I’ll be able to wrestle with anybody,” Munn said.

Elk Grove’s Logan Tosterud (9-6) placed third at 165, and Buffalo Grove’s Chris Chi (25-5) was fourth.

175 – Benny Schlosser, Elk Grove

Whenever a wrestler re-dedicates himself to the sport, good things happen.

Elk Grove senior Benny Schlosser didn’t place at last year’s MSL tournament and when the off-season came, he made a choice.

“I got more practice in the off-season and that really helped me out,” Schlosser said. “About two months before the season I started going to Gomez (Wrestling Academy) and my technique improved. I learned how to shoot better and defend shots. And I’ve been better with conditioning this year which obviously really helps in the third periods of matches.”

Schlosser’s extra work has paid off big-time. The senior appeared in the finals of a tournament for the fifth time Saturday and won his first MSL title, with an 8-6 decision over Palatine’s Trey Widlowski (28-4) on the title mat.

Top-seeded Widlowski has wrestled at 190 most of the year. He won a tournament title at 190 at Palatine, placed second at Buffalo Grove, and finished third in tournaments at Glenbrook South and Fenton.

“I never wrestled him. I heard he aggressive before I wrestled him so I was ready for that,” Schlosser said. “He was aggressive and I just had to wrestle smart. I couldn’t take any shots that weren’t there.”

Schlosser also won a tournament title at Buffalo Grove, to go with title-mat appearances and runner-up finishes at Neuqua Valley, Niles West, and Glenbard West this season. He’ll hold his MSL title dear to his heart.

“It feels great. I always wanted to be up on the board in the room,” Schlosser said.

Prospect’s Michael Matuszak (23-12) finished third at 175 and Anthony D’Ambrosio (16-8) placed fourth.

190 – Jaxon Penovich, Prospect

Dominance had a face at this year’s MSL tournament, and it belonged to Prospect sophomore Jaxon Penovich.

In improving to 36-3 and winning his second MSL title, Illinois’ top-ranked 190-pounder also led all wrestlers with 79 total-match points scored, 30 single-match points scored, and had the most tech falls in the least time – three in 10:41.

Penovich won all three of his matches by tech fall, capped by a tech fall on the title mat against Hersey’s Anthony Cambria (24-10).

Penovich placed 5th at 195 in Champaign as a freshman. Fifth is not going to be good enough for him this year.

“I’ve had a year of maturing and beating up on guys,” Penovich said. “I’ve (tech falled) or pinned everyone I’ve wrestled in Illinois so far. I’ve had a target on my back all year, where last year people might have thought ‘he got lucky, just a lucky freshman’. But I’ve been putting the work in just as much as they are.”

Penovich also finished first in tournaments at Barrington and Prospect this year, and was fourth at Wisconsin’s formidable Cheesehead tournament. All of his wins have come by either fall or tech fall.

“My conditioning is better this year,” he said. “Kids are getting worn out after a period against me this year and don’t know what to do by the second or third period.

“Last year was great, it was a great accomplishment. But I didn’t get what I wanted. Now I want to prove that no matter what anybody does, I’m going to be dominant.”

Barrington’s Ayden Salley (28-14) placed third at 190 and Buffalo Grove’s Caden Watson (27-7) finished fourth.

215 – Dylan Berkowitz, Elk Grove

Elk Grove’s Dylan Berkowitz shocked the MSL tournament field last year, winning the title at 215 as a sophomore. That’s where his road to confidence began.

“I went into this tournament unranked last year, nobody really knew me, and I won it,” Berkowitz said. “Then I got ranked and came into this season ranked, so that all helped my confidence. And now my confidence is way higher than last year.”

As the top seed at 215 this year, Berkowitz (25-5) took care of business, but this year’s title certainly come easy. After posting two falls to reach the finals, Berkowitz had to gut out a 1-0 win in the finals against Hoffman Estates’ second-seeded Abdulhamid Olowu (24-4).

Berkowitz rode Olowu out for the entire third period to get the win.

“(Olowu) was really strong and I couldn’t really do anything against him,” Berkowitz said. “I just kept hearing my coaches telling me to keep going, motivating me.”

Olowu won tournament titles at Hoffman Estates, and Vernon Hills, and Berkowitz was a tournament runner-up this year at Niles West, Glenbard West, and Buffalo Grove. 

Berkowitz was a state qualifier last year as a sophomore, and he aims to get back to Champaign with a little more calmness and poise in his arsenal.

“I was really nervous last year,” Berkowitz said. “It’s a big stadium, everyone’s watching, everyone’s in there – so many teams, so many coaches. You just have to soak it in and try to look at it as just another tournament, and have fun. This year I want to place down there.”

Prospect’s Brock Clay (10-16) placed third at 215 and Fremd’s Jaime Vela (25-18) placed fourth.

285 – Clarence Jackson, Barrington

After placing fourth at last year’s MSL tournament as a freshman at 285, Barrington’s fourth-seeded Clarence Jackson had to get past Elk Grove’s top-seeded and previously unbeaten Mikey MIlovich just to get to the finals.

Mission accomplished, by third-period pin.

“That was really hard. That guy was really tough,” Jackson said of Milovich. “I just listened to my coaches and stayed solid with a good stance.”

Conant’s second-seeded Harley Stary was then all that stood between Jackson and his first MSL title. The two slugged it out to a 4-4 tie after three periods before Jackson fought off a Stary takedown attempt in overtime, then got the takedown he needed for a 6-4 win.

“It’s a rush. Overtime is scary but you have to keep going and don’t tell yourself you’re tired,” Jackson said.

Barrington coach Dan Keller might well have a diamond in the rough on his hands.

“Last year was Clarence’s first year wrestling,” Keller said. “So he’s learning every day. Every day it’s new stuff to him and he’s really climbing and building. He played football so he didn’t get much (wrestling) practice in at the start of the season. But he’s getting better and better and the sky is the limit for him.”

Top individual statistics:

Most pins, least time – 3 in 4:56 by Prospect’s Karol Kosciaz

Most tech falls, least time – 3 in 10:41 by Prospect’s Jaxon Penovich

Fastest fall – 0:21 by Prospect’s Brock Clay

Fastest tech fall – 2:18 by Prospect’s Jaxon Penovich

Most team points – 29.5 by Barrington’s Kaleb Pratt

Most single-match points – 30 by Prospect’s Jaxon Penovich

Most total-match points – 79 by Prospect’s Jaxon Penovich

MSL championship match results:

106 – Kaleb Pratt (Barrington) TF 4:11 Austin Phelps (Schaumburg)

113 – Anthony Orozco-Diaz (Hersey) F 1:18 Trent Odachowski (Fremd)

120 – Brady Phelps (Schaumburg) D 9-3 Ryan Dorn (Barrington)

126 – Abdullokh Khakimov (Hersey) D 3-1 Grant Madl (Elk Grove)

132 – Maksim Mukhamedaliyev (Hersey) MD 16-4 Daniel Blanke (Barrington)

138 – Giorgio Difalco (Prospect) SV-1 3-1 Rodrigo Arceo (Hersey)

144 – Evan Gosz (Fremd) MD 8-0 Callen Kirchner (Schaumburg)

150 – Rhenzo Augusto (Barrington) MD 14-3 Gavin Hinkle (Schaumburg)

157 – Ryan Muslimovic (Fremd) D 3-2 Silas Oberholtzer (Barrington)

165 – Connor Munn (Prospect) D 4-0 Peter Mondus (Fremd)

175 – Benny Schlosser (Elk Grove) D 8-5 Trey Widlowski (Palatine)

190 – Jaxon Penovich (Prospect) TF 3:50 Anthony Cambria (Hersey)

215 – Dylan Berkowitz (Elk Grove) D 1-0 Abdulhamid Olowu (Hoffman)

285 – Clarence Jackson (Barrington) SV-1 6-4 Harley Stary (Conant)

MSL third-place matches:

106 – Dawson Horvath (Buffalo Grove) F 4:00 David Perez (Wheeling)

113 – Saul Ramirez (Barrington) F 5:50 Mike Goolish (Conant)

120 – Esteban Delgado (Hersey) D 6-2 Tengis Vaanchigkhorol (Hoffman)

126 – Jimmy Whitaker (Barrington) F 2:40 Aidan Ploski (Schaumburg)

132 – Alazar Eyob (Hoffman) D 10-9 Kasper Kosciarz (Prospect)

138 – Rocco Fontela (Schaumburg) F 5:31 Max Turner (Buffalo Grove)

144 – Jake Hanson (Hersey) F 1:14 Brady Wright (Barrington)

150 – Frank Tagoe (Hersey) F 5:44 Joe Quirk (Prospect)

157 – Tim Boldt (Hersey) SV-1 4-2 Tanner Cosgrove (Conant)

165 – Logan Tosterud (Elk Grove) fft. Chris Chi (Buffalo Grove)

175 – Michael Matuszak (Prospect) F 3:26 D’Ambrosio Anthony (Fremd)

190 – Ayden Salley (Barrington) F 5:36 Caden Watson (Buffalo Grove)

215 – Brock Clay (Prospect) F 3:43 Jaime Vela (Fremd)

285 – Mikey Milovich (Elk Grove) D 3-1 Gustav Dammann (Hersey)

Final team scores: 1. Barrington (265.5) 2. Hersey (255.5) 3. Prospect (189) 4. Fremd (186.5) 5. Schaumburg (166.5) 6. Elk Grove (130) 7. Buffalo Grove (110) 8. Wheeling (85) 9. Conant (73) 10. Palatine (71) 11. Hoffman Estates (64) 12. Rolling Meadows (39)

Boys Illini Bluffs and Vernon Hills Tournament Recaps

By Curt Herron – For the IWCOA

Glenbrook North wins Vernon Hills Cougar Thanksgiving Invitational

Glenbrook North held off district rival Glenbrook South 164.5-152 to capture the championship of Vernon Hills’ Cougar Thanksgiving Classic that was held in Vernon Hills.

Niles North edged Burlington Central 125-124 to claim third place while Harvard got past Rolling Meadows 110-108 to finish in fifth place. Evanston Township (104) and Bartlett (99) rounded out the top half of the 16-team competition.

Top performers for coach John Gilchrist’s champion Spartans were title winners Aiden Fladeland (138) and Shane Onixt (165) while Ebin Fladeland (144) took second place and Ayaan Rizwaan (113) finished in third place.

Finishing in fourth place for Glenbrook North were Henry Hafner (157), Kieran O’Sullivan (175) and Cray Paich (285). Josh Son (126) claimed fifth place, Ilan Ruderman (150) was sixth and Jordan Mokhtarian (132) took seventh place.

Leading the way for coach Pat Castillo’s runner-up Titans were champion Henry Downing (157) and second-place finishers Sergio Jaimes (106) and Andrew Philbrick (165) while Urmuun Urtnasan (113) and Sammy Kubba (215) both claimed fourth place.

Glenbrook South also got fifth-place efforts from Michael Schick (132) and Andrew Haritos (150) and sixth-place finishes from Emilio Arteaga (126) and Mike Tsendayush (138). Taking seventh place were James Dravenack (113) and John Palmer (144) while Ammar Khan (120) and Christian Shamoon (175) both placed eighth.

