Girls’ tournament recaps from Jan. 19-20

By Mike Garofola for the IWCOA

Central Suburban League champion: New Trier

New Trier claimed the first ever CSL conference title when it outscored runner-up Maine East 142-127 Saturday afternoon at host Highland Park.

Maine West was third overall with 118 overall points, followed by Niles West (98), Maine South (69), Vernon Hills (63), Highland Park (60) and Glenbrook North (55), rounding out the top eight team finishes.

The Trevians claimed three individual champions in Sunny Aitzemkour (100, 14-9), Jillian Giller (140, 23-4) and Nina Aceves (155, 21-4), while adding second place trophies from Liv Pandolfino (110), Lola Bianco (115) Katelynn Parsawasdi (125) to help the cause.

Giller, ranked No. 8 in the state, recently won at the Conant girls tournament.

Second-place Maine East celebrated tournament titles from Eliana Badeen (105) and Guadalupe Montesinos (115, 8-1), while third place Maine West collected a trio of individual titles, from Ava Reyes (130, 19-11), Lillian Garrett (170, 20-4) and Eliana Garrett (235, 14-6).

“It was fun to have both the boys and girls tournaments going on at Highland Park, it was great to highlight, and to include the girls from around the conference,” Maine West head coach Anthony Lonigro said.

CSL championship match results:

100- Sunny Aitzemkour (New Trier) F 0:25 Briana Regules (Niles West)

105- Eliana Badeen (Maine East) F 2:15 Hanna Lee (Vernon Hills)

110- Zoe Pomeranets (Niles West) F 0:35 Liv Pandolfino (New Trier)

115- Guadalupe Montesinos (Maine East) F 3:17 Lola Bianco (New Trier)

120- Ariella Dobin (Glenbrook North) F 5:48 Sarh Al Radi (Niles West)

125- Riley Moore (Highland Park) F 0:48 Katelynn Parsawasdi (New Trier)

130- Ava Reyes (Maine West) F 0:34 Dany Esparza (Deerfield)

135- Clara Ugaz (Highland Park) F 0:00 Ashley Mansell (Maine West)

140- Jillian Giller (New Trier) F 0:30 Alena Oshana (Maine East)

145- Helen Xiao (Deerfield) F 1:00 Olena Ftoma (Maine East)

155- Nina Aceves (New Trier) F 2:16 Lotus Alhyasat (Maine South)

170- Lillian Garrett (Maine West) F 1:23 Madeline Borkowski (Vernon Hills)

190- Sophia Fortis (Maine South) F 1:24 Angelica Wszolek (Maine East)

235- Eliana Garrett (Maine West) F 2:54 Ari Leon (Niles West)

CSL third-place results:

100- Aphrodite Gineras (Maine South) BYE

105- Zoe Handler (Glenbrook North) BYE

110- No third place match

115- Lora Kashidova (Vernon Hills) F 0:29 Samantha Albaugh (Evanston)

120- Zoe Lee (New Trier) F 5:19 Heba Kiloul (Maine East)

125- Alexis Mendoza (Niles West) BYE

130- Ary Latushkina (Vernon Hills) BYE

135- Siena Dini (Glenbrook North) F 1:25 Evana Moseley (Deerfield)

140- Soila Orozco (Maine West) BYE

145- Jasmine Dutt (Maine South) BYE

155- Gabrielle Toney (Niles North) BYE

170- Lexi Rosenthal (Highland Park) D 4-3 Luz Garcia (Maine West)

190- Fatima Gomez (Evanston) D 7-4 Jathziry Valencia (Maine West)

235- Lyric Watson (Maine East) BYE

DuKane Conference champion: Batavia

State power Batavia ran over and through the field en route to lifting the DuKane Conference trophy Friday night at host St. Charles East.

There was little doubt the Lady Bulldogs were up to the challenge from their seven league rivals, as Scott Bayer’s club won eight of the 14 weight classes, including six-straight beginning at 135 with Amelia Howard, and ending when freshman Caoimhe Mitchell collected the top prize at 190 pounds.

No. 1 Sydney Perry continues to dazzle at 145 as the nationally-ranked Batavia senior won with ease, as did Lily Enos (100), as two of 13 overall medalists for the Lady Bulldogs, who posted 276.5 team points on the day.

Second place Lake Park finished with 156 total points, twenty more than third-place Glenbard North. Wheaton North (124) was fourth, while Wheaton-Warrenville South earned fifth place with 100 overall points.

