Chicagoland north and west conference meets

By Gary Larsen

Here are the team champions from the 2023 conference tournaments that took place in the north and west Chicagoland area on Jan. 20-21:

Conference and league champions:

Central Suburban League at Evanston: Maine South
Chicago Catholic League at Marmion: Marmion
DuKane Conference at Lake Park: St. Charles East
DuPage Valley Conference at DeKalb: DeKalb
Metro Suburban Conference at Riverside-Brookfield: Riverside-Brookfield
Mid-Suburban League at Hoffman Estates: Hersey
West Suburban Conference Girls at Addison Trail: Addison Trail
Upstate Eight Conference at East Aurora: South Elgin

Here is a roundup of results from the above-listed league and conference tournaments:

Central Suburban League champion: Maine South

Evanston hosted this year’s CSL tournament and Maine South walked away with the team title, out-pointing second-place Deerfield 293-227.5, with Glenbrook South (226) finishing just behind Deerfield in third.

New Trier (181) finished fourth, followed by Evanston (140), Highland Park (102), Glenbrook North (99), Vernon Hills (96), Maine West (55), Niles West (53), Maine East (42), and Niles North (30).

Maine South had seven individual champions and one runner-up, plus two third-placers and one fourth-placer finisher. Deerfield had three champions and three second-place finishers, while Glenbrook South had a pair of champions and two second-placers.

CSL championship matches:

106: Brett Harman (Maine South) TF 4:37 Vincent Serwan (Deerfield)

113: Christos Vaselopulos (Maine South) D 4-2 Mikchael Schick (Glenbrook South)

120: Teddy Flores (Maine South) D 3-2 Luke Reddy (Deerfield)

126: Jordan Rasof (Deerfield) D 5-0 Luke Morrison (Maine South)

132: Jackson Palzet (Deerfield) D 9-5 Nate Ferrari (Highland Park)

138: Mark Martinez (Highland Park) F 1:32 Renzo Morgan (Deerfield)

145: Nate Beltran (Maine South) D 10-3 Wilson Wright (New Trier)

152: Danny Spandiary (Maine South) F 3:40 Dmitry Derbedyenyev (Highland Park)

160: Patrick Downing (Glenbrook South) D 5-2 Ilya Dvoryannikov (Vernon Hills)

170: Aiden Cohen (Deerfield) F 2:44 Darrion Coleman (Evanston)

182: Filip Michniewicz (Maine South) D 11-4 Tyler Jackson (New Trier)

195: Tommy Porrello (Maine South) D 8-4 Jacques Munkhjargal (Highland Park)

220: Alex Enkhbaatar (Glenbrook South) F 0:58 Braedon Manogura (Niles West)

285: Max Accettura (Vernon Hills) UTB 3-2 Drew Duffy (Glenview (Glenbrook South)

CSL 3rd-place matches:

106: Sabir Aliev (Vernon Hills) F 1:37 Nate Finklestein (New Trier)

113: Ayaan Rizwan (Glenbrook North) D 6-3 Noah Palzet (Deerfield)

120: Trent Tono (Niles North) D 3-1 Marcus Santos (Glenbrook South)

126: Marco Terrizzi (Evanston) F 1:16 Andrew Haritos (Glenbrook South)

132: Max Brown (Glenbrook South) TF 5:43 Gavin Hoerr (Maine South)

138: Steve Kannampallil (Glenbrook South) D 10-5 Eren Atac (Evanston)

145: Dylan Moncayo (Vernon Hills) MD 15-4 Tim Kato (Park Ridge (Maine East)

152: Elii Polacek (New Trier) MD 14-5 Will Holtz (Deerfield)

160: Tagg Miller (New Trier) D 6-5 Shane Onixt (Glenbrook North)

170: Sam Bartell (Maine South) D 9-2 Badalov (Glenbrook South)

182: Charlie Bolich (Evanston) NC Quintin Newbury (Des Plaines (Maine West)

195: Kevin Halley (Vernon Hills) D 11-9 Thomas Jackson (Evanston)

220: Kyle Pambah (Glenbrook North) F 1:41 Dylan Jeppe (New Trier)

285: Tyler Fortis (Maine South) F 5:52 Jeremy Marshall (Evanston)

Chicago Catholic League champion: Marmion

Host Marmion edged second–place Mt. Carmel 262-251.5 in a race between teams ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in 3A in Illinois, respectively, per Illinois Matmen rankings. Marmion sent 10 wrestlers to the finals and earned seven individual titles, while Mt. Carmel had four champions and one runner-up.