Other champions were Bartlett’s Cameron Engels (126) and Ryan Gura (190), Grayslake North’s Ryan Larivee (106), Johnsburg’s Eric Bush (113), Kenosha Christian Life’s Drew Dolphin (120), Maine East’s Dulguun Nyamdavaa (132), Evanston Township’s Bryan Lemus (144), Harvard’s Daniel Rosas (150), Woodstock North’s 

Kaden Combs (175), Niles North’s Ahmad Musa (215) and Hoffman Estates’ Abdulhamid Olowu (285).

Also finishing in second place were Burlington Central’s Eduardo Vences (113) and Henry Deering (138), Niles North’s Trent Tono (120) and Oliver Quiros (150), Evanston Township’s Eren Atac (126) and Rodrigo Salinas (157), Rolling Meadows’ Benjamin Escalante (132) and Jack Rappa (175), Woodstock North’s David Randecker (190),

Taft’s Christopher Osta (215) and Harvard’s Riley Vest (285).

Some of the closest championship matches included Nyamdavaa prevailing 4-2 over Escalante at 132, Engels beating Atac 5-2 at 126, Musa winning 5-2 over Osta at 215 and Olowu claiming a 5-1 decision over Vest at 285. 

Downing had the most team points with 30 while Onixt was next with 29.5 points. Combs and Gura each scored 28 points, Aiden Fladeland had 27.5 team points, Dolphin scored 27 points and Engels, Lemus, Musa, Olowu and Rosas all collected 26 team points.

Rolling Meadows’ Jacob Martone (144) had the most match points with 52 while Hoffman Estates’ Alazar Eyob (132) was next with 49. Four individuals collected four falls with Johnsburg’s Noah Jasper (157) achieving that feat in the shortest time, which was 8:51.

Also taking third were Niles North’s Zachary Hempen (144) and Dionisi Ballas (175), Grayslake North’s Owen Anderson (150) and Jacob Ronsman (157), Rolling Meadows’ Josh Rappa (165) and Nick Labbe (190), Harvard’s Owen Vail (120), Taft’s Miguel Guevara (126), Burlington Central’s Doug Phillips (132), Bartlett’s Filip Szeszko (138), Johnsburg’s CJ Ameachi (215) and Maine East’s Victor Nitchev (285).

Other fourth-place finishers were Hoffman Estates’ Alazar Eyob (132) and David Ogunfowokan (138), Taft’s David Ruiz (120), Burlington Central’s David Wyruchowski (126), Harvard’s Logan Nulle (144), Evanston Township’s Manny Holloway (150), Woodstock North’s Ben Lagerhausen (165) and Johnsburg’s Micah Welch (190).

Vernon Hills Cougar Thanksgiving Invitational championship matches

106 – Ryan Larivee (Grayslake North) over Sergio Jaimes (Glenbrook South), F 3:23

113 – Eric Bush (Johnsburg) over Eduardo Vences (Burlington Central), D 12-5

120 – Drew Dolphin (Kenosha Christian Life) over Trent Tono (Niles North), MD 12-3

126 – Cameron Engels (Bartlett) over Eren Atac (Evanston Township), D 5-2

132 – Dulguun Nyamdavaa (Maine East) over Benjamin Escalante (Rolling Meadows), D 4-2

138 – Aiden Fladeland (Glenbrook North) over Henry Deering (Burlington Central), F 5:00

144 – Bryan Lemus (Evanston Township) over Ebin Fladeland (Glenbrook North), D 12-6

150 – Daniel Rosas (Harvard) over Oliver Quiros (Niles North), F 0:47

157 – Henry Downing (Glenbrook South) over Rodrigo Salinas (Evanston Township), F 5:28

165 – Shane Onixt (Glenbrook North) over Andrew Philbrick (Glenbrook South), F 2:38

175 – Kaden Combs (Woodstock North) over Jack Rappa (Rolling Meadows), D 6-0

190 – Ryan Gura (Bartlett) over David Randecker (Woodstock North), F 0:57

215 – Ahmad Musa (Niles North) over Christopher Osta (Taft), D 5-2

285 – Abdulhamid Olowu (Hoffman Estates) over Riley Vest (Harvard), 5-1


Olympia captures Illini Bluffs Invite championship

Olympia got past Dixon 264-255 to capture top honors in the 20-team Illini Bluffs Invite in Glasford. East Peoria (172), Richwoods (150.5), Peoria Notre Dame (143), Illini Bluffs (122), Dunlap (108.5), Farmington (99), Illinois Valley Central (85) and Limestone (74) rounded out the top half of the field.

Leading the way for coaches Josh and Justin Collins’ champion Spartans were title winners Mateo Martinez (126) and Nolen Yeary (215) and second-place finishers Cooper Phillips (138) and Bentley Wise (150) while Noah Whiteside (106), Austin Kizner (120), Kelton Graden (157) and Kayden Thomas (165) took third.

Finishing in fourth place for Olympia were Carter Knobloch (113) and Cole Bauer (175) while Darian Holloway (190) placed fifth, Bryson Wilson (144) took sixth (144) and Brayden Riblet (285) had two wins.

“It was a great tournament and start to the season for our team,” Josh Collins said. “We had two tournament champions at the Illini Bluffs Invitational, Mateo Martinez at 126 pounds and Nolen Yeary at 215 pounds. We also had 10 of our wrestlers place in addition to the two champions. We’re excited for the season, and look forward to continued growth and success.”

Top performers for coach Micah Hey’s runner-up Dukes were champions Jack Ragan (106), Jayce Kastner (165) and Zack Clevenger (190) while Riley Paredes (113), Steven Kitzman (175) and Will Howell (215) all claimed second place. Dixon received third-place finishes from James Simpson (138), Jayden Weidman (144) and Cade Hey (150) while Gavin Kramer (132) finished fourth and Ayden Rowley (120) took fifth place.

The host Tigers received championships from Hunter Robbins (120), Ian O’Connor (144) and Jackson Carroll (150) while Farmington got titles from Keygan Jennings (132) and Bradlee Ellis (138) and Notre received firsts from Chase Daugherty (157) and Michael McLaughlin (285). The other two champions were East Peoria’s Cooper Chester (113) and Dunlap’s Nick Mueller (175).

Also finishing in second place were Notre Dame’s Josh Stedwill (106) and Ian Akers (120), East Peoria’s Brayden Flinn (165) and Jose Deltoro (285), Farmington’s Caleb Showalter (126), Knoxville’s Gage Fox (132), Richwoods’ Christopher Harris (144), Monmouth United’s Jake McElwee (157) and Dunlap’s Joseph Weeks (190). 

Some of the closest championship matches included Daugherty edging McElwee 8-7 at 157, Clevenger getting past Weeks 5-4 at 190, Chester prevailing over Paredes 6-4 at 113, Martinez winning 9-7 over Showalter 9-7 at 126, McLaughlin capturing a 6-4 win over Deltoro at 285, Carroll getting a 9-5 victory over Wise 9-5 at 150. 

Three returning IHSA second-place finishers won titles. At 120, Robbins, who was second at 106 in Class 1A, claimed a 10-5 decision over Akers, who took fourth at 106 in 1A. Jennings, who was second at 113 in 1A, took first place at 132, and Mueller, who placed second at 160 in 2A, was the champion at 175.

Ragan (106), Jennings (132), O’Connor (144), Kastner (165), Mueller (175) and Yeary (215) all won championships by fall while Ellis (138) claimed his title with a win by technical fall.

O’Connor led all competitors with 32 team points while Ellis and Jennings were just behind with 31.5 points, Kastner and McLaughlin collected 30 team points, Carroll and Daugherty both scored 29 points and Deltoro, Ragan and Yeary all had 28 team points. Jennings easily had the most total match points with 75.

East Peoria’s Dalton Oakman (190) and Olympia’s Wilson (144) both had five falls with Oakman needing just 3:46 to pull off that feat. 

Richwoods had three third-place finishers, Joshua Bousek (126), Rikyis Doss (132) and Gabe Martinez (175). Also taking third were Illini Bluffs’ Wyatt Knowles (113), Limestone’s Ethan Dixon (190), Manual’s Nas King (215) and East Peoria’s Keegan Barnes (285).

Illinois Valley Central had three individuals who finished fourth, Evan Cannon (144), Maison Toliver (157) and Owen Moser (165). Also taking fourth place were Limestone’s Christian Johnson (106) and Gabe Hodges (150), Macomb’s Ethan Hoyt (120), East Peoria’s Angel Ortiz (126), Richwoods’ Colton Boyer (138), Heyworth’s Jarrod Fulcher (190), Dunlap’s Carson Paustian (215) and Washington JV’s Luke Hoffman (285).

Also claiming fifth-place finishes were Richwoods’ Wensley Rahn (106) and Phoenix Wombacher (165), Notre Dame’s Jack Bartoletta (138) and Michael Kimbrough (175), Monmouth United’s Jacob Penn (113), Knoxville’s Gunnar Johnson (126), Eureka’s Owen Stoller (132), Illinois Valley Central’s Antonio Toliver (150), Macomb’s Carlos Bustamante (157), Peoria Heights’ Issac Coleman (215) and Limestone’s Taylor Dixon (285).

Illini Bluffs Invite championship matches

106 – Jack Ragan (Dixon) over Josh Stedwill (Notre Dame), F 0:50

113 – Cooper Chester (East Peoria) over Riley Paredes (Dixon), D 6-4

120 – Hunter Robbins (Illini Bluffs) over Ian Akers (Notre Dame, D 10-5

126 – Mateo Martinez (Olympia) over Caleb Showater (Farmington), D 9-7

132 – Keygan Jennings (Farmington) over Gage Fox (Knoxville), F 3:12

138 – Bradlee Ellis (Farmington) over Cooper Phillips (Olympia), TF 5:00

144 – Ian O’Connor (Illini Bluffs) over Christopher Harris (Richwoods), F 1:25

150 – Jackson Carroll (Illini Bluffs) over Bentley Wise (Olympia), D 9-5

157 – Chase Daugherty (Notre Dame) over Jake McElwee (Monmouth United), D 8-7

165 – Jayce Kastner (Dixon) over Brayden Flinn (East Peoria), F 1:16

175 – Nick Mueller (Dunlap) over Steven Kitzman (Dixon), F 0:31

190 – Zack Clevenger (Dixon) over Joseph Weeks (Dunlap), D 5-4

215 – Nolen Yeary (Olympia) over Will Howell (Dixon), F 1:51

285 – Michael McLaughlin (Notre Dame) over Jose Deltoro (East Peoria), D 6-4


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Class 2A Regional roundups

By Curt Herron & Gary Larsen

Lemont dominates to claim top honors at the Hinsdale South Regional

Lemont had eight champions and qualified 12 of its 13 competitors to win the title of the Hinsdale South Regional in Darien with 231 points. The host Hornets took second place with 180.5 points while St. Rita of Cascia was third with 166.5 points.