Lake Park collected eight medals, Wheaton North won six, and Glenbard North, with its sensational two-time state champions Gabby Gomez, earned five medals at day’s end.

DuKane Conference championship match results:

100- Lily Enos (Batavia) F 5:16 Sophia Espinosa (St. Charles East).

105- Andrea Jaimes-Alvarez (Wheaton-Warrenville South) F. Gwen Davila (St. Charles East).

110- Rebecca DiSilvestro (Geneva) F 5:22 Ana Sanchez (Wheaton-Warrenville South).

115- Gabby Gomez (Glenbard North) TF 5:06 (29-14) Star Duncan (Wheaton-Warrenville South).

120- Ryan Mark (Wheaton North) F 3:08 Natalie Lenart (Batavia)

125- MacKenzie Harried (Batavia) F 0:49 Kathryn Brooks (Batavia)

130- Keagan Edwards (Glenbard North) MD 9-1 Anabelle Guthke (Batavia)

135- Amelia Howell (Batavia) F 1:20 Cheyenne Duncan (Wheaton-Warrenville South)

140- Norah Stoodley (Batavia) F 2:22 Addison Wolf (St. Charles East)

145- Sydney Perry (Batavia) TF 3:37 (26-11) Joscelin Ritthamel (Lake Park)

155- Sarah Anderson (Batavia) F 1:38 Giovanna Sampognaro (Lake Park)

170- Emma Abbate (Batavia) F 3:06 Delaney Hajdich (Lake Park)

190- Caoimhe Mitchell (Batavia) F 1:54 Marija McFadden (Wheaton North)

235- Iana Victory (Wheaton North) D 4-1 Asreilla Wallace (Glenbard North)

DuKane Conference third-place results:

100- Izzy Paz (Wheaton North) BYE

105- Lilah Jones-Garrous (Batavia) BYE

110- Laurie Cando (Lake Park) BYE

115- Charlotte Ries (Wheaton North) F Eli Landgrebe (Batavia)

120- Autumn Badon (St. Charles East) F 1:15 Elida Garcia Torres (Lake Park)

125- Ezri Incrocci (Glenbard North) BYE

130- Isabelle Harty (Wheaton North) F 1:39 Folu Afolarin (Batavia)

135- Ava Burns (Lake Park) F 1:23 Lizzy Beling (Batavia)

140- Nermina Rustemi (Lake Park) F 1:55 Jordan Martinez (Glenbard North)

145- Nathalie Miranda (Glenbard North) F 1:21 Avalon Bicesto (Batavia)

155- Feyi Afolarin (Batavia) F 2:55 Ayko Suarez (Wheaton-Warrenville South)

170- Paige Washburn (Lake Park) D 6-0 Lauren Smith (Batavia)

190- No Match

235- Kylie Bednarski (Lake Park) BYE

Lake County Invite co-champions: Lakes, Round Lake

Round Lake and Lakes Community both earned 119 points to share the title at the first ever Lake County Girls Invite in Fox Lake at host Grant.

Round Lake collected four individual titles, the same number as fourth-place Zion-Benton, which fell one point short (81-80) to third place Grayslake North.

Grant was fifth overall with 72, edging out Stevenson with 71 points.

The state-ranked duo from Round Lake, Riley Kongkaeow (100, 30-2) and Ireland McCain (115, 29-6), led the way for the Panthers, with teammates Raven Burnett (145, 22-6) and Yareli Macias (14-6) at 235 pounds earning first-place trophies as well.

Lakes enjoyed a trio of individual titles beginning with Zaryia Mouzon (105, 25-3), and followed by the state-ranked and state medal-winning duo of Olivia Heft (120, 26-6) and Ava Babbs (20-0) at 125.

The Zion-Benton program, which is growing by leaps and bounds, was recently second behind Lakes at the Dundee-Crown Invite. The Zee Bees watched the quartet of Emily Ortiz (130, 26-4), Adrianna Ketchum (140, 16-12), Grace Johnson (155) and ILeen Castrejon (190, 14-1) each win titles, with Castrejon defeating Josephine Larson (Lakes, 24-5) in a title match between the Nos. 2 and 3 ranked 190-pounders in the state.

Ayane Jasinski (110, 12-0) gave the hometown fans a treat when she won the 110-pound crown, the third tournament title of the year for the reigning 110-pound state champion, who currently sits just behind top-rated Gabby Gomez from Glenbard North in the state rankings.

“We were excited and thrilled to be hosting the first-ever girls Lake County Invite, and it was great to see Ayane win here on her home mats as well,” Grant head coach Mark Jolcover said.

