Girls Regional roundups: Erie, Mt. Zion, Frankfort, Shepard and Curie

By Gary Larsen for the IWCOA

Erie Regional

Geneseo led all teams with 205 points at this year’s Erie regional meet, followed by Galesburg (155), Macomb (134), Canton (112), and Erie (99) to round out the top five team finishes.

Geneseo coach Carley Rusk got 12 wrestlers through to the sectional meet, led by a regional champion in Aislan Leetch (235).

Also advancing for Geneseo were Molly Snyder (100), Claire Swanson (105), Lydia King (110), Emily Bopes (120), Bella Curcuru (125), Grace Schilling (130), Gia Ritter (135), Lauren Piquard (140), Madelyn Roberts (145), Mady Mooney (155), and Macy Litherland (170).

“Our coaching staff is incredibly impressed and proud of this group of girls and how they performed,” Rusk said. “Our seniors’ leadership has been amazing this year; Emily, Grace, Madz, Macy, Molly, and Gia, have really shown our underclassmen the expectations of being a Geneseo wrestler. Junior Mady Mooney was also elected a captain and has also helped shape us this year.”

Leetch’s regional title came ahead of schedule by any metric.

“I am incredibly proud of Aislan’s work effort,” Rusk said. “She had never wrestled before this year, and has really taken her role on this team and ran with it.”

Curcuru’s lone loss of the day came in the finals to Illinois’ second-ranked wrestler at 125, Canton’s Kinnley Smith.

“Bella had a nice tournament and got great experience against one of the top wrestlers in the state,” Rusk said. “Our coaching staff expresses the importance of chasing losses throughout the regular season, and we know that running into these top-ranked girls like Smith, (Erie’s Ryleigh) Stephens, and (Freeport’s Cadence) Diduch is beneficial.”

Rusk also applauded freshman Lydia King (110) for her runner-up finish, “and Molly, Lauren, and Claire have their eyes set on sectionals and are working hard to get through to the next round,” Rusk said.

Rusk also wanted to extend her gratitude to her coaching staff and beyond.

“The Geneseo school district and the community has also been amazing through our first year as an official sport at our school,” Rusk said. “Last year, we were only club status and through the support of the school district, our AD Joe Nichols, and of course our very loving community, we were able to become a school sport and able to get these girls to look the part, too, in awesome women’s singlets and warm-ups. Thank you to everyone who helped, all of that plays into their success so far — look good, feel good, wrestle good!”

Second-place Galesburg advanced eight to the sectional, with a pair of regional champs in Eliana Juarez (115) and Annalisa Gibbons (140). Third-place Macomb sent seven to the sectional meet, led by regional champion Sifa Feruzi (170).

Other regional champions at Erie included Newman Central Catholic’s Blair Grennan (100), LaSalle-Peru’s Kiely Domyancich (105), Erie’s Ryleigh Stephens (110), Jacksonville’s Alexis Seymour (120), Canton’s Kinnley Smith (125) and Katelyn Marvel (145), Central of Camp Point’s Amber Louderback (130), Freeport’s Cadence Diduch (135), Moline’s Maryam Ndiaye (155), and United of East Moline’s Afi Koumasse (190).

The top six wrestlers in each weight class advance to the Geneseo sectional on Feb. 9-10.

Erie Regional championship match results:

100 – Blair Grennan (Newman) F 1:29 Hannah Almendarez (Galesburg)

105 – Kiely Domyancich (LaSalle-Peru) F 1:12 Emylee Miller (Galesburg)

110 – Ryleigh Stephens (Erie) D 8-1 Lydia King (Geneseo)

115 – Eliana Juarez (Galesburg) D 9-5 Marijose Avila (Freeport)

120 – Alexis Seymour (Jacksonville) F 3:43 Ryleigh Eriks (Rock Falls)

125 – Kinnley Smith (Canton) F 1:48 Bella Curcuru (Geneseo)

130 – Amber Louderback (Central (Camp Point) D 7-2 Brianna Bynum (Sherrard)