Winning tiles for coach Erik Murry’s first-place team from Lemont, which is ranked 13th, were Cory Zator (113), Carter Mikolajczak (126), Sammy Schuit (138), Johnny O’Connor (145), Noah O’Connor (152), Niko LoCoco (160), Nathan Wrublik (195) and Alex Pasquale (285). 

“The Lemont coaches are elated that the team is peaking at the right time,” Murry said. “It will be nice to go back to Hinsdale South for sectionals since we had so much success there in regionals. We also know there will be a few rematches to look forward to at some key weights but we are excited for some good wrestling overall. Hopefully we can get as many guys out to the state finals in Champaign.”

Hinsdale South and St. Rita each had three champions. Winning titles for St. Rita were Jack Hogan (106), Austin Dangles (120) and Sean Larkin (132) while Hinsdale South got first-place finishes from Alec Miller (170), Jovani Piazza (182) and Griffin Carr (220).

Sectional qualifiers from the Hinsdale South Regional

106: 1. Jack Hogan (22-8), St. Rita; 2. Mikey Wallace (14-6), Hinsdale South; 3 Josue’ Tankson (17-9), Kennedy.

113: 1. Cory Zator (34-5), Lemont; 2. Victor Alvarado (28-3), Kennedy; 3. Toqir Mir (20-8), Hinsdale South.

120: 1. Austin Dangles (20-7), St. Rita; 2. Alex Schuetz (15-17), Hinsdale South; 3. Noe Favela (15-13), Goode STEM Academy.

126: 1. Carter Mikolajczak (37-7), Lemont; 2. Nino Protti (20-11), St. Rita; 3. Gino Alberto (27-7), Kennedy.

132: 1. Sean Larkin (24-3), St. Rita; 2. Julian Vallianatos (17-24), Lemont; 3. John Strahanoski (10-8), Hinsdale South.

138: 1. Sammy Schuit (27-7), Lemont; Connor Pasch (19-7), St. Rita; 3. Xavier Woods (27-9), Goode STEM Academy.

145: 1. Johnny O’Connor (38-5), Lemont; 2. Andrew Musil (30-7), Hinsdale South; 3. Phillip Lullo (17-3), Kennedy.

152: 1. Noah O’Connor (33-9), Lemont; 2. Kendall Martin (24-5), Goode STEM Academy; 3. Nolan Keenan (14-17), St. Rita.

160: 1. Niko LoCoco (14-21), Lemont; 2. Andrew Miller (12-11), Hinsdale South; 3. Gio Secor (5-5), St. Rita.

170: 1. Alec Miller (25-7), Hinsdale South; 2. Vinny DelliColli (12-22), Lemont; 3. James Bansley (5-15), St. Rita.

182: 1. Jovani Piazza (25-2), Hinsdale South; 2. Malek Howard (20-9), Goode STEM Academy; 3. Dillon Labno (3-5), Lemont.

195: 1. Nathan Wrublik (24-3), Lemont; 2. Donovan Rule (8-10), Goode STEM Academy; 3. Pat Connelly (8-11), St. Rita.

220: 1. Griffin Carr (28-6), Hinsdale South; 2. Daniel Taylor (12-11), Lemont; 3. Elijah Edwards (28-6), Goode  STEM Academy.

285: 1. Alex Pasquale (32-7), Lemont; 2. Gavin Slaughter (17-14), Hinsdale South; 3. Teddy Aguilera (13-17), St. Rita.

Joliet Catholic Academy has 10 champs, 14 qualifiers to win own regional

Backed by 10 champions and four second-place finishers, Joliet Catholic Academy easily rolled to its own regional championship in Joliet with 292.5 points while Oak Forest (178) took second and Bremen (113) finished third.

Title winners for coach Ryan Cumbee’s champion Hilltoppers, who won last year’s 2A dual team championship and are top-ranked this season were Jason Hampton (113), Gylon Sims (120), George Hollendoner (126), Jake Hamiti (138), Luke Hamiti (145), Connor Cumbee (152), Mason Alessio (160), Nico Ronchetti (182), Zach Pomatto (195) and Dillan Johnson (285). 

Other regional champions were Bremen’s Morgan Turner (106) and Alex Jackson (220) and Oak Forest’s Caden Muselman (132) and Max Corral (170). Jackson (28-0) and Johnson (36-0) head to the Hinsdale South Sectional with perfect records.

Sectional qualifiers from the Joliet Catholic Academy Regional

106: 1. Morgan Turner (28-2), Bremen; 2. Noah Avina (22-21), Joliet Catholic Academy; 3. Dylan Baker (2-4), Oak Forest.

113: 1. Jason Hampton (32-8), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Elijiah Wofford (21-2), Bremen; 3. Jim Mair (12-21), Oak Forest.

120: 1. Gylon Sims (34-6), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Nore’ Turner (27-2), Bremen; 3. Carter Leshock (12-16), Tinley Park.

126: 1. George Hollendoner (8-10), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Austin Perez (27-13), Oak Forest; 3. Gavin Jeronimo (18-15), Bremen.

132: 1. Caden Muselman (29-3), Oak Forest; 2. Nolan Vogel (25-19), Joliet Catholic Academy; 3. Jovan Williams (19-4), Hillcrest.

138: 1. Jake Hamiti (31-15), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Joey Baranski (27-9), Marian Catholic; 3. Jerome Brown (13-2), Crete-Monee.

145: 1. Luke Hamiti (22-21), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Hunter Daniel (31-8), Oak Forest; 3. Josiyah Holland (19-4), Crete-Monee.

152: 1. Connor Cumbee (25-16), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Latrelle Hall (16-5), Hillcrest; 3. Steve Strelow (20-14), Oak Forest.

160: 1. Mason Alessio (36-3), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Elijah Grayer (18-6), Crete-Monee; 3. Jack Castaneda (34-9), Oak Forest.

170: 1. Max Corral (33-7), Oak Forest; 2. Maximus Vela (5-7), Joliet Catholic Academy; 3. Lloyd Mills (29-12), Marian Catholic.

182: 1. Nico Ronchetti (26-16), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Brandon Alexander (17-7), Crete-Monee; 3. Tanner Clasen (19-16), Marian Catholic.

195: 1. Zach Pomatto (20-14), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Michael Bannerman-Blakston (18-10), Kankakee; 3. Justin Lawton (7-8), Crete-Monee.

220: 1. Alex Jackson (28-0), Bremen; 2. Hunter Powell (22-14), Joliet Catholic Academy; 3.  Adam Richter (30-12), Oak Forest.

285: 1. Dillan Johnson (36-0), Joliet Catholic Academy; 2. Eric Perez-Nava (27-7), Bremen; 3. Tim Marusarz (18-19), Oak Forest.

Geneseo qualifies 13 to capture Sterling Regional championship

Four champions, seven runners-up and two third-place finishers led Geneseo to the Sterling Regional title with 236 points while Rock Island (214) had seven regional champions to take second place and host Sterling (143) finished third.

Winning titles for coach Jon Murray’s champion Maple Leafs, who are ranked fourth, were Tim Sebastian (106), Zachary Montez (132), Kye Weinzierl (145) and Josh Hock (152). 

The runner-up Rocks had seven champions, Truth Vesey (113), Daniel McGhee (120), Antonio Parker (126), Amare Overton (170), Steven Marquez (182), Andrew Marquez (195) and Eli Gustafson (285). Other regional title winners were Galesburg’s Gauge Shipp (138), Sterling’s Thomas Tate (160) and LaSalle-Peru’s Connor Lorden (220). Shipp enters the Rochelle Sectional with a 43-0 record while Montez and Lorden have both suffered just one defeat.

Sectional qualifiers from the Sterling Regional

106: 1. Tim Sebastian (36-7), Geneseo; 2. Sammy Niyonkuru (26-9), Rock Island; 3. Ivan Munoz (28-3), Ottawa Township.

113: 1. Truth Vesey (36-2), Rock Island; 2. Zyan Westbrook (22-7), Sterling; 3. Devan Hornback (21-13), Geneseo.

120: 1. Daniel McGhee (20-4), Rock Island; 2. Grady Hull (29-11), Geneseo; 3. Xavier Marolf (27-10), United Township.

126: 1. Antonio Parker (23-16), Rock Island; 2. Bryce Bealer (17-14), Geneseo; 3. Karson Strohmayer (24-23), Sterling.

132: 1. Zachary Montez (40-1), Geneseo; 2. Rocky Almendarez (33-5), Galesburg; 3. Temar Hudson (21-11), Rock Island.

138: 1. Gauge Shipp (43-0), Galesburg; 2. Dylan Ottens (25-13), Sterling; 3. Malaki Jackson (22-10), Geneseo.

145: 1. Kye Weinzierl (23-9), Geneseo; 2. Tristan Willoughby (25-17), Rock Island; 3. Austin Clemens (19-26), Sterling.

152: 1. Josh Hock (32-7), Geneseo; 2. Kayden Marolf (19-7), United Township; 3. Anthony Makwala (21-14), Galesburg.

160: 1. Thomas Tate (35-10), Sterling; 2. Aiden Damewood (25-14), Geneseo; 3. Michael Patrick (20-14), Galesburg.

170: 1. Amare Overton (36-8), Rock Island; 2. Emilio Torres (30-13), Galesburg; 3. Gage Tate (27-20), Sterling.

182: 1. Steven Marquez (33-4), Rock Island; 2. Landon Shoemaker (29-12), Geneseo; 3. Chase Ullrich (14-21), Sterling.

195: 1. Andrew Marquez (35-5), Rock Island; 2. Aaron Betcher (15-13), Geneseo; 3. Diego Leal (20-18), Sterling.

220: 1. Connor Lorden (33-1), LaSalle-Peru; 2. Tim Stohl (33-11), Geneseo; 3. Charles Medrow (29-7), Ottawa Township.

285: 1. Eli Gutafson (22-9), Rock Island; 2. Levi Neumann (30-8), Geneseo; 3. Javier Luna (25-20), Sterling.

Washington has 11 champs, rolls to championship at own regional

With 11 champions and two third-place finishers, Washington Community easily rolled to the title at its own regional with 281 points while Morton was a distant second with 128.5 points. The Panthers are tied with Geneseo for the most qualifiers at the Rochelle Sectional with 13.

Winning titles for coach Nick Miller’s champion Panthers, who are ranked second, were Symon Woods (106), Noah Woods (113), Wyatt Medlin (126), Peyton Cox (132), Eli Gonzalez (138), Kannon Webster (145), Cael Miller (152), Zane Hulet (160), Blake Hinrichsen (170), Josh Hoffer (195) and Justin Hoffer (220).

We had 11 champions and two third-place finishers and our one non-sectional qualifier took fourth place,” Miller said. “Most importantly we put our best day of wrestling together this season at the right time of the year.”

The other three regional champions were Morton’s Payton Ferrill (120). Dunlap’s Drew Stone (182) and East Peoria’s Jose Del Toro (285). Webster is the lone unbeaten champion with a 43-0 record while Justin Hoffer has lost just once and owns a 36-1 record.

Sectional qualifiers from the Washington Regional

106: 1. Symon Woods (32-14), Washington; 2. Harrison Dea (29-9), Morton; 3. Zach Bumeter

 (23-20), Metamora.