Montini (175) placed third, followed by Loyola (162.5), Brother Rice (147), Providence (107.5), St. Rita (89), De La Salle (81), DePaul Prep (53), Fenwick (50), St. Laurence (41), and St. Ignatius (30).

CCL championship matches:

106: Lukas Tsirtsis (Mt Carmel) D 8-4 James Hemmila (Loyola)

113: Ben Dunne (Montini) SV 6-4 Donny Pigoni (Marmion)

120: Seth Mendoza (Mt Carmel) TF 4:15 Kameron Luif (Montini)

126: Jameson Garcia (Marmion) D 7-5 Massey Odiotti (Loyola)

132: Brody Kelly (Marmion) M For. Sean Larkin (St. Rita)

138: Sergio Lemley (Mt Carmel) M. For. Tyler Aters (Marmion)

145: Santino Scolaro (Marmion) D 5-1 Santino Tenuta (Montini)

152: David Mayora (Montini) D 6-5 Edmund Enright (Mt Carmel)

160: Will Prater (Montini Catholic) F 3:44 Henry Coughlin (St. Laurence)

170: Colin Kelly (Mt Carmel) F 2:35 Finn McGee (Fenwick)

182: Jack Lesher (Marmion Academy) MD 9-1 Quinn Herbert (Loyola)

195: Joey Favia (Marmion) D 2-1 Gambino Perez (Brother Rice)

220: Ed Perry (Marmion) D 8-5 Kai Calcutt (Loyola)

285: Sean Scheck (Marmion) F 1:41 Joey Herbert (Loyola)

CCL 3rd-place matches:

106: Raymond Alvarado (De La Salle) F 2:00 Jack Hogan (St. Rita)

113: Gavin Pardilla (Loyola) TF 1:49 Jack Myers (DePaul Prep)

120: Johnny Vega (Brother Rice) D 7-4 Austin Dangles (St. Rita)

126: Bobby Conway (Brother Rice) D 8-5 (DePaul Prep)

132: Jairo Acuna (Mt Carmel) MD 11-3 Patrick Zimmer (Loyola)

138: Kyle Lindsey (Providence) MD 11-0  Jack O`Connor (Brother Rice)

145: Liam Kelly (Mt Carmel) D 6-2 Danny Herbert (Loyola)

152: Geno Papes (Providence) TF 4:41 Nolan Keenan (St. Rita)

160: Connor Thompson (Marmion) D 7-2 Kevin Kalchbrenner (Mt Carmel)

170: Michael Phillips (Marmion) F 3:42 Mike O`Connor (Providence)

182: Charles Connelly (Brother Rice) F 0:55 Jaxon Lane (Montini)

195: Evan Jocic (Montini) NC William Jacobson (Mt Carmel)

220: Stetz Conor (Fenwick) D 6-2 Mac Murzyn (Brother Rice)

285: Alexander Poholik (Mt Carmel) F 0:52 Dom Infelise (Providence)

DuPage Valley Conference champion: DeKalb

DeKalb and Naperville Central sent 10 wrestlers each to the DVC title mat and DeKalb’s eight champions carried the Barbs to a 269-254 edge over the second-place Redhawks for the DVC team title. DeKalb also went 5-2 on the title mat head-to-head against Naperville Central.

Naperville North (197) finished third followed by Neuqua Valley (94.5), Waubonsie Valley (92), and Metea Valley (56).