Lake County Invite championship results:

(best two records in bracket at end of tournament)

100- Riley Kongkaeow (Round Lake), Ester Migues-Gaytan (Grayslake North)

105- Zaryia Mouzon (Lakes), Liliana Aly (Wauconda)

110- Ayane Jasinski (Grant), Aylssa Bentley (Warren)

115- Ireland McCain (Round Lake), Nastasia Kobets (Stevenson)

120- Olivia Heft (Lakes), Gianna Arzer (Grayslake Central)

125- Ava Babbs (Lakes), Noelani Rodriguez (Waukegan)

130- Emily Ortiz (Zion-Benton), Vanessa Alvarez (Grayslake North)

135- Khloe Herrdegan (Mundelein), Quinna Sheets (Grayslake North)

140- Adrianna Ketchum (Zion-Benton), Gesselle Vazquez (Wauconda)

145- Raven Burnett (Round Lake), Naomi Foote (Zion-Benton)

155- Grace Johnson (Zion-Benton), Cassidy Graham (Grant)

170- Jennifer Perez (Waukegan), Jeniah Robinson (Grayslake North)

190- ILeen Castrejon (Zion-Benton), Josephine Larson (Lakes)

235- Yareli Macias (Round Lake), Allison Poole (Grayslake North)

Mid Suburban League tournament champion: Schaumburg

Schaumburg’s lower-weight foursome of Makenzi Aguilar, Justice Girod, Diya Patel, and Anna Villarreal got their club off to a flying start on Saturday, and the Saxons never looked back as Matt Gruszkas’ club went on to collect its second consecutive MSL crown.

“This conference has a lot of individuals that will do a lot of damage downstate,” Gruszka said. “In a tournament that is much bigger and better than last year, we were thrilled to come out on top with our seven champions.” 

Schaumburg topped second-place Hoffman Estates 289-207.

“Sophia Ball, Abi Ji, and Emmylina O’Brien from Hoffman Estates are terrific wrestlers, as is Jasmine Rene (190) over at Wheeling. They should all do really well from here on out,” added Gruszka.

Conant was third overall with 119 points, followed by Wheeling with 113, Prospect with 79, and Palatine with 75.

MSL tournament championship results:

100- Makenzi Aguilar (Schaumburg) F 0:25 Amari Gibson (Hoffman Estates)

105- Justice Girod (Schaumburg) F 0:47 Catalina Videlka (Buffalo Grove)

110- Diya Patel (Schaumburg) F 1:19 Samantha Hernandez (Hoffman Estates)

115- Anna Villarreal (Schaumburg) D 10-6 Isabella Gomez (Wheeling)

120- Sophia Ball (Hoffman Estates) F 2:34 Madyson Meyer (Schaumburg)

125- Abigail Ji (Hoffman Estates) F 2:26 Juana Pulido (Elk Grove)

130- Viola Pianetto (Prospect) F 5:52 Elise Burkut (Wheeling)

135- Emmylina O’brien (Hoffman Estates) F 1:55 Christina Marogy (Buffalo Grove)

140- Madeline Zerafa-Lazarevic (Schaumburg) F Muneeba Butt (Rolling Meadows)

145- Keara Mack (Schaumburg) INJ 4:00 Stephanie Solano (Wheeling)

155- Valeria Rodriguez (Schaumburg) F 3:08 Madeline Chicas (Wheeling)

170- Isabella Chiovari (Hoffman Estates) 2-1 (SV-1) Sabrina Cargill (Palatine)

190- Jasmine Rene (Wheeling) F 3:59 Nadia Razzak (Schaumburg)

235- Monika Irazoque (Palatine) F 2:46 Vivian Kowalczyk (Prospect)

MSL third-place results:

100- Elanie Taboada (Prospect) D 5-2 Kevelyn Price (Palatine)

105- Judy Soto (Hoffman Estates) F 3:08 Linna Vo (Elk Grove)

110- Gwendolynn Ridley (Hoffman Estates) BYE

115- Olivia Pelayo (Hoffman Estates) F 4:40 Valeria Pesantes (Elk Grove)

120- Beth Ciavarella (Hoffman Estates) F 2:55 Andrew Astorino (Prospect)

125- Isabella Rivas (Schaumburg) D 1-0 Brooklyn Jones (Hoffman Estates)

130- Liriana Rakoci (Hoffman Estates) TB-1 14-13 Sharon Olorunfemi (Schaumburg)

135- Lloyd Kowalczyk (Fremd) MD 18-9 Jasmine Zavaletta (Conant)