113: 1. Noah Woods (30-13), Washington; 2. Caleb Lenning (25-13), Morton; 3. Colton Boyer (14-8), Richwoods.

120: 1. Payton Ferrill (33-13), Morton; 2. Gabe Robb (18-11), Richwoods, 3. Cole Brooks (16-12), East Peoria.

126: 1. Wyatt Medlin (18-4), Washington; 2. Connor Graham (29-10), Metamora; 3. Bernard Cox (19-8), Richwoods.

132: 1. Peyton Cox (38-2), Washington; 2. Rikyis Doss (14-7), Richwoods; 3. Aaron Andrade (24-12), Metamora.

138: 1. Eli Gonzalez (25-15), Washington; 2. Carter Atherton (22-15), Metamora; 3. Jesse Martinez (17-12), Richwoods.

145: 1. Kannon Webster (43-0), Washington; 2. Steven Marvin (12-8), Morton; 3. Tuison Connor (17-8), Peoria High.

152: 1. Cael Miller (24-6), Washington; 2. Kenny Rutherford (19-4), Peoria High; 3. Clay McKee (27-19), Morton.

160:1. Zane Hulet (22-9), Washington; 2. Nick Mueller (37-5), Dunlap; 3. Michael Vincent (18-10), Richwoods.

170: 1. Blake Hinrichsen (35-6), Washington; 2. Tyus Almasy (29-15), Morton; 3. Kaleb Lawson (17-5), Peoria High.

182: 1. Drew Stone (26-14), Dunlap; 2. Kaden Rowland (27-15), East Peoria; 3. Wyatt Leman (20-8), Washington.

195: 1. Josh Hoffer (28-17), Washington; 2. Malachi Washington (20-3), Peoria High; 3. Adam Sloan (28-15), Metamora.

220: 1. Justin Hoffer (36-1), Washington; 2. Hector Izaguirre (23-10), Limestone; 3. Matt Schmitt (26-19), Dunlap.

285: 1. Jose Del Toro (32-7), East Peoria; 2. Lucas Armstrong (16-3), Peoria High; 3. Sean Thornton (17-21), Washington. 

Mt. Vernon ends long regional title drought, prevails at Centralia

Mt. Vernon had four champions and four second-place finishers to win the title at the Centralia Regional with 171.5 points while Carbondale edged Marion 158.5-157.5 for second place.

Winning titles for coach Alejandro Wajner’s champion Rams were Dillon White (120), Rider Searcy (145), Ethan Rivera (182) and Travis Sanders (220). This was the program’s first regional championship since 1994. The Rams qualified eight for the Highland Sectional.

Other regional champions were Marion’s Riddick Cook (113), Brennan Vogt (126) and Caleb Ohnesorge (152), Carbondale’s Isaiah Duckworth (160), Brenden Banz (170) and Aiden Taylor (195), Waterloo’s Konnor Stephens (106), Mascoutah’s Santino Robinson (132), Highland’s Tyson Rakers (138) and East St. Louis’ Mekhi McDowell (285). Robinson enters the sectional with a 34-0 record while Searcy and Ohnesorge both only have one defeat.

Sectional qualifiers from the Centralia Regional 

106: 1. Konnor Stephens (19-8), Waterloo; 2. Gavin Merkle (25-13), Highland; 3. Joe Prideaux (16-11), Carbondale.

113: 1. Riddick Cook (27-11), Marion; 2. Ty Kinzinger (29-13), Waterloo; 3. Cameron Haake (31-11), Centralia.

120: 1. Dillon White (36-4), Mt. Vernon; 2. Max Wade (37-5), Marion; 3. Jayden Wilkinson (26-19), Mascoutah.

126: 1. Brennan Vogt (31-12), Marion; 2. Ethan Verdeyen (27-12), Mt. Vernon; 3. Lane Griffin (19-18), Centralia.

132: 1. Santino Robinson (34-0), Mascoutah; 2. Isaac Smith (20-3), Carbondale; 3. Tate Miller (32-9), Marion.

138: 1. Tyson Rakers (37-8), Highland; 2. Aiden Murphy (32-9), Carbondale; 3.Bladen Sease (32-9), Waterloo.

145: 1. Rider Searcy (37-1), Mt. Vernon; 2. Jackson Deutch (31-17), Waterloo; 3. Caden Frey (29-16), Marion.

152: 1. Caleb Ohnesorge (24-1), Marion; 2. Mylze Cammack (14-13), Mt. Vernon; 3. Thomas Imboden (24-12), Carbondale.

160: 1. Isaiah Duckworth (33-8), Carbondale; 2. Thomas Mitchell (20-22), Highland; 3.  Brady Rose (9-18), Waterloo.

170: 1. Brenden Banz (41-2), Carbondale; 2. Maddux Randall (32-12), Mt. Vernon; 3. Nathan Lloyd (19-20), Waterloo.

182: 1. Ethan Rivera (32-5), Mt. Vernon; 2. Ryan Hawk (12-9), Carbondale; 3. Malaki Weatherly (31-9), Marion.

195: 1. Aiden Taylor (39-3), Carbondale; 2. Mason Randall (31-12), Mt. Vernon; 3. Ashton Zobrist (37-8), Highland.

220: 1. Travis Sanders (31-14), Mt. Vernon; 2. Bryan Madinger (31-11), Marion; 3. Ethan Greenwald (20-23), Highland.

285: 1. Mekhi McDowell (19-8), East St. Louis; 2. Kayne Gunn (30-7), Marion; 3. Javion Kizer (13-17), Carbondale. 

Glenwood qualifies all 14 for first time to win own regional tournament

Glenwood captured eight titles and qualified all 14 of its individuals as it collected 278.5 points and easily claimed top honors at its own regional in Chatham while Mattoon (199) and Lincoln (126) were next. This is the first time that Glenwood has advanced 14 individuals to a sectional.

Winning championships for coach Jerod Bruner’s first-place Titans were Drew Davis (113), John Ben Maduena (132), Aden Byal (152), Justin Hay (170), Maximus Wiezorek (182), Brandon Bray (195), Alex Hamrick (220) and Mark Helm (285). Glenwood, which is ranked fifth, also won a regional last season and this is its fifth title in the last six seasons.

Mattoon had four title winners, Vincent Gibson (120), Korbin Bateman (126), Ben Capitosti (138) and Aidan Blackburn (145). The other two champions were Rochester’s Conner Carroll (106) and Lincoln’s Dawson McConnell (160). Bateman has the fewest losses of the title winners with one.

Sectional qualifiers from the Glenwood Regional

106 : 1. Conner Carroll (29-4), Rochester; 2. Tyler Clarke (29-17), Glenwood; 3. Jamarius Meyrick (18-10), MacArthur.

113: 1. Drew Davis (42-2), Glenwood; 2. Tristan Porter (29-10), Mattoon; 3. Matthew Miller (30-7), Riverton.

120: 1. Vincent Gibson (28-9), Mattoon; 2. Daulton Nunes (20-11), Glenwood; 3. Tanilyn Reed (13-12), MacArthur.

126: 1. Korbin Bateman (41-1), Mattoon; 2. Larson Nestar (12-7), Glenwood; 3. Giovanni Sundeen (9-14), Lincoln.

132: 1. John Ben Maduena (38-5), Glenwood; 2. Drake Pfeiffer (30-12), Rochester; 3. Lakin Adams (26-21), Lincoln.

138: 1. Ben Capitosti (38-6), Mattoon; 2. Jake Lawrence (34-13), Lincoln; 3. Bradley Dollus (24-22), Glenwood.

145: 1. Aidan Blackburn (35-5), Mattoon; 2. Nolan Mrozowski (35-7), Rochester; 3. Anny Williams (19-21), Glenwood. 

152: 1. Aden Byal (39-4), Glenwood; 2. Isaac Decker (41-6), Lincoln; 3. Ean Freeman (13-8), Mattoon.

160: 1. Dawson McConnell (42-5), Lincoln; 2. Jason Skocy (32-14), Mattoon; 3. Jonah Broughman (26-19), Glenwood.

170: 1. Justin Hay (27-13), Glenwood; 2. Colin Ripperda (15-3), Riverton; 3. Blaine Howell (15-14), Mattoon.

182: 1. Maximus Wiezorek (30-13), Glenwood; 2. TJ Owens (29-19), Mattoon; 3. Jameson England (21-11), MacArthur. 

195: 1. Brandon Bray (33-14), Glenwood; 2. Nicco Sundeen (27-20), Lincoln; 3. Marcellx Boling (18-12), Charleston.

220: 1. Alex Hamrick (40-3), Glenwood; 2. Leo Meyer (39-4), Mattoon; 3. Elias Bank (7-20), Riverton.

285: 1. Mark Helm (25-8), Glenwood; 2. Mathew Crouch (23-16), Riverton; 3. Zach Poole (19-15), Lincoln.

Jacksonville has six champions to finish first at own regional

Jacksonville had six title winners and five other sectional qualifiers to help it win its own regional championship with 204.5 points while Civic Memorial (167) and Triad (147.5) were next-best.

Claiming first-place finishes for coach Dustin Secrist’s champion Crimsons, who are ranked 14th, were Deshawn Armstrong (120), Collin Reif (152), James Cotton (160), Luca Thies (182), Mason Meyer (195) and Oliver Cooley (220). This is Jacksonville’s first regional title since 2004.

Civic Memorial had four champions, Bradley Ruckman (106), Nathen Herrin (132), Bryce Griffin (145) and Abe Wojcikiewicz (170). Other title winners were Triad’s Glen Henry (113) and  Colby Crouch (126), Springfield High’s Gabe Ruvalcaba (138) and Southeast’s Robert Hull (285). Crouch takes a 25-0 record into the Highland Sectional.

Sectional qualifiers from the Jacksonville Regional

106: 1. Bradley Ruckman (30-8), Civic Memorial; 2. Will Kelly (25-17), Triad; 3. Cedar Ngiramoai (23-11), Lanphier.

113: 1. Glen Henry (31-13), Triad; 2. Hunter Hayes (27-18), Jacksonville; 3. Ethan Skiff (17-13), Civic Memorial.

120: 1. Deshawn Armstrong (41-5), Jacksonville; 2. Brody Smith (21-15), Triad; 3. Brayden McBride (19-8), Southeast.

126: 1. Colby Crouch (25-0), Triad; 2. Caleb Scott (32-9), Civic Memorial; 3. Kaden Rios (32-16), Springfield High.

132: 1. Nathen Herrin (20-12), Civic Memorial; 2. Ben Baumgartner (27-11), Triad; 3. Miles Rowe (13-19), Jacksonville.

138: 1. Gabe Ruvalcaba (30-14), Springfield High; 2. Ian Willner (31-13), Jacksonville; 3. Braden Rowe (23-14), Triad.

145: 1. Bryce Griffin (42-4), Civic Memorial; 2. Joe Reif (35-5), Jacksonville; 3. Nick Hartley (18-17) Jersey Community.

152: 1. Collin Reif (42-5), Jacksonville; 2. Aiden Postma (35-8), Triad; 3. Brock Barrows (30-12), Civic Memorial.