DVC championship matches:

106: Kaden Klapprodt (DeKalb) F 3:09 Sanath Benjamin (Naperville North)

113: Ty Martin (Naperville Central) F 5:44 Eduardo Castro (DeKalb)

120: Vince Bern (Naperville Central) D 13-9 Jalen Airhart (DeKalb)

126: Ethan Olson (Naperville Central) MD 10-1 Tyler Sternstein (Naperville North)

132: Hudson Ikens (DeKalb) D 9-7 Mitchell Kaszuba (Naperville Central)

138: Mekhi Cave (DeKalb) F 1:06 Larry Stubitsch (Naperville Central)

145: Austin Martin (DeKalb) MD 11-0 Hagan Taylor (Naperville Central)

152: Jacob Luce (DeKalb) F 3:59 Christopher Bern (Naperville Central)

160: Gavin Bohan (Naperville Central) D 4-3 Kai Goodrick (Naperville North)

170: Silvano Spatafora (Neuqua Valley) D 9-3 Henry Rydwelski (Naperville Central)

182: Nate Sauer (DeKalb) D 8-2 Kyle Gatlin (Naperville North)

195: David Stewart (DeKalb) F 3:07 Steve Harvey (Naperville North)

220: Lamar Bradley (DeKalb) F 1:30 Nicolas Besteiro (Naperville Central)

285: Jesus Rojas (Metea Valley) F 2:38 Alex Marx (Neuqua Valley)

DVC 3rd-place matches:

106: Jacob Cochran (Naperville Central) Bye

113: Ben Messier (Naperville North) F 2:54 Sebastian Sifuentes (Waubonsie Valley)

120: Aiden Hinkle (Naperville North) F 3:37 Jad Esslimani (Neuqua Valley)

126: Ethan Schultz (DeKalb) F 1:18 Jay Chidley (Neuqua Valley)

132: Elias Gonzales (Waubonsie Valley) F 3:40 Zach Mally (Naperville North)

138: Clayton Champion (Naperville North) D 12-10 David Geataz Waubonsie Valley)

145: Grant Gentile (Naperville North) MD 14-6 Ethan Wojtowich (Waubonsie Valley)

152: Nick Oblazny (Naperville North) F 3:51 Matt Garcia (Waubonsie Valley)

160: Dhamaludzin Nurundinov (Neuqua Valley) TF 4:17 Connor Norton (Metea Valley)

170: Matas Budreika (Naperville North) F 3:23 Adrian Franco (DeKalb)

182: Nyree Dabney (Naperville Central) F 2:29 Tyler Funk (Metea Valley)

195: Jacob Smetters (Naperville Central) D 4-2 Josh Housour (Waubonsie Valley)

220: Magomed Nurundinov (Neuqua Valley) F 3:54 Zach Schmidt (Naperville North)

285: Chase Enfield (Naperville Central) TF 3:34 Neyemiah Ericson (DeKalb)

Metro Suburban Conference champion: Riverside-Brookfield

Host Riverside-Brookfield out-pointed Aurora Christian 227-192.5 to take top team honors at this year’s MSC tournament. The Bulldogs had three individual champions, four second-place finishers, and went a perfect 5-for-5 on the third-place mat. Aurora Christian had six champions and one runner-up.

Wheaton Academy (174) finished third, followed by IC Catholic (166), McNamara (102), Ridgewood (74), St. Francis (58), Aurora Central Catholic (42), Westmont (30), and Elmwood Park (21).

MSC championship matches:
106: Blake Arseneau (McNamara) F 1:42 Chase Murrell (Riverside-Brookfield)

113: Edgar Mosquera (Riverside-Brookfield) D 6-1 Islam Khater (Ridgewood)

120: Deven Casey (Aurora Christian) TF 5:59 Lincoln Hoger (Wheaton Academy)

126: Josh Vazquez (Aurora Christian) MD 13-3  Will Hupke (Wheaton Academy)

132: Tyler Jones (Wheaton Academy) OT 5-3 Jacob Godoy (Riverside-Brookfield)