135 – Cadence Diduch (Freeport) F 1:03 Nadia Anderson (Sherrard)

140 – Annalisa Gibbons (Galesburg) D 7-3 Isabella Gibson (Princeton)

145 – Katelyn Marvel (Canton) F 3:45 Kelly Ladd (Macomb)

155 – Maryam Ndiaye (Moline) F 0:31 Ellisa Russell (Rock Falls)

170 – Sifa Feruzi (Macomb) F 0:36 Courtney Walls (Rock Island)

190 – Afi Koumasse (East Moline (United) MD 12-4 Bailey Herr (Putnam County)

235 – Aislan Leetch (Geneseo) F 3:14 Ella Irwin (Putnam County)

3rd Place results:

100 – Molly Snyder (Geneseo) F 0:50 Aurielle Calmese (Freeport)

105 – Jaelin Hawkins (Erie) D 4-0 LT Diephuis (Canton)

110- Camryn Lippens (Fulton) D 4-3 Karley Moore (Jacksonville)

115 -Kaitlyn Knight (Jacksonville) F 1:49 Lucy Mass (Rock Island)

120 – Daisy Gil (Beardstown) F 2:35 Lilyana Malagon (Illinois Valley Central))

125 – Maggie Quinn (Quincy) F 2:21 Alize Gomez (Sterling)

130 – Jaelyn Hare (East Moline (United)) F 3:09 Grace Schilling (Geneseo)

135 – Gia Ritter (Geneseo) F 0:53 Dena Cox (Erie)

140 – Jayda Rosenow (Erie) F 4:30 Dru Hyde (Macomb)

145 – Sanaa Hampton (Rock Island) F 1:10 Madelynn Roberts (Geneseo)

155 – Mikeala Mwangong (Macomb) D 1-0 Mady Mooney (Geneseo)

170 – Macy Litherland (Geneseo) F 1:30 Emmie Waller (Canton)

190 – Patience Riggs (ROWVA) F 4:00 Isabella Rivera (Galesburg)

235 – Lilliana Burns (Galesburg) F 1:33 Justine Lewis (Macomb)

5th place results:

100 – Aerith Adams (Dunlap) F 0:29 McKenzie Yelm (ROWVA)

105 – Claire Swanson (Geneseo) F 0:22 Autumn Meeks (Metamora)

110 – Sarah Lowery (LaSalle-Peru) F 1:35 Allison Bartell (Kewanee)

115 -Abigail Harris (Princeton) F 3:16 Hailey Lampe (Kewanee)

120 – Emily Bopes (Geneseo) MD 12-2 Esmeralda Martinez (Kewanee)

125 – Emma Duncan (Galena) F 5:13 Jayden Klingenberg (Princeton)

130 – Michelle Naftzger (Erie) F 1:05 Hailey DeWitt (Jacksonville)

135 – Raegen Hansen (Macomb) F 3:35 Amyah Pruitt (Galesburg)

140 – Brooklyn Thoms (Fulton) F 1:26 Lauren Piquard (Geneseo)

145 – Paytyn Dykes (Metamora) F 3:18 Andrea Morales (Galesburg)

155 – Aubrianna Putman (Canton) F 0:27 NaJeyah Wallace (Freeport)

170 – Heather Heider (Princeton) Inj. Rose Jackson (Erie)

190 – Avery Lundgren (Macomb) F 1:12 Lilly Florea (Quincy)

235 – Tori Kness (Oneida (ROWVA)) F 2:58 Emily Sanders (Jacksonville)

Mt. Zion Regional

With all 14 weight classes filled, Richwoods grabbed the team title at Mt. Zion, posting a 204-90.5 advantage over second-place Mahomet-Seymour. Glenwood (80) was third, followed by East Peoria (78) and Springfield (74) in the top five.

Coach Rob Penney’s Lady Knights got individual regional titles from Kaila Williams (140) and Jaida Johnson (155), seconds from Heaven Sewell (105), Isabella Motteler (130), Abby Ochoa (190) and Marley Clark (235), and thirds from Christian Johnson (110) and Sydney Johnson (170).