160: 1. James Cotton (34-8), Jacksonville; 2. Connor Janssen (30-4), Lanphier; 3. Braden Carlson (28-18), Triad.

170: 1. Abe Wojcikiewicz (40-2), Civic Memorial; 2. Keyshaun Harris (31-11), Springfield High; 3. Keaton Wilhelm (28-10), Jacksonville.

182: 1. Luca Thies (39-8), Jacksonville; 2. Koen Rodebush (28-13), Triad; 3. Jackson O’Connor (18-9), Springfield High.

195: 1. Mason Meyer (34-8), Jacksonville; 2. Christoper Hull (15-10), Southeast; 3. Logan Cooper (19-5), Civic Memorial.

220: 1. Oliver Cooley (35-11), Jacksonville; 2. James Busch (21-16), Jersey Community; 3. Hunter Reid (24-17), Springfield High.

285: 1. Robert Hull (24-4), Southeast; 2. Jaydon Busch (35-2), Jersey Community; 3. Shamar Richardson (17-9), Springfield High.

Mahomet-Seymour has 12 qualifiers to win own regional tournament

As a result of capturing four titles and having 12 sectional qualifiers, Mahomet-Seymour captured the title at its own regional in Mahomet with 239 points while Normal West (199), Bloomington (165.5) and Centennial (149) were next in line.

Capturing titles for coach Rob Ledin’s champion Bulldogs were Caden Hatton (113), Tallen Pawlak (145), Brennan Houser (182) and Mateo Casillas (195). Mahomet-Seymour, which took third place at state last season and is ranked third, won its ninth-straight regional title and the 40th in the program’s rich history.

Only three other teams had regional champions, with Normal West having four and Bloomington and Centennial three apiece. Normal West’s title winners were Froylan Racey (120), Austin Johnston (126), Evan Willock (132) and Brock Leenerman (170) while Bloomington got titles from Tyler Barlow (106), Dylan Watts (138) and Maddox Kirts (160) and Centennial’s Nick Pianfetti (152), Jack Barnhart (220) and Brandon Harvey (285) also took first place. Casillas had the fewest losses of any of the sectional qualifiers with just one and has a 45-1 record.

Sectional qualifiers from the Mahomet-Seymour Regional

106: 1. Tyler Barlow (23-15), Bloomington; 2. Abram Rader (29-12), Normal West; 3. Colton McClure (31-16), Mahomet-Seymour.

113: 1. Caden Hatton (35-10), Mahomet-Seymour; 2. Cordero Sims (30-8), Urbana; 3. Dylan McGraw (21-18), Normal West.

120: 1. Froylan Racey (26-4), Normal West; 2. Declan Pate (26-9), Centennial; 3. Javier Enriquez-Lynd (18-14 ), Bloomington.

126: 1. Austin Johnston (31-10), Normal West; 2. Reese Wilson (24-20), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Ty Rangel (19-10), Danville.

132: 1. Evan Willock (34-3), Normal West; 2. Trevor Schoonover (29-4), Centennial; 3. Camden Heinold (24-12), Mahomet-Seymour.

138: 1. Dylan Watts (28-6), Bloomington; 2. Donovan Lewis (26-18), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Cody Sears (26-11), Normal West.

145: 1. Tallen Pawlak (35-8), Mahomet-Seymour; 2. Xavier Edwards (23-13), Normal West; 3. Marquan Shaw (15-10), Danville.

152: 1. Nick Pianfetti (39-2), Centennial; 2. Gage Decker (26-11), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Noah Misukonis (24-12), Bloomington.

160: 1. Maddox Kirts (32-6), Bloomington; 2. Tyler Easter (11-2), Centennial; 3. Asher Kotowski (23-12), Champaign Central.

170: 1. Brock Leenerman (17-4), Normal West; 2. Cale Hillard (23-19), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Andrew McCullough (19-12), Bloomington.

182: 1. Brennan Houser (44-2), Mahomet-Seymour; 2. Phil Shaw IV (26-4), Danville; 3. Gus Schreiber (31-13), Normal West.

195: 1. Mateo Casillas (45-1), Mahomet-Seymour; 2. Brock VanDeveer (29-10), Champaign Central; 3. Ettavius Holmen-Anderson (15-10), Centennial.

220: 1. Jack Barnhart (33-2), Centennial; 2. Colton Crowley (37-10), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Zavier Neill (27-13), Champaign Central.

285: 1. Brandon Harvey (23-7), Centennial; 2. Camden Harms (41-5), Mahomet-Seymour; 3. Stephen Carr (19-7), Bloomington.


It was a barnburner for the team regional title at Grayslake Central and in the end it was Wauconda edging out Antioch, 233-224.5. Coach Trevor Jauch’s Bulldogs finished with four individual champions and seven second-place finishers; Antioch had five champions and three second-place finishers. Antioch won the third-place battle with three wrestlers to Wauconda’s one.

Regional champions at Grayslake Central:

106: Anthony Alanis (Grayslake Central); 113: Gavin Hanrahan (Antioch); 120: Chase Nobiling (Antioch); 126: Tyler Weidman (Grayslake Central); 132: Edgar Albino (Antioch): 138: Anthony Streib (Antioch); 145: Caleb Nobiling (Antioch); 152: Nick Cheshier (Wauconda); 160: Zac Johnson (Wauconda): 170: Carter Vincent (Grayslake Central); 182: Matty Jens (Grayslake Central); 195: Michael Merevick (Wauconda); 220: Joe Scianna (Wauconda); 285: Dallas Dinkla (Grayslake North)

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Anthony Alanis (37-1) Grayslake Central; 2. Gavin Rockey (23-4) Wauconda; 3. Logan Perez (17-17) Antioch

113: 1. Gavin Hanrahan (24-4) Antioch; 2. Nate Randle (23-7) Wauconda; 3. Matthew Lucansky (22-15) Carmel

120: 1. Chase Nobiling (23-19) Antioch; 2. Lucas Galdine (14-9) Wauconda; 3. Vince Holmes (7-10) Carmel

126: 1. Tyler Weidman (34-10) Grayslake Central; 2. Julian Olenick (25-11) Lake Forest; 3. Tanner Jurinek (11-17) Antioch

132: 1. Edgar Albino (28-3) Antioch; 2. Cooper Daun (26-6) Wauconda; 3. Tony Hinojosa (25-13) Carmel

138: 1. Anthony Streib (20-3) Antioch; 2. Logan Andrews (24-14) Wauconda; 3. Warren Nash (27-16) Grayslake Central

145: 1. Caleb Nobiling (31-8) Antioch; 2. Cole Porten (24-9) Wauconda; 3. Nicholas Asllani (29-8) Carmel

152: 1. Nick Cheshier (26-6) Wauconda; 2. Seth Digby (29-9) Lake Forest; 3. Jacob Ronsman (25-16) Grayslake North

160: 1. Zac Johnson (24-6) Wauconda; 2. Ben Vazquez (29-12) Antioch; 3. Colin Burton (16-23) Lake Forest

170: 1. Carter Vincent (31-13) Grayslake Central; 2. Christian Cendejas (7-7) Wauconda; 3.

Jonathan Kamanda (20-13) Lakes

182: 1. Matty Jens (25-0) Grayslake Central; 2. Seth Gomez (26-12) Antioch; 3. Sean Christensen (24-8) Wauconda

195: 1. Michael Merevick (13-5) Wauconda; 2. Julian Ramos (10-13) Lakes; 3. Josh Sanchez (11-14) Antioch

220: 1. Joe Scianna (12-18) Wauconda; 2. Donald Carson (10-15) Antioch; 3. Yaree Sandifer (8-13) Lake Forest

285: 1. Dallas Dinkla (17-10) Grayslake North; 2. James Kasprzak (16-15) Antioch; 3. Andy Galan (10-8) Grayslake Central


Noble/Comer coach Jamelle Williams sent 12 wrestlers to the championship mat and got nine individual titles, plus one third-place finish, as the Catamounts scored 233.5 points to run away with a team regional title.

“We’re a small charter school in the city. We practice in a hallway on half of a mat. Our school has no gym nor weight room, so I’m so proud of my athletes,” Williams said.

Kenwood (139.5) placed second and Lindbloom (117.5) finished third in the team standings.

Regional champions at Kenwood:
106: Jadden Scott (Noble/Comer); 113: Isaac Banks (Noble/Comer); 120: Diego Salgado (Lindbloom); 126: Cameron Griffin (Kenwood); 132: Daryl Offord (Noble/Comer); 138: Malik Wynn (Noble/Comer); 145: James Odulaja (Kenwood); 152: Faizol Salam (Noble/Comer); 160: Christopher Guiger (Kenwood); 170: Lamzell McNeal (Noble/Comer); 182: Kenneth Barrett (Noble/Comer); 195: Jakob Okonko (Lindbloom); 220: Malik Tate (Noble/Comer); 285: Joshua Pombo (Noble/Comer)

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Jadden Scott (18-10) (Noble/Comer; 2. Anthony Garcia (8-7) Solorio)

113: 1. Isaac Banks (28-11) (Noble/Comer; 2. Ryan Robinson (9-10) Kenwood

120: 1. Diego Salgado (10-0) Lindblom; 2. O`Ryan Sandifer (25-20) Noble/Comer; 3. Antoyn Richardson (11-9) Kenwood

126: 1. Cameron Griffin (36-6) Kenwood; 2. Damarius Smothers (8-19) Noble/Comer; 3.

Richard Molina (7-12) Solorio

132: 1. Daryl Offord (25-15) Noble/Comer; 2. Lance Tuck (13-11) Kenwood

138: 1. Malik Wynn (21-16) Noble/Comer; 2. Alexander Gonzalez (1-1) Lindblom; 3. Noah Charles (6-9) Kenwood

145: 1. James Odulaja (2-0) Kenwood; 2. Sergio Ramirez (17-7) Lindblom; 3. Jaylin Green (18-23) Noble/Comer

152: 1. Faizol Salam (33-9) Noble/Comer

160: 1. Christopher Guiger (25-5) Kenwood; 2. Demetrius Walker-Hill (10-12) Noble/Comer; 3.

Erick Arroyo (11-9) Lindblom

170: 1. Larnzell McNeal (33-12) Noble/Comer; 2. Antonio Padilla (26-4) Solorio; 3. Neiahmia Pinder (31-13) Kenwood

182: 1. Kenneth Barrett (34-11) Noble/Comer; 2. Cameron Connor (6-8) Lindblom; 3. Jonathan Loera (12-4) Hancock

195: 1. Jakob Okonkwo (12-9) Lindblom; 2. Jeremiah Pinder (15-8) Kenwood; 3. Angel Segundo (11-7) Hancock

220: 1. Malik Tate (22-10) Noble/Comer; 2. Josue Olivo (9-9) Lindblom; 3. Damion Norman (12-12) Kenwood

285: 1. Joshua Pombo (27-12) Noble/Comer; 2. Samadre Hobson (14-4) Englewood STEM; 3.