138: Patrick Mullen (Aurora Christian) D 3-1 Bryson Spaulding (IC Catholic)

145: Tag Kazmierczak (Wheaton Academy) F 1:51 Jacob Noe (Riverside-Brookfield)

152: Taythan Silva (Aurora Christian) D 6-1 Luke Christie (McNamara)

160: Adan Rocha (Aurora Christian) D 8-6 Nate Brown (IC Catholic)

170: Bill Martin (Riverside-Brookfield) F 0:31 Daniel OConnell (St. Francis)

182: Foley Calcagno (IC Catholic) F 3:43 Matt Elzy (Riverside-Brookfield)

195: John Goggin (IC Catholic) D 8-4 Tyler Martinez (Aurora Christian)

220: Joe Midona (Riverside-Brookfield) F 5:46 George Truitt (Wheaton Academy)

285: Braden Hunter (Aurora Christian) D 3-0 Isaiah Gonzalez (IC Catholic)

MSC 3rd-place matches:

106: Vince Hefke (Aurora Central) F 2:15 Mohamad Khater (Ridgewood)

113: Oscar Smith (Wheaton Academy) F 4:59 Noah Pelletier (McNamara)

120: Quintavius Murrell (Riverside-Brookfield) F 1:21 Trevor Torres (McNamara)

126: Jackson Jeck (McNamara) F 2:17 Ben Czarnowski (IC Catholic)

132: Dom Gliatta (IC Catholic) F 4:37 Sean Patterson (Westmont)

138: Josh Gonzalez (Riverside-B.) D 7-1 Chasen Kazmierzcak (Wheaton Academy)

145: Ethan Waters (Aurora Central) F 3:30 Parker Jenkins (Aurora Christian)

152: Cade Tomkins (Riverside-Brookfield) F 1:03 Deonta Giles (Wheaton Academy)

160: Max Strong (Riverside-Brookfield) D 6-4 Ben Conte (St. Francis)

170: Julian Luna (Ridgewood) F 1:04 Will From (Wheaton Academy)

182: Dominic Savini (Aurora Christian) D 4-2 Jeremy Johanik (Wheaton Academy)

195: Dan Williams (Riverside-Brookfield) F 1:05 Ian De Souza (Wheaton Academy)

220: Vinny Gonzalez (IC Catholic) D 12-8 Rafael Castrejon (Westmont)

285: Jaylen Torres (St. Francis) F 4:30 Martin Lozano (Elmwood Park)

Mid-Suburban League champion: Hersey

Hersey posted a 266.5-243.5 edge over second-place Prospect to win the MSL team title, sending six wrestlers to the finals and winning three individual titles. Prospect finished with two champs and three runners-up.

Fremd (198) finished third, followed by Schaumburg (182), Barrington (179.5), Conant (140.5), Elk Grove (119), Buffalo Grove (98), Hoffman Estates (88), Rolling Meadows (47), Wheeling (29), and Palatine (14).

Remaining unbeaten on the season and winning regional titles were Schaumburg’s Brady Phelps (33-0 at 113) and Conant’s Ethan Stiles (22-0 at 160). Once-beaten wrestlers and MSL champs included Fremd’s Evan Gosz (33-1 at 126) and Maddox Khalimsky (17-1 at 138), Prospect’s Will Baysingar (41-1 at 132), and Hoffman Estates’ Kehinde Akintunde (14-1 at 285).

MSL championship matches:

106: Danny Lehman (Hersey) D 3-0 Elijah Garza (Prospect)

113 Brady Phelps (Schaumburg) D 7-6 Luis Flores (Conant)

120: Callen Kirchner (Schaumburg) MD 11-3 Esteban Delgado (Hersey)

126: Evan Gosz (Fremd) F 5:19 Rocco Fontela (Schaumburg)

132: Will Baysingar (Prospect) F 2:25 Brady Wright (Barrington)

138: Maddox Khalimsky (Fremd) F 4:36 Rhenzo Augusto (Barrington)