Jamie Varda (120) placed third for Richwoods, which also got a fourth from Aaneshia Duffin (135) and fifths from Aliyah Cockfield (125) and Esther David (145).

“The team has been putting in hard work for a long time,” Penney said. “Most of them practice in the offseason to work on techniques and mat strategies. They’ve earned their success. I’m very proud of our team. They’re good individuals that make our community better.”

Mahomet-Seymour got regional titles from Isabelle Leyhe (120) and Jaycee Fancher (125), and third-place Glenwood got a regional title from Kadi Wilbern (100).

Other individual regional champions at Mt. Zion were Pekin’s Tessa Donaldson (105), Monticello’s Marissa Miller (110), Mt. Zion’s Sydney Cannon (115), Morton’s Karen Canchola (130), Olympia’s Jordan Bicknell (135), East Peoria’s Dezyrae Murray (145), Notre Dame’s Autumne Williams (170), Urbana’s Jurdan Tyler (190), and Unity’s Phoenix Molina (235).

The top six wrestlers in each weight class advanced to the Richwoods sectional on Feb. 9-10.

Mt. Zion regional championship match results:

100 – Kadi Wilbern (Glenwood) F 2:10 Justice Milligan (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley)

105 – Tessa Donaldson (Pekin) F 0:56 Heaven Sewell (Richwoods)

110 – Marrissa Miller (Monticello) OT Kennedy McMenimen (East Peoria)

115 – Sydney Cannon (Mt. Zion) F 1:19 Ella Miloncus (Springfield)

120 – Isabelle Leyhe (Mahomet-Seymour) F 1:50 Morgan Krone-Smallhorn (Charleston)

125 – Jaycee Fancher (Mahomet-Seymour) F Anna Miloncus (Springfield)

130 – Karen Canchola (Morton) D 3-0 Isabella Motteler (Richwoods)

135 – Jordan Bicknell (Olympia) D 11-7 Jenna Tuxhorn (Glenwood)

140 – Kaila Williams (Richwoods) F 5:05 Taylor Owens (Oakwood)

145 – Dezyrae Murray (East Peoria) F 3:20 Jadyn Perry (Auburn)

155 – Jaida Johnson (Richwoods) F 1:03 Gabbie Collins (Paris)

170 – Autumne Williams (Notre Dame) F 1:03 Heaven Workman (Auburn)

190 – Jurdan Tyler (Urbana) fft. Abby Ochoa (Peoria (Richwoods)

235 – Phoenix Molina (Unity) F 1:28 Marley Clark (Richwoods)

3rd-place match results:

100 – Mya Downs (Olympia) MD 15-6 Abella Brown (East Peoria)

105 – Bailey Lusch (East Peoria) F 2:40 Anna Muchow (Paris)

110 – Christian Johnson (Richwoods) D 15-13 Ariana Humes (Clinton)

115 – Ava Beldo (Centennial) D 6-2 Jasmine Brown (Auburn)

120 – Reaghan Madura (Springfield) D 6-1 Jamie Varda (Richwoods)

125 – Isabella Resendez (Glenwood) D 4-3 Joi Lord (Clinton)

130 – Londyn Grant (Champaign (Central) F 1:18 Maddie Wells (S.J.-Ogden)

135 – Emerson Barrett (Paris) F 2:50 Lillien Roughton (Unity Christian)

140 – Avery Schlickman (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) F 1:18 Rickasia Ivy (Urbana)

145 – Mackensie Williams (Charleston) F 3:50 Emma Creviston (Unity Christian)

155 – Elise Dozier (Glenwood) F 1:28 Brooklyn Fuller (Mattoon)

170 – Sydney Johnson (Richwoods) D 2-1 Franciana Kalanga (Urbana)

190 – Grace Ribbe (Mahomet-Seymour) F 2:54 Bella Brooks (Deer Creek-M.)