Kameron Reed (6-7) Simeon


Brother Rice won a team regional title thanks to six individual champions, two second-place finishers, and four third-place finishers, winning 224.5-209 over second-place Evergreen Park, which had five individual regional champions. Host Richards finished third with 174 points.

Regional champions at Richards:

106: Johan Bonilla (Evergreen Park); 113: Rami Mused (Richards); 120: Chance Woods (Evergreen Park); 126: Bobby Conway (Brother Rice); 132: Luke Kawa (Richards); 138: Axle Ruablcava (Evergreen Park); 145: Patrick Gilhooley (Brother Rice); 152: John Fitzpatrick (Brother Rice); 160: Mike Taheny (Richards); 170: Aseal Rubalcava (Evergreen Park); 182: Chuck Connelly (Brother Rice); 195: Gambino Perez (Brother Rice); 220: Eduardo Antunez (Evergreen Park); 285: Nick Baser (Brother Rice)

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Johan Bonilla (25-10) Evergreen Park; 2. James Bowes (18-16) Brother Rice; 3. Mohammad Hamad (0-1) Richards

113: 1. Rami Mused (13-17) Richards; 2. Shande Ramirez (13-11) Washington; 3 Dan Tait (13-12) Brother Rice

120: 1. Chance Woods (29-8) Evergreen Park; 2. Seth Hayes (2-2) Richards; 3. Tamilore Ogundeyi (2-2) Thornton Fractional North

126: 1. Bobby Conway (16-1) Brother Rice; 2. Muath Jiliani (33-10) Richards; 3. Ben Sanchez (17-20) Evergreen Park

132: 1. Luke Kawa (29-12) Richards; 2. Fred Osborne (18-7) Thornton; 3. James Bennett (5-11) Brother Rice

138: 1. Axle Rubalcava (16-5) Evergreen Park; 2. Dom Paul (32-15) Richards; 3. Jack O`connor (12-11) Brother Rice

145: 1. Patrick Gilhooley (8-6) Brother Rice; 2. Xavier Lara (35-10) Richards; 3. Ryan Serna (23-10) Evergreen Park

152: 1. John Fitzpatrick (15-10) Brother Rice; 2. David Johnson (28-11) Evergreen Park; 3. Joseph Merritt (6-4) Thornton Fractional North

160: 1. Mike Taheny (36-6) Richards; 2. James Crane (11-9) Brother Rice; 3. Andrew Viravec (18-17) Evergreen Park

170: 1. Aseal Rubalcava (29-1) Evergreen Park; 2. Davion Adams (22-11) Thornton; 3. Colin Goggin (20-8) Brother Rice

182: 1. Chuck Connelly (25-4) Brother Rice; 2. Jadden Shores (15-3) Morgan Park; 3. Genesis Ward (17-15) Evergreen Park

195: 1. Gambino Perez (13-5) Brother Rice; 2. Qilee Jackson (22-13) Thornton: 3. Nolan Rinearson (18-9) Evergreen Park

220: 1. Eduardo Antunez (30-8) Evergreen Park; 2. Adnan Abuzir (33-10) Richards; 3. Lionel Senior (23-8) Thornton

285: 1. Nick Baser (7-5) Brother Rice; 2. Gerald O`hare (27-9) Evergreen Park; 3. Jacob Alvelo (16-12)


Five individual regional champions, three second-place finishers, and two third-placers gave St. Patrick 10 sectional qualifiers and a 219.5-186 edge over Fenwick, and a team regional title for coach Tom Keliher. Fenwick led all teams with six individual regional champs, running the table on the title mat from 152-220 pounds. Fenton finished third in the team standings with 175 points.

Regional champions at Ridgewood:

106: Daniel Goodwin (St. Patrick); 113: Calvin Stahl (St. Patrick); 120: Olin Walker (St. Patrick); 126: Nate Sanchez (St. Ignatius); 132: Ben Kusar (St. Patrick); 138: Niko Karamaniolas (St. Patrick); 145: Omar Diaz (Fenton); 152: Aiden Burns (Fenwick); 160: Vincent Fiorovanti (Fenwick); 170: Finn McGee (Fenwick); 182: Jack Paris (Fenwick); 195: Luke Dalise (Fenwick); 220: Conor Stetz (Fenwick); 285: Martin Lozano (Elmwood Park)

Sectional qualifiers:106: Daniel Goodwin (35-8) St. Patrick; 2. Mohamad Khater (12-10) Ridgewood; 3. Geo Casas (9-12) Elmwood Park

113: 1. Calvin Stahl (29-12) St. Patrick; 2. Islam Khater (26-6) Ridgewood; 3. Anthony Bigham (15-17) Fenton

120: 1. Olin Walker (40-5) St. Patrick; 2. Jack Dombek (28-5) Elmwood Park; 3. Majd Harmarsha (22-6) Schurz

126: 1. Nate Sanchez (31-10) St. Ignatius; 2. Donovan Depakakibo (18-14) Ridgewood; 3.

Kris Nogueda (10-14) Fenton

132: 1. Ben Kusar (25-19) St. Patrick; 2. Josh Dickeson (25-8) Fenton; 3. Max Kenny (15-15) Fenwick

138: 1. Niko Karamaniolas (30-4) St. Patrick; 2. Alberto Bracamontes (22-11) Fenton; 3. Eiam Staples (12-15) Fenwick

145: 1. Omar Diaz (20-15) Fenton; 2. Sebastian Cuadros (13-14) St. Ignatius; 3. Sebastian Bruno (6-4) St. Patrick

152: 1. Aiden Burns (18-7) Fenwick; 2. Alexis Molina (15-8) Schurz; 3. Ghaly Grant (7-3) St. Ignatius

160: 1. Vincent Fiorovanti (19-10) Fenwick; 2. Jovany Zuniga (30-5) Fenton; 3. Devin Nichol (29-16) St. Patrick

170: 1. Finn McGee (32-3) Fenwick; 2. Gio Hernandez (33-11) St. Patrick; 3. Rulin Palacios (12-10) Fenton

182: 1. Jack Paris (15-6) Fenwick; 2. Jack Clancy (29-15); St. Patrick; 3. Emmanuel Ellis (22-7) Westinghouse

195: 1. Luke Dalise (12-14) Fenwick; 2. Sam Opawuyi (27-9) St. Ignatius; 3. Austin Platta (10-13) Fenton

220: 1. Conor Stetz (18-8) Fenwick; 2. Aiden Gomez (31-12) St. Patrick; 3. Daniel Martinez (14-11) Fenton

285: 1. Martin Lozano (13-5) Elmwood Park; 2. Thomas Klos (12-11) Fenton; 3. Gianni Bertacchi (5-1)


Long-time legendary former Montini Catholic coach Mike Bukovsky led the program to eight Illinois team state titles, and he has taken over for the Broncos after 12 years removed from leading the program. And Montini gave Bukovsky a team regional title on Saturday, out-pointing second-place host Riverside-Brookfield 235-214.

Montini sent eight regional champions to the top of the awards stand and had two second- and one third-place finisher. Riverside-Brookfield tied Montini with 11 sectional qualifiers, and De La Salle placed third in the team standings with 186 points.

Regional champions at Riverside-Brookfield:

106: Jeremiah Lawrence (De La Salle): 113: Ben Dunne (Montini); 120: Kameron Luif (Montini); 126: David Hernandez (Montini): 132: Jomaine Owens (Glenbard South); 138: Vince Ramirez (Little Village); 145: Santino Tenuta (Montini); 152: David Mayora (Montini); 160: Will Prater (Montini); 170: Josue Hernandez (De La Salle); 182: Jaxon Lane (Montini); 195: Evan Jocic (Montini): 220: Joe Midona (Riverside-Brookfield); 285: David McCarthy (De La Salle)

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Jeremiah Lawrence (40-4) De La Salle; 2. Brian Bahena (26-4) Little Village; 3. Max Neal (14-14) Montini

113: 1. Ben Dunne (13-0) Montini; 2. Edgar Mosquera (24-10) R.-Brookfield; 3. Raymond Alvarado (26-9) De La Salle

120: 1. Kameron Luif (31-8) Montini; 2. Quintavius Murrell (27-11) R.-Brookfield; 3. Anthony Trendle (20-16) De La Salle

126: 1. David Hernandez (11-17) Montini; 2. Diego Myers (22-20) Glenbard South; 3. Robert Cabrera (15-4) Noble/UIC

132: 1. Jomaine Owens (14-8) Glenbard South; 2. Lewis Wais-Montoya (9-8) Montini; 3. Ethan Rivas (13-7) R.-Brookfield

138: 1. Vince Ramirez (25-3) Little Village; 2. Josh Gonzalez (28-12) R.-Brookfield; 3. Jeffrey Sorich (11-8) De La Salle

145: 1. Santino Tenuta (19-5) Montini; 2. Nicholas Arvetis (26-14) De La Salle; 3. Jacob Noe (30-13) R.-Brookfield

152: 1. David Mayora (41-2) Montini; 2. Cade Tomkins (24-15) R.-Brookfield; 3. Malik Warren (16-11) De La Salle

160: 1. Will Prater (38-4) Montini; 2. Yazdan Alifov (26-11) Glenbard South; 3. Max Strong (23-17) R.-Brookfield

170: 1. Josue Hernandez (33-9) De La Salle; 2. Bill Martin (26-13) R.-Brookfield; 3. Logan Price (26-17) Glenbard South

182: 1. Jaxon Lane (19-13) Montini; 2. Terrelle Jackson (23-6) De La Salle; 3. Matt Elzy (17-9) R.-Brookfield

195: 1. Evan Jocic (25-13) Montini; 2. Evan Smith (22-9) De La Salle; 3. Dan Williams (7-14)

220: 1. Joe Midona (28-6) R.-Brookfield; 2. Mick Ranquist (23-9) Montini; 3. Zion Nix (31-10) De La Salle

285: 1. David McCarthy (22-6) De La Salle; 2. Devontae Givens (27-14) R.-Brookfield; 3.

Brian Yun (18-17) Glenbard South


Crystal Lake Central coach Justen Lehr sent nine wrestlers to the championship mat and got five individual regional champs and four second-place finishers, along with three third-place finishers, to win a team regional title at Rockford East. The Tigers finished with a 234-190.5 scoring edge over second-place Rochelle, which also had five individual champs on the day. Host Rockford East placed third with 115.5 points.

Regional champions at Rockford East:

106: Jake Lowitzki (Prairie Ridge); 113: Tommy Tourdot (Rochelle): 120: Tyler Evans (Prairie Ridge); 126: Joseph Nadig (Rochelle); 132: Jacob Redington (Freeport); 138: Dominic Vitale (Crystal Lake Central); 145: Brenden Voight (Rochelle); 152: Xander York (Prairie Ridge); 160: Ben Butler (Crystal Lake Central); 170: Cayden Parks (Crystal Lake Central); 182: Brock Metzger (Rochelle); 195: Jon Barrick (Crystal Lake Central); 220: Kaiden Morris (Rochelle); 285: Leo Diaz (Crystal Lake Central

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Jake Lowitzki (37-9) Prairie Ridge; 2. Payton Ramsey (25-15) Crystal Lake C.; 3.