145: Jake Crandall (Fremd) TF 4:27 Jake Hanson (Hersey)

152: Caden Kirchner (Schaumburg) MD 13-4 Damien Puma (Prospect)

160: Ethan Stiles (Conant) INJ  Aaron Hernandez (Hersey)

170: Jonny Fier (Barrington) F 5:09 Michael Matuszak (Prospect)

182: Anthony Cambria (Hersey) SV-1 7-5 Ayden Salley (Barrington)

195: Jaxon Penovich (Prospect) F 0:29 Jared Werner (Fremd)

220: Dylan Berkowitz (Elk Grove) UTB 10-8 Casey Bending (Fremd)

285: Oleg Simikov (Hersey) F 1:14 Kehinde Akintunde (Hoffman Estates)

MSL third-place matches::

106: Neel Talpallikar (Barrington) F 5:08  Austin Phelps (Schaumburg)

113: Abdullokh Khakimov (Hersey) MD 9-1 Jimmy Whitaker (Barrington)

120: Joel Muehlenbeck (Prospect) MD 15-2 Sam Santangelo (Conant)

126: Max Mukhamedaliyev (Hersey) F 2:35 Rodriguez (Buffalo Grove)

132: 3rd Rodrigo Arceo (Hersey) D 5-4 AJ Quevedo (Schaumburg)

138: Giorgio Difalco (Prospect) TF James Shaffer (Hersey)

145:  Gavin Hinkle (Schaumburg) D 4-2 Alex Bootz (Prospect)

152: Parker Sena (Hersey) TF 2:40 over Anthony Macina (Elk Grove)

160: Peter Mondus (Fremd) UTB 3-2 Logan Meyer (Schaumburg)

170: AJ Hernandez (Conant) F 1:37 over Ryan Muslimovic (Fremd)

182: Ali Adel (Fremd) TF 4:30 Benny Schlosser (Elk Grove)

195: Josh Ellery (Hoffman Estates) F 1:51 Max Bradford (Barrington)

220: Harley Stary (Conant) D 4-2 Conor Mitchell (Prospect)

285: Mike Milovich (Elk Grove) F 2:22 Clarence Jackson (Barrington)

Upstate Eight Conference champion: South Elgin

South Elgin cruised to the team title at this year’s UEC tournament at East Aurora, posting 250.5 points to second-place Glenbard East’s 194 points. West Chicago (193) finished in third, one point behind Glenbard East.

South Elgin sent eight wrestlers to the finals and won four individual titles, to go with two third-place finishes. Glenbard East had two champions and three second-place finishers.

East Aurora (135) placed fourth, followed by Bartlett (112.5), Fenton (96), Elgin (93), Glenbard South (85), Elgin (75), and Streamwood (75).

UEC championship matches:

106: Demetrios Carrera (South Elgin) F 2:27 Emma Engels (Bartlett)

113: Julius Avendano (Elgin) D 11-5 Ryan Alvarado (West Chicago)

120: Ismael Chaidez (Glenbard East) F 3:59 Aidan Vasquez (South Elgin)

126: Connor Zentner (West Chicago) D 10-3 Jacobi Moore (Glenbard East)

132: Andre Rios (South Elgin) F 4:48 Donovan Avila (West Chicago)

138: Leo Rosas (South Elgin) D 8-4 Will Schultz (Lombard (Glenbard East)

145: Nico Clinite (South Elgin) INJ Santino Milazzo (West Chicago)

152: David Miranda (Larkin) D 9-4 Juan Cortes (Streamwood)

160: Jovany Zuniga (Fenton) F 1:13 Yazdan Alifov (Glenbard South)

170: Fabian Ramirez (Elgin) F 2:55 Ryan Gura (Bartlett)

182: Blake Salvino (Glenbard East) F 1:59 Josh Taylor (South Elgin)

195: Jace Wolf (Streamwood) F 4:33 Danny Viscuso (South Elgin)

220: Bryan Romero (East Aurora) F 2:56 Billy Clayton (Glenbard East)