235 – Alexus Dodge (Charleston) F 1:06 Addison Briggs (Westville)

5th-place match results:

100 – Gracie Pattison (Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin) F 0:33 Rebecca Kravetz (Richwoods)

105 – Kate Early (Olympia) BYE

110 – Carly Ho (Rochester) F 3:08 Phoenix Criss (Springfield)

115 – Kalista Granadino (Mahomet-Seymour) F 3:32 Lucie Eisenbarth (Rochester)

120 – Aunaca Wickware (G.C.-Melvin-Sibley) F 1:38 Jade Stevenson (Clinton)

125 – Randi Campe (Urbana) F 5:24 Aliyah Cockfield (Richwoods)

130 – Laney Cook (Westville) F 1:33 Lilly Bay (Washington)

135 – Aaneshia Duffin (Richwoods) F 0:41 Tauhnisjha Hart (Urbana)

140 – Alexia Glover (PORTA) BYE

145 – Emma Shelato (Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin)) D 9-4 Esther David (Richwoods)

155 – Alicia Navarrete (Rantoul) BYE

170 – Emma Shelkey (Paris) F 3:04 Alexis Bow (Clinton)

190 – Aubrey Wilson (Paris) BYE

Frankfort Regional

Edwardsville advanced 12 girls through to the sectional and topped the field with 237 points at Frankfort. Belleville West (103), Collinsville (83), Goreville (82), and Robinson (66) rounded out the top five team finishes.

Tigers coach Jon Wagner sent seven wrestlers to the regional title mat and got an individual regional title from Norah Swaim (120), and runner-up finishes from Genevieve Dykstra (100), Gianna Linhorst (110), Holly Zugmaier (125), Olive Linhorst (130), Lydia Blind (140) and Tayla Phillips (235).

Placing third for Edwardsville and advancing were Olivia Coll (105), Alie Chong (115), and Abbrey DeWerff (155). Victoria White (190) was fifth and Madison Aldrich (135) was sixth for the Tigers.

“The girls did great,” Wagner said. “They came out aggressive and crossed the line. The team showed good depth, placing in the top six in twelve weight classes. We’re looking forward to the sectional coming up in Peoria.”

The top six girls in each weight class advance to the Richwoods sectional Feb. 9-10.

Edwardsville entered 14 wrestlers and Belleville West was second with nine participants. Second-place Belleville West was led by a pair of third-place finishes from Brooklyn Zeller (120) and Ju’Bri Edwards (140), and third-place Collinsville had a regional champion in Taylor Dawson (130).

Others winning individual regional titles at Frankfort were Roxana’s Madelyn Murphy (100), Anna-Jonesboro’s Zoee Sadler (105), Litchfield’s Rilynn Younker (110), Civic Memorial’s Kendal Smith (115), Vandalia’s Sophie Bowers (125) and Brynn Swyers (140), Cumberland’s Natalie Beaumont (125), Goreville’s Alivia Ming (145), Alton’s Elanna Hickman (155), Highland’s August Rottmann (170), Mt. Vernon’s Faith Barret (190), and Robinson’s Rylee Hammond (235).

Vandalia was the lone team with more than one regional champion.

The top six girls in each weight class advance to the Richwoods sectional on Feb. 9-10.

Frankfort regional championship match results:

100 – Madelyn Murphy (Roxana) MD 11-2 Genevieve Dykstra (Edwardsville)

105 – Zoee Sadler (Anna-Jonesboro) F 3:03  F 3:03Alexcia Hardin (Belleville East)

110 – Rilynn Younker (Litchfield) F 0:45 Gianna Linhorst (Edwardsville)

115 – Kendal Smith (Civic Memorial) D 4-3 Aryanna Jones (Alton)

120 – Norah Swaim (Edwardsville) F 3:04 Mia Balota (Benton)

125 – Sophie Bowers (Vandalia) F 0:33 Holly Zugmaier (Edwardsville (H.S.)