Freddie Hernandez (9-9) Rochelle

113: 1. Tommy Tourdot (17-5) Rochelle; 2. Dylan Ramsey (Crystal Lake C.; 3. Taquildin Baker (23-12) Woodstock

120: 1. Tyler Evans (40-3) Prairie Ridge; 2. Xavier Villalobos (35-4) Rochelle; 3. Joseph Young (33-7) Rockford East

126: 1. Joseph Nadig (35-6) Rochelle; 2. Peter Young (18-4) Rockford East; 3. Greco Rendon (25-8) Crystal Lake C.

132: 1. Jacob Redington (35-2) Freeport; 2. Malik Ali (24-8) Rockford East; 3. Brett Campagna (11-20) Crystal Lake C.
138: 1. Dominic Vitale (20-11) Crystal Lake C.; 2. Doug Zimmerman (9-2) Woodstock North; 3.

Dana Wickson (29-13) Rockford East

145: 1. Brenden Voight (33-11) Rochelle; 2. Zach Carnrite (27-12) Crystal Lake C.: 3. Logan Wisner (25-14) Woodstock

152: 1. Xander York (36-12) Prairie Ridge; 2. Grant Gensler (28-14) Rochelle; 3. Landan Creighton (6-2) Woodstock North

160: 1. Ben Butler (33-10) Crystal Lake C.; 2. Malachi Cannon (20-8) Rockford East; 3. Donavyn Fernandez (24-13) Freeport

170: 1. Cayden Parks (34-5) Crystal Lake C.; 2. Kaden Combs (7-2) Woodstock North; 3. Jovanni Murillo-Gonzalez (22-13) Woodstock

182: 1. Brock Metzger (35-9) Rochelle; 2. TJ Metz (18-8) Crystal Lake C.; 3.

Zachary Canaday (25-9) Woodstock

195: 1. Jon Barrick (6-2) Crystal Lake C.; 2. Steven Colvin (16-12) Woodstock; 3. Jorge Driggs (9-12) Rochelle

220: 1. Kaiden Morris (34-7) Rochelle; 2. Lee Smith Jr (37-2) Rockford East; 3. Tommy McNeil (19-5) Crystal Lake C.

285: 1. Leo Diaz (32-6) Crystal Lake C.; 2. Sami Odeh (15-11) Freeport; 3. Reggie Pinedo (8-11) Rockford East


Deerfield had 11 sectional qualifiers that included six individual regional champions, two second-placers, and three third-place finishers for coach Marc Pechter at Vernon Hills. Deerfield finished with a 231-164 edge over Notre Dame to win its team regional title, while Wheeling finished third with 161 team points. Notre Dame and Wheeling also each had three individual champions each.

Regional champions at Vernon Hills:

106: Johnny Sheehy (Notre Dame); 113: Max Katz (Wheeling); 120: Luke Reddy (Deerfield); 126: Jordan Rasof (Deerfield); 132: Renzo Morgan (Deerfield); 138: Patrick Tinsley (Wheeling); 145: Charlie Cross (Deerfield); 152: Will Holtz (Deerfield); 160: Ilya Dvoryannikov (Vernon Hills); 170: Aiden Cohen (Deerfield); 182: Jim Amatore (Notre Dame); 195: Aiden Rice (Notre Dame); 220: Joseph Schaefer (Wheeling); 285: Max Accettura (Vernon Hills)

Sectional qualifiers:

106: 1. Johnny Sheehy (32-13) Notre Dame; 2. Vincent Serwan (25-15) Deerfield; 3. David Perez (14-9) Wheeling

113: 1. Max Katz (18-17) Wheeling; 2. Matthew Nguyen (23-10) Amundsen; 3.

John Greifelt (22-21) Notre Dame

120: 1. Luke Reddy (29-9) Deerfield; 2. Brady Krueger (16-25) Notre Dame; 3. Jesus Castro Campos (13-19) Wheeling

126: 1. Jordan Rasof (39-5) Deerfield; 2. Alex Lucas (9-12) Wheeling; 3. Pedro Becerra (23-19) Vernon Hills

132: 1. Renzo Morgan (30-3) Deerfield; 2. Ramon Cruz (10-12) Wheeling; 3. Andrew Diaz (11-18) Vernon Hills

138: 1. Patrick Tinsley (26-10) Wheeling; 2. Jack McGowean (12-6) Vernon Hills; 3. Jackson Palzet (22-6) Deerfield

145: 1. Charlie Cross (23-17) Deerfield; 2. Dylan Moncayo (19-16) Vernon Hills; 3. Landon Puente (13-23) Notre Dame

152: 1. Will Holtz (25-20) Deerfield; 2. John Whelan (29-13) St. Viator; 3. Nicholas Montesino (18-16) Wheeling

160: 1. Ilya Dvoryannikov (26-9) Vernon Hills; 2. Quinn Mahoney (20-8) Notre Dame; 3. Grant Goldsmith (26-20) Deerfield

170: 1. Aiden Cohen (40-4) Deerfield; 2. Hassan Adegoke (18-6) Senn; 3. Jack Malenock (15-22) Notre Dame

182: 1. Jim Amatore (32-11) Notre Dame; 2. Jamell Lockett (8-13) Wheeling; 3. Kevin Sabau (3-1) Deerfield

195: 1. Aiden Rice (34-10) Notre Dame; 2. Kevin Halley (22-9) Vernon Hills; 3. Michael Wojtach (22-9) Amundsen

220: 1. Joseph Schaefer (13-18) Wheeling; 2. Jordan Meyers (17-14) Deerfield; 3. Dennis Ozturk (6-7) Notre Dame

285: 1. Max Accettura (35-3) Vernon Hills; 2. Karl Schmalz (26-2) Notre Dame; 3.

Leo Arroyo (8-1) Wheeling


by Mike Garofola

Batavia High School –

Make no mistake about it – Marian Central Catholic was the best on Saturday at the Batavia Invite.

But if the 2A power is hitting its stride now – what can be said of Mikey Caliendo and Ryan Golnick?

The two were named lower and upper weight OW’s at tournaments end – but that was only half of what these two would accomplish.

Caliendo (29-1) went through his 145-pound division like General Grant did when he took Richmond in 1865.

It was total destruction by this Batavia junior whose precision, power, pace and attacking firepower proved far too much for the four opponents he either tech’ or pinned to claim his second straight title on his home mats.

Golnick would mash his way through a pair of state ranked opponents and into his 220-pound final – once there – he sent shock waves all throughout the Bulldogs gymnasium when he pinned No. 1, and previously undefeated Gio Jackson (Buffalo Grove, 29-1) at 5:39.

It were these two individual performance, plus a few more from the likes of top rated Dylan Connell (29-0) and his Marian Central Catholic teammates that made for an entertaining, thrilling day of wrestling at this high profile wrestling invite.

MCC were 84 points better than runner-up Hinsdale Central (201-117) when the day came to an end, with Maine South (115.5), Addison Trail (102) and Andrew at 101.5 points competing the first five on the leader board.

“It was a very good day of wrestling from the guys – in fact it was a good two days of results for us,” admitted David Silva, the man in charge of the No. 2 rated Hurricanes, who on Friday would watch his Hurricanes defeat the IWCOA’s No. 8 rated 3A team – Huntley – before a big crowd, despite a winter storm that battered McHenry County.

“Friday was a quality win over a quality opponent, but the message after that match, and before we got going today was to put (Friday) behind us, and let’s go back to work today,” continued Silva.

“That was definitely the message that coach (Silva) gave us,” echoed Connell 170, 28-0) who    one day earlier, in a contest between reigning state champs – recorded a second period pin over Huntley star David Ferrante.

“It’s always fun to go against the best, and on that night, things went my way – but that is over, and we all came here today to back to work,” continued Connell

“This is a special group we have here – many of us began wrestling and training together back in seventh and eighth grade (so) there’s some great relationships we’ve created, and together with a fantastic coaching staff, we feel like we have an excellent chance to compete for several state medals – and later, the 2A team championship.”

Connell was near flawless on this day – going through and past three opponents – conceding little on his way to a 14-0 major decision victory over Ron Kruse (Hinsdale Central, 23-4) in his championship bout.

Back to the aforementioned Caliendo and Golnick.

Caliendo was just as overwhelming as Connell as he would unleash an impressive arsenal of weapons with each minute he logged.

The No. 4 rated Batavia junior would state his case afterwards as a potential challenger for the big prize in February.

“I know I can compete with (and) beat the best (it’s) what I trained for all throughout the offseason, and have continued to do so since the start of this season,” said Caliendo, who with his V-shaped physique looks as though he were a 160-pounder.

“People say I look like a sixty pounder, so all of that lifting, and strength work I’ve been doing clearly has made a difference in my appearance,” added Caliendo.

His lone defeat of the season (3-2) came at the hands of Joshua Saunders (Christian Brothers College Prep, Missouri) in the 145-pound final at Granite City back in late December.

“It was a very good match, I felt like I wrestled well enough to win,” opined Caliendo of his narrow defeat against the No. 2 rated man in the nation, according to InterMat.

Caliendo’s only regret on this day was not having No. 1 Lemont (2A) back here again as it would have likely meant a match with No. 1 Kyle Schickel.

Golnick might have been flying under the radar until striking pay dirt here.

Always listed just below Jackson, plus Evan Roper (Barrington), Ben Stemmet (Yorkville), Drew Gutknecht (Minooka) and a couple of others, the Jacobs big man will most likely move up a notch of two in the eyes of pollsters this coming week.

“It really doesn’t matter at all where any of us are at in the state polls – especially for me,” began Golnick, now 21-3 overall.

“You just work hard (hoping) all of that work pays off in the end down in Champaign – because that’s what counts the most to me.”

Golnick would credit head coach Gary Conrad, and former Huntley star, Josh Symbal to his mercurial rise.

“Coach (Conrad) pushes us so hard, and he’s constantly helping me with my fitness, which today made the difference against Gio (because) when I saw he was breathing heavier just before that second stalling call (I) knew if I continued to push the pace, there would be a chance for me to throw him,” said Golnick, who used his patented lateral to finish off Jackson near the edge to break a 3-3 deadlock.

“It’s kind of ironic that I am taking on a great wrestler like Gio, who is from Buffalo Grove, where my father graduated from (1986) and where my grandparents still live.”

Symbal, who won the first sectional title in program history at Huntley, and one week later earn the first state medal for the Red Raiders, is the man Golnick says has been the difference maker in his game.

“He’s big, strong, smart, and knows what it takes at this weight, and with him in the room, it’s been great for me,” said Golnick.

Gary Conrad was most proud of Golnick, as well as his 138-pounder, Jake Harrier, who once again turned in a brilliant effort to win top honors.

“Those two, and others on the team, have been working hard, and especially early in the morning when we go out running, and lifting (that) and the weekend schedule we’ve improved upon since Jake came in four years ago,” said Conrad.

“We may get beat up at times (take) a few losses here and there, but when the postseason comes around, nothing shakes the confidence of these guys.”