140- Ewa Krupa (Conant) F 0:45 Stephanie Valdez-Castaneda (Elk Grove)

145- Abby Swanson (Buffalo Grove) F 1:49 Douaa Badou (Hoffman Estates)

155- Emily Bauer (Prospect) D 4-2 Janet Brindis (Rolling Meadows)

170- Alya Razzak (Schaumburg) D 4-2 Lana Ton (Conant)

190- Essenze Reid (Hoffman Estates) F 1:50 Jazz Ocampo (Fremd)

235- Ella Jackson (Schaumburg) MFFT Anjali Gonzalez (Hoffman Estates)

Oak Forest easily claims South Suburban Conference title

Oak Forest rolled to its fifth-straight tournament title as it scored 247 points to win the South Suburban Conference championship by 134 points over runner-up Thornton Fractional South (113) in the 14-team competition that was at Shepard in Palos Heights.

Shepard (106), Reavis (73), Tinley Park (70), Eisenhower (55), Evergreen Park (46) and Lemont (46) rounded out the top-half of the field.

Leading the way for coach John Sebek’s first-place Oak Forest Bengals were their eight champions, Aliyah Blount (100), Marjorie Rodriguez (110), Camila O’Leary-Salas (125), Madelyn Sears (135), Maya Coreas Funes (145), Ryann Reeves (155), Isabel Peralta (190) and Jessica Komolafe (235). 

Finishing in second place for the Bengals were Hanan Abdallah (105), Charlotte Pedroza (120) and Adri Bille (170) while Iyobosa Odiase (140) took third and Joran Clyne (130) placed fourth.

Top performers for coach Andre Richmond’s runner-up Thornton Fractional South Red Wolves were champions Dakota Kelly (105) and Akayla Coopwood (140) and second-place finishers 

Abibatu Mogaji (115) and Quincy Onyiaorah (130). Placing third was Jermia Moore (135) while 

Summer Rice (120) and Caylon Guyton (125)  finished fourth.

Coach Scott Richardson’s third-place Shepard Astros were led by runners-up Mila Rocush (125) and Kassandra Lee (235) while Daniella Almazan (100), Sofia Perez (105), Trinity Franklin (120), Stacey Massey (130) and Morgan Lietz (145) all took third place and Amelia Estrada (170) finished fourth.

Coach John Pfeiffer’s Tinley Park Titans had two champions, Jayden Melendez (115) and Simone Standifer (130). Winning a title for coach Erik Murry’s Lemont team was Molly O’Connor (120) and taking first for coach Charlie Manning’s Reavis Rams was Estrella Ramirez (170).

Also placing second were Reavis’ Jocelyn Diaz (145) and Reyna Padilla (190), Eisenhower’s Lynette Cleavanger (100), Evergreen Park’s Sofia Landeros (110), Hillcrest’s Chistiara Finley (135), Tinley Park’s Rylee Hernandez (140) and Oak Lawn’s Charvelle McLain (155).

Camila O’Leary Salas had the most team points with 26 while Jayden Melendez and Isabel Peralta tied for second with 24 points. Caylon Guyton had the most total match points with 42. And Evergreen Park’s Victoria Cruz had the most falls in the least time with three in 2:27.

Champion Oak Forest had the most total match points with 113 while Thornton Fractional South was next with 105 points. And Oak Forest had the most falls with 22, while Shepard and TF South tied for second with 12 pins.

Championship matches for the South Suburban Conference Tournament

100 – Aliyah Blount (Oak Forest) F 1:12 Lynette Cleavanger (Eisenhower)

105 – Dakota Kelly (Thornton Fractional South) F 1:05 Hanan Abdallah (Oak Forest)

110 – Marjorie Rodriguez (Oak Forest) F 0:20 Sofia Landeros (Evergreen Park)

115 – Jayden Melendez (Tinley Park) F 3:32 Abibatu Mogaji (Thornton Fractional South)

120 – Molly O’Connor (Lemont) F 5:33 Charlotte Pedroza (Oak Forest)

125 – Camila O’Leary Salas (Oak Forest) F 1:24 Mila Rocush (Shepard)

130 – Simone Standifer (Tinley Park) D 3-2 Quincy Onyiaorah (Thornton Fractional South)

135 – Madelyn Sears (Oak Forest) F 3:08 Chistiara Finley (Hillcrest)

140 – Akayla Coopwood (Thornton Fractional South) F 1:52 Rylee Hernandez (Tinley Park)