130 – Taylor Dawson (Collinsville) F 2:40 Olive Linhorst (Edwardsville)

135 – Natalie Beaumont (Cumberland) F 0:51 Leann Cory (Collinsville)

140 – Brynn Swyers (Vandalia) D 12-7 Lydia Blind (Edwardsville)

145 – Alivia Ming (Goreville) F 0:27 Hannah Mullins (Frankfort)

155 – Elanna Hickman (Alton) D 6-0 Kami Ratcliff (Belleville East)

170 – August Rottmann (Highland) F 1:51 Summer Nichols (Cumberland)

190 – Faith Barret (Mt. Vernon) D 6-0 Maddie Ramaker (Trico)

235 – Rylee Hammond (Robinson) F 5:26 Tayla Phillips (Edwardsville)

3rd-place match results:

100 – Claire Crouch (Triad) F 4:34 Lily Davis (Mt. Vernon)

105 – Olivia Coll (Edwardsville) D 7-3 Nikolette Ronketto (Frankfort)

110 – Delaney Ledbetter (Lawrenceville) F 4:56 Jala Singleton (Belleville (West)

115 – Alie Chong (Edwardsville (H.S.)) 27-12, So. over Halle Smith (Benton) 11-6, Jr. (Dec 3-1)

120 – Brooklyn Zeller (Belleville West) F 3:04 Alauni Muex (Marion)

125 – Avery Smith (Red Bud) F 2:46 Gabriella Mason (Murphysboro)

130 – Samantha Scott (Carlinville) F 3:43 Delaney Griffin (Civic Memorial)

135 – Audrey Barnes (Granite City) F 4:37 Roxie Royster (Murphysboro)

140 – Ju`Bri Edwards (Belleville West) F 0:28 Aubrey Raban (Freeburg)

145 – Rory Speidel (Jersey) F 3:05  Phuong Tran (Alton)

155 – Abbrey DeWerff (Edwardsville) F 3:39 Nina Landmann (Highland)

170 – Hannah Jones (Collinsville) F 5:03 Cynthia Macke (Trico)

190 – Krista McBride (Goreville) F 1:09  Khyiema Poole (Robinson)

235 – Olivia McDermott (Marion) F 2:43 Alexia Di maggio (Highland)

5th-place match results:

100 – Nicole Stanley (Carlinville) BYE

105 – Emma Smith (Red Bud) F 1:44 Abigayle Haller (Breese (Central)

110 – Ma`Kayla Bonner (Granite City) F 1:19 Zoey Nelson (Mascoutah)

115 – Ezri Linnertz (Mascoutah) F 2;52 Greta Motch (Salem)

120 – Deziare Jones (Mt. Vernon) F 0:42 Ayla Rushing (Highland)

125 – Ariel Board (Goreville) F 2:36 Emma Ford (Collinsville)

130 – Joelene Nappier-Feth (Marion) TF 5:31Rachel Richey (Robinson)

135 – Madeleine Moreland (Belleville West) F 0:37 Madison Aldrich (Edwardsville)

140 – Baylee Allshouse (Civic Memorial) F 5:25 Daisjha Cooper (Marion)

145 – Harmony Martin (Triad)  F 1:39 Zoee Dozier (Belleville West)

155 – Derika Gradford (Mt. Vernon) F 2:00 Macee Hammond (Robinson)

170 – Liberty McBride (Goreville) F 0:42 Anna Dodson (Salem)

190 – Victoria White (Edwardsville) F 3:12 Andre`a Kirkpatrick (Belleville West)

235 – Kaitlynn Childers (Frankfort) BYE

Shepard Regional

Andrew and West Aurora slugged it out for top team score at Shepard and when the dust settled it was Andrew that prevailed by a mere 4.5 points, 195.5-191.

Batavia (176.5) finished third in scoring, followed by Lockport (153.5) and Glenbard West )127) to round out the top five finishes.

Andrew had a pair of individual regional champions in Sophia Figueroa (115) and Alyssa Keane (140) and a third-place finish from Emma Akpan (190) to lead the way for the Thunderbolts’ seven sectional qualifiers.