“Today, you saw how Ryan was unfazed from being out there with the No. 1 guy, especially in the last 40-45 seconds when the pressure was really on.”

Harrier (24-1) who is on his way to Old Dominion next fall – continues to take another step forward in what certainly will be an exciting final few weeks of the season.

“It’s all about doing all the work, cleaning things up, and never being satisfied, regardless of the results,” said Harrier, who is on a collision course with Danny Pucino (Libertyville) and Joel Vandervere (Warren) at the Barrington sectional next month.

Harrier put in two stellar six-minute efforts in his semifinal and final – flashing first rate excellence with his tilts, three of which came in his final with 2A star, Bryce Shelton (Marian Central Catholic) who suffered his first defeat of the season (27-1) during a 10-0 major decision.

“His (Harrier) fitness and work ethic is way up there, it’s one of the many things that I am so proud of,” says Conrad.

It was a family affair at 195-pounds for Machesny Park Harlem senior Cadence Hecox who spent just under seven and one-half minutes on the mats on the day to earn his first title of the year for the 2019 state qualifier.

Hecox, with brothers, and assistant coaches: Jenner and Sage in his corner, pinned his way to his crown, finishing the day by recording a fall at 1:37 over Downers Grove North junior, Drew Beilawski.

“We come from a family of big-time throwers, so it is only natural that (you) learn to throw if your going to wrestle,” said the mild mannered Cadence Hecox, who hopes to add one more state medal to the family trophy case.

Sage and Sterling each have two, Sage a gold medal from 2014, while Kailor’s in 2015 make it four and counting.

“I’ve dealt with injuries to both shoulders, and a hyper-extended elbow this season, but I’m working through it all, and right now, my confidence is high, and I am feeling good heading into the final weeks of the season,” said Hecox, No. 5 in the IWCOA polls.

Around the brackets there were several first time champions crowned, beginning at the lower weights, and Hinsdale Central freshmen, Cody Tavoso (106, 31-3) and Noah Beltran, the fine junior 26-pounder from Maine South.

Both admit their most recent tournament efforts were less than sparkling – however each felt their collective work here in Batavia is a sign of better times.

“I gave away far too many ‘stupid’ points at the (Rex) Whitlach,” admitted Tavoso, just after his 7-5 victory over Alex Armira from Chicago Hope.

“(But) I’ve put a lot of work in since that tournament, particularly with my technique and ‘collar ties’ – so I feel like a lot more confident in my game.”

Beltran did not like what he saw at the Berman Holiday Classic at Palatine – despite his third place finish.

“You probably heard coach (Kevin Hansen) reminding during my final to ‘move my feet’ – it was something I did little of at the Berman,” began Beltran.

“I didn’t attack much there either, so the combination of both of those things made for a poor day (even) though I finished third.”

Beltran (23-4) went back to work on those items, and more, and his 10-1 major decision victory over Eduardo Cholula (West Chicago, 19-2) was proof that a more aggressive approach, constant movement, and quality shots would pay big dividends.

Just as Tavoso and Beltran, West Chicago big man, Ryan Hannah, wasn’t altogether pleased with his overall tournament work – but not at a previous competition.

“I thought I wrestled much better at Wheaton-Warrenville South a couple of weeks ago to win it there (but) I didn’t feel the same here,” admitted Hannah, who after taking a moment to, the affable junior suggested the Batavia Invite offered more high profile opponents comparatively.

“Yes, the field here was so much better, maybe that’s why I felt I wasn’t at my best,” said Hannah, now 23-2.

As is the case in this weight class, it pin or be pinned, and that’s exactly what Hannah did in his first two bouts to advance into his final with Maine South senior, Teddy Hickey.

“It was pretty even for awhile, but one thing I am always working on is my conditioning, and when I felt him tiring, I knew it would be the turning point if I wrestled smart, got my shots, and finished them,” said Hannah, following his 10-0 victory.

The same could be said for another first time champion: Joey Chrillo from Andrews, whose pin at 3:34 insured victory in the 113-pound final.

“For me, the biggest difference between last year and this year is my fitness, and with the way I set up my shots, and being much better at my two-on-ones,” offered Chrillo, who in his first full year in the Andrews’ starting lineup has registed a sparkling 25-5 overall record.

Elon Rodriguez of Marian Central Catholic won for the second time here – this season at 120 pounds after a hard fought 6-2 decision over Joey Roti of Andrews.

The No. 5 rated (2A) Rodriguez (120, 28-2) got in deep and finished his shot – then in front of his corner, the junior unleashed a picture perfect tilt near the edge to increase his advantage to 6-1 with less than 25 seconds remaining.

“It’s just about doing the little things well, and continuing to do so, in addition to staying sharp with my technique and keeping my fitness way up there,” said Rodriguez, fifth at state a year ago.

Teammate Daniel Valeria, fourth in the latest 2A IWCOA poll at 132 – won here for the first time after a third place finish in 2019.

Valeria, now undefeated in 30 matches, pushed the pace hard in the second period to build a 5-0 advantage over Kyle Silzer (28-6) – then rode the Andrews senior hard until the whistle ended the second period.

With some quality work on the mat, Valeria made it 7-0 en route to a 8-1 decision.

“I kind of consider myself a brawler – you can see it in my face when I am out there,” said Valeria with a smile.

With this title, the Hurricanes’ senior now has three on the year (Antioch, Geneva) – and is surely on his way to a third consecutive trip downstate.

Brody Hallin lost here in his final with Mikey Caliendo last season – but the McHenry sophomore came back with plenty of fire on his way to the 152-pound championship.

Hallin (27-1) would pin his way into the final againt 1A star, Oliver Willis (Chicago Hope, 29-1) and once there, a masterful six minute effort led to a well deserved 9-2 triumph.

“Brody had a terrific freshmen year, but he realized (at times) he was competing against men, and it was so different – physically and mentally from his time in club, and IKWFthe year before when he was in club and youth wrestling,” began Jake Guardalabene.

“He was so strong as a freshmen, but there was the ‘breaking’ in period that he needed to go through last season – but he never stopped working despite it all – and this season, he’s figured it all out, and it’s showing, not only with his results, but with the way he manages things out there, dictates’ the pace and match, and with the overall maturity he’s gained in one year.”

The McHenry sophomore is No. 4 in the state polls, with his lone defeat of the season coming at the hands of No. 2, Joe Roberts (Montini Catholic) in a 4-2 decision.

Ronnie Massari, who moved over to Leyden following his sophomore season at Oak Park-River Forest, had now claimed two straight tourney titles after his 6-3 victory over Kaden Randazzo (28-2) of Marian Central Catholic.

The two-year starter would grind out three consecutive hard fought decisions to reach the final, after opening play with a pin early Saturday morning.

“Two great weeks of results for Ronnie – but I am not surprise, because he’s been putting the time in, scoring points when he’s needed to, and working hard with his fitness (so) when you put that all together, the biggest thing is his confidence is sky high high right now,” says his coach, John Kading.

Massari (21-1) was crowned the 160-pound champion at his own tournament last weekend.

No. 2 (1A) Justin Peake (12-1) claimed his second Batavia Invite trophy, but it wasn’t easy for the Johnsburg senior.

Peake would fall behind (4-1) in the first period to Nick Skamra (Addison Trail, 22-9) in his semifinal, before roaring back to get back even at 6-6 in the second period – then using a third period take-down to claim a 8-6 victory.

It was more of the same in his final with Niko Lopez (Marian Central Catholic, 25-3) who took the lead after a scramble at sixty seconds.

Peake would grab back the lead (3-2) with two seconds left in the second period, but soon be chasing a 4-3 deficit after another scramble went the way of Lopez.

After Peake was attended to for a bloody nose, his nicely played reversal gave him the lead for good (5-4) which he made sure of when he rode of Lopez for the last 25 seconds before time.

“It’s been a tough season, and one that started a little late for me,” admitted Peake, third last year at 182.

“I suffered a torn meniscus during the football season in our first game of the year, ironically against Marian Central Catholic, played through it, then had surgery.”

“The knee gets a little swollen time-after-time, but it’s no big deal.”

We would be remiss not to say a word about Chicago Hope, and its two fine men coach Dan Willis brought with him for the second year in a row.

Alex Armira (106, 27-3) and Oliver Willis (152, 29-1) were both runners-up in their respective weight divisions, to help validate their lofty spots in the IWCOA 1A polls.

“This is a great tournament, and for Alex and Oliver, a great measuring stick in some very tough weight classes,” said Willis, who sent the rest of his club to Reed-Custer on this day.

“I real believe both Alex and Oliver showed they belonged here, so for us to get out of the city to compete against different styles and levels of talent made this trip from the westside of Chicago well worth it,” added Willis.

For the record, Armira is currently No. 9, while Willis, a three-time state qualifier, and two-time state medal winner sits third overall.

NIU Wrestling Wins Third Straight

Article Source

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – The Northern Illinois University wrestling team extended its modest win streak to three when it posted a 23-9 victory at Cal Poly Friday night.

The Huskies (7-3, 3-1) won seven of the 10 bouts, scoring a pair of maj. dec. victories on the night. California natives Kenny Moore and McCoy Kent had a solid homecoming with both earning victories in their respective matches.

Moore gave NIU its first win of the evening when he posted a 14-1 maj. dec. win over Dylan Miracle. Brit Wilson followed with an 11-4 win at 184 over Trent Tracy to give the Huskies a 7-3 lead after three matches.

Following a setback at 197, the Huskies went on to win the next four bouts. Max Ihry scored a 2-1 win a 285 by virtue of a third-period escape and earning the riding time point. Bryce West got back into the win column with a 7-0 win at 125, while Caleb Brooks posted a 10-2 maj. dec. win at 133.

McCoy capped the Huskie win when he edged out Joshua Cortez, 3-2.

“It was a hard-fought dual and it’s good to come out on top,” said NIU head coach Ryan Ludwig. “Kudos to the guys throwing up bonus points for the team. We definitely have some areas to improve upon heading into our next match.”

The Huskies are back in action Friday when NIU welcomes Arkansas-Little Rock to the Convocation Center for the “Beauty and the Beast” meet with the NIU gymnastics team. The match begins at 7 p.m. inside the main arena.

NIU 23, Cal Poly 9

165: Bernie Taylor (Cal Poly) dec. Izzak Olejnik (NIU), 6-0
174: Kenny Moore (NIU) maj. dec. Dylan Miracle (Cal Poly), 14-1
184: Brit Wilson (NIU) dec. Trent Tracy (Cal Poly), 11-4
197: Thomas Lane (Cal Poly) dec. Gage Braun (NIU), 3-2
285: Max Ihry (NIU) dec. Max Ihry (Cal Poly), 2-1
125: Bryce West (NIU) dec. Benny Martinez (Cal Poly), 7-0
133: Caleb Brooks (NIU) maj. dec. Trae Vasquez (Cal Poly), 10-2
141: Anthony Gibson (NIU) dec. Jake Ryan (Cal Poly), 7-4
149: McCoy Kent (NIU) dec. Joshua Cortez (Cal Poly), 3-2
157: Brawley Lamer (Cal Poly) dec. Mason Kauffman (NIU), 8-3

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