285: Adam Lambaz (Elgin) F 1:13 Tommy Roath (South Elgin)

UEC 3rd-place matches:

106: Jonathan Antonio (West Chicago) D 1-0 Ruben Campuzano (Elgin)

113: Waleed Binmahfouz (Glenbard East) F 3:30 Max McCann (Bartlett)

120: Joey Capato (Bartlett) MD 19-5 Leo Cardoza (Aurora (East)
126: Anthony Vasquez (South Elgin) F 3:40 Damari Miller (Larkin)

132: Josh Dickeson (Fenton) F 5:20 Jesus Chaidez (Lombard (Glenbard East)

138: Alberto Bracamontes (Fenton) F 0:52 Scotty Zentner (West Chicago)

145: Noe Resendiz (Aurora (East) OT 10-8 Reid Sebahar (Glenbard South)

152: Gerardo Caudillo (East Aurora) F 0:59 Diego Avalos (West Chicago)

160: Gabriel Hernandez (East Aurora) F 3:07 Zain Yasoob (Bartlett)

170: Mikey Urso (South Elgin) MD 8-0 David Terrazas (West Chicago)

182: Max Dominguez (Streamwood) F 5:00 Hector Flores (Larkin)

195: Gus Winkler (Glenbard East) D 6-3 Austin Platta (Fenton)

220: Omar Sarmiento (West Chicago) D 4-3 Danny Langner (Glenbard South)

285: Alexis Correa (West Chicago) F 1:59 Arnold Walker (Aurora (East)

Girls’ West Suburban Conference champion: Addison Trail

Host Addison Trail sent seven wrestlers to the title mat and got four individual titles in capturing the WSC team crown. The Blazers posted a 176-162 edge over second-place Morton, which had two champions and five second-place finishers.

Glenbard West (127) placed third, followed by Oak Park and River Forest (119), Lyons Township (78), Proviso West (44), Hinsdale Central (41), Downers Grove South (37), Downers Grove North (34), Hinsdale South (24), and Proviso East (12). Neither Leyden nor Willowbrook entered any wrestlers in the tournament.

WSC championship matches:

100: Alycia Perez (Glenbard West) F 1:48 Paris Flores (Morton)

105: Veronica Cosio (Addison Trail) F 1:46 Lluvia Ochoa (Morton)

110: Nina Matthews (Addison Trail) D 11-6 Nayeli Rodriguez (Morton)

115: Lluvia Sanchez (Addison Trail) F 1:05 Sydney Nimsakont (Glenbard West)

120: Monica Garcia (Morton) F 4:52 Brithany Mondragon (Addison Trail)

125: Khatija Ahmed (Glenbard West) F 3:57 Leilany De Leon (Morton)

130: Piper Burke (Glenbard West) F 2:51 Maddie Beltran (Addison Trail)

135: Ruth Castillo (Addison Trail) F 4:23 Lyra Schaafsma (OPRF)

140: Faith Comas (Morton) F 0:31 Marisol Rojas-Serna (Proviso West)

145: Ani Navarro (Glenbard West) F 1:19 Jocelyn Gutierrez (Proviso West)

155: Callie Carr (Hinsdale South) F 0:45 Megan Barajas (OPRF)

170: Gracie Swierczynski (Downers Grove South) F 2:55 Violet Mayo (Morton)

190: Trinity White (OPRF) F 3:20 Elizabeth Villasenor (Addison Trail)

235: Sarah Epshtein (OPRF) D 2-0 Megan O`Toole (Downers Grove North)

WSC 3rd-place matches:

100: No 3rd-place match
105: Emperatriz Montavo (Proviso East) Bye

110: Andrea Munoz (OPRF) F 0:59 F 0:59 Avi Gonzalez (Lyons Township)

115: Anahi Banuelos (Morton) F 4:00 Mayan Alwaeli (OPRF)

120: 3rd Place – Cing Dim of Glenbard West

125: Pearl Lacey (OPRF) F 2:19 Leah Ortiz (Addison Trail)