145 – Maya Coreas Funes (Oak Forest) F 3:43 Jocelyn Diaz (Reavis)

155 – Ryann Reeves (Oak Forest) F 0:49 Charvelle McLain (Oak Lawn)

170 – Estrella Ramirez (Reavis) F 3:34 Adri Bille (Oak Forest)

190 – Isabel Peralta (Oak Forest) F 0:53 Reyna Padilla (Reavis)

235 – Jessica Komolafe (Oak Forest) F 3:17 Kassandra Lee (Shepard)

Upstate Eight Conference champion: East Aurora

East Aurora  may have collected just two individual titles at Bartlett on the day, from Monica De La Cruz and Yoheidi Contreras, but the eventual U8 champions were able to gobble up five second-place medals along the way to help them claim their second straight league title.

The Lady Tomcats pocketed 160 points, 35 more than second-place Larkin, with West Chicago squeaking past Glenbard East for third place by a lone point,

121-120. Fenton finished fourth overall with 101 points.

Glenbard East and Fenton each earned a tournament-high three individual titles, with West Chicago and Bartlett next with a deuce.

West Chicago’s Jenny Espinal (135) and Jayden Rodriguez (190), and Bartlett senior Angie Carpentero (110) are now two-time UE8 champs.

Rodriguez is a two-time state medal winner, and 2022 state champion.

Glenbard East’s No. 5 Nadia Shymkiv (105), Kaila Stubbs (130) and Asa Lacey (170) were each saluted after their U8 titles, as were the Fenton threesome of Yannel Perez (140), Yamile Pencloza (155) and Ariana Solideo at 275.

Penaloza entered the tournament as the No. 7-rated 155-pounder in the state. Bartlett sophomore Lily White joined teammate Carpentero atop the podium at 125.

UEC championship match results:

100- Monica De La Cruz (Aurora East) F 1:43 Susan Cruz (Larkin).

105- Nadiia Shymkiv (Glenbard East) F 0:55 Ashley Hammond (Larkin).

110- Angie Carpintero (Bartlett) MD 12-4 Melanie Granda (Larkin).

115- Azucena Rodriguez (South Elgin) F 2:33 Luz Avilez (Aurora East).

120- Salome Patino (Elgin) F 3:01 Valentina Barboza (Aurora East).

125- Lily White (Bartlett) F 2:48 Kaleigh Allender (Streamwood).

130- Kaila Stubbs (Glenbard East) F 4:54 Briana Anselmo (Elgin).

135- Jenny Espinal (West Chicago) F 3:10 Maria Green (Glenbard East).

140- Yannel Perez (Fenton) F 4:46 Brenda Escobedo (Aurora East).

145- Yoheadi Contreras (Aurora East) F 1:47 Mia Reyes (Larkin).

155- Yamile Penaloza (Fenton) F 5:06 Jordan Smith (Aurora East).

170- Asa Lacey (Glenbard East) D 5-0 Noreidy Ruiz (Aurora East).

190- Jayden Huesca (West Chicago) F 4:11 Kimberly Reyes (Larkin).

235- Ariana Solideo (Fenton) D 9-5 Jocelyn Gonzalez (Streamwood).

UEC third-place results:

100- Kathlynn Spurgeon (Bartlett) F 0:30 Melissa Viveros (Elgin).

105- Brissia Bucio (West Chicago) MD 17-9 Mali Patino (Elgin).

110- Sophia Newell (West Chicago) F 3:48 Haven Cologrossi (Glenbard South).

115- Kai Zamora (Fenton) F 3:12 Zoey Sanchez (Streamwood).

120- Dakota Rosner (Glenbard East) MD 12-1 Tina Ebrahimi (Larkin).

125- Giselle Castillo (Fenton) D 3-0 Emily Pizano (Elgin).

130- Ruby Becerra (Aurora East) F 1:14 Xamantha Ramos (West Chicago).

135- Brittany Chavarria (Aurora East) F 0:39 Jazmin Novoa (Streamwood).

140- Mareli Miguel (West Chicago) F 2:26 Elizabeth Moreno (Glenbard East).

145- Annette Huesca (West Chicago) FFT Tamia Coley (Streamwood).

155- Zamaya Taylor (Larkin) D 2-0 Alex Arquillo (Glenbard South).

170- Jadelin Caballero-Flores (Larkin) F 5:15 Olivia Halminiak (West Chicago).

190- Nadine Spandiary (Glenbard East) F 1:13 Areona Murray (Streamwood).

235- Mildred Reyes (Larkin) F 3:53 Ayanari Solis (Elgin).

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