130: Sophia Turek (Lyons Township) F 0:37 Ren Pang (Hinsdale Central)

135: Juiceylena Roman (Lyons Township) F 1:36 Rocio Carrillo (Morton)

140: Natalia Cruz-Arias (Downers Grove North) F 3:06 Rebekah Castillo (Addison Trail)

145: Naomi Schaller (Hinsdale Central) F 5:04 Mia Santana (Addison Trail)

155: Alex Flores (Lyons Township) F 2:57 Jea Jones (Downers Grove South)

170: Mckensie Ford (Hinsdale Central) D 5-2 Maddy Pieroni (Lyons Township)

190: Ella Rejman (Glenbard West) F 3:08 Vivian Varela (Morton)

235: Michelle Navarrette (Morton) F 5:08 Siena Garcia-Rizzo (Lyons Township)

DuKane Conference champion: St. Charles East

A St. Charles East team ranked second in 3A had eight individual champions and two second-place finishers in out-pointing second-place Glenbard North, 324-224. North had two champions and four second-place finishers on the day at Lake Park in Roselle.

Batavia (178) placed third, followed by Wheaton North (145), Geneva (124), Wheaton Warrenville South (114), Lake Park (89.5), and St. Charles North (87.5).

DuKane Conference championship matches:
106: Dom Munaretto (St. Charles East) TF 1:45 Joey Sikorsky (Geneva)

113: Ino Garcia (Batavia) D 2-0 Kalani Khiev (Glenbard North)

120: AJ Marino (St. Charles East) MD 18-9 Dominic Marre (Glenbard North)

126: Ben Davino (St. Charles East) F 1:31 Aiden Huck (Batavia)

132: Mikey Dibenedetto Jr. (Glenbard North) MD 10-2 Ethan Penzato (St. Charles East)

138: Tyler Guerra (St. Charles East) TF 4:30 Solomon Gilliam (Glenbard North)

145: Jayden Colon (St. Charles East) D 13-7 Cael Andrews (Batavia)

152: Kaden Fetterolf (Batavia) MD 12-0 Gavin Connolly (St. Charles East)

160: Anthony Gutierrez (St. Charles East) F 1:28 Dylan Konkey (Geneva)

170: Sedeeq Al Obaidi (WW South) D 5-3 Mikey Rosch (Wheaton North)

182: Brody Murray (St. Charles East) MD 9-1 Eli Cook (Wheaton North)

195: Drew Surges (St. Charles North) MD 10-0 John Schmidt (Geneva)

220: Blake Maday (Glenbard North) F 5:01 Asher Sheldon (Batavia)

285: Austin Barrett (St. Charles East) F 0:49 Octavio Morales (Glenbard North)

DuKane Conference 3rd-place matches:

106: Bryce Mensik (Lake Park) D 11-5 Chris Gutierrez (Glenbard North)

113: Nick Merola (Lake Park) D 7-2 Wrigley Schroeder (St. Charles East)

120: Jack Duraski (Batavia) MD 11-2  Andrew Wendt (Geneva)

126: JR Leach (Lake Park) F 2:32 Kaden Fisher (Wheaton North)
132: Moses Yanez (Batavia) F 4:58 Cooper Hollis (WW South)

138: Sam Lemp (Wheaton North) D 7-2 Vince Merola (Lake Park)

145: Rylan Kradle (Glenbard North) D 6-2 Charlie Gross (WW South)

152: Maguire Hoeksema (Geneva) F 1:15 John Todd (St. Charles North)

160: Devin Medina (Wheaton North) F 1:24 Tim Francisco (WW South)

170: Lane Robinson (St. Charles East) F 7:53 Johnnie Robertson (Glenbard North)

182: Justin Bland (Glenbard North) D 11-6 Jack Brozny (Batavia)

195: Brandon Swartz (St. Charles East) D 3-1 Ben Brown (Batavia)

220: Christian Wilson (St. Charles East) D 10-5 Joe Pettit (Geneva)

285: Julio Sanchez (St. Charles North) Bye

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