Janae Vargas (170) placed fourth for Andrew, which also got a fifth from Lana Shuaibi (130) and sixths from Emily Alvarez-Rodriguez (135) and Ahlam Mehyar (145).

Second-place West Aurora had a pair of regional champions in Aiyanah Sylvester (120) and Brittney Moran (190), and third-place Batavia got a regional title from returning state champion Sydney Perry (145).

Other individual regional champions at Shepard were Glenbard West’s Alycia Perez (100), Glenbard East’s Nadiia Shykiv (105), Lockport Township’s Morgan Turner (110) and Claudia Heeney (130), Riverside-Brookfield’s Eleanor Aphay (125), Bolingbrook’s Katie Ramirez-Quintero (135), Hinsdale South’s Callie Carr (155), Downers Grove North’s Kayleigh Loo (170), and Oak Park and River Forest’s Sarah Epshtein (235).

The top six girls in each weight class advance to the Schaumburg sectional on Feb. 9-10.

Shepard regional championship match results:

100 – Alycia Perez (Glenbard West) F 5:34 Kameyah Young (West Aurora)

105 – Nadiia Shykiv (Glenbard East) F 3:09 Averi Colella (Lockport)

110 – Morgan Turner (Lockport) F 2:28 Avi Gonzalez (Lyons)

115 – Sophia Figueroa (Andrew) F 4:45 Uliana Shevtsova (Metea Valley)

120 – Aiyanah Sylvester (West Aurora) F 0:27 Ellen Purl (Naperville Central)

125 – Eleanor Aphay (Riverside-Brookfield) F 5:15 Dezi Azar (Naperville Central)

130 – Claudia Heeney (Lockport) F 2:37 Kaila Stubbs (Glenbard East)

135 – Katie Ramirez-Quintero (Bolingbrook) F 3:16 Rose Craig (Elmwood Park)

140 – Alyssa Keane (Andrew) F 2:45 Alison Garcia (Downers Grove South)

145 – Sydney Perry (Batavia) F 2:58 Natalia Cruz (Downers Grove North)

155 – Callie Carr (Hinsdale South) D 5-2 Ionicca Rivera (West Aurora)

170 – Kayleigh Loo (Downers Grove (North) F 3:33 Haley Arechiga (Proviso East)

190 – Brittney Moran (West Aurora) F 1:14 Jayden Huesca (West Chicago)

235 – Sarah Epshtein (OPRF) F 0:51 Rebekah Ramirez (Lockport)

3rd-place results:

100 – Kat Bell (Montini)  F 2:53 LIly Enos (Batavia)

105 – Josefina Orozco (Romeoville) D 6-4 Andrea Jaimes-Alvarez (WW South)

110 – Alejandra Flores (Bolingbrook) D 6-5 Valentina Fantoni (Glenbard West)

115 – Karolina Konopka (Glenbard West) F 2:43 Veronika Arabova (Neuqua Valley)

120 – Natalie Lenart (Batavia) D 5-4 Molly O`Connor (Lemont)

125 – Zoe Connelly (Lyons) F 5:09 Tierra Hardin (Proviso West)

130 -Stacey Massey (Shepard) F 0:19 Tiyanna Hart (Hinsdale Central)

135 – Amelia Howell (Batavia) F 3:13 Jenny Espinal (West Chicago)

140 – Viktoriia Rodnikova (North) F 4:36 Danely Villagomez (Riverside-Brookfield)

145 – Makayla Hill (Oswego) F 2:15 Sofia Arain (Hinsdale Central)

155 – Sarah Anderson (Batavia) F 5:16 Kiyah Chavez (Oswego)

170 – Caliyah Campbell (OPRF) 14-7, So. over Janae Vargas (Andrew)

190 – Emma Akpan (Andrew) F 3:49 Aurelia Gil-Lane (Bolingbrook)

235 – Megan O`Toole (Downers Grove North) F 3:28 Iana Victory (Wheaton North)

5th-place results:

100 – Zoey Dodgers (Leyden) F 0:25 Daniela Santander (Romeoville)

105 – Keyi Wang (Naperville North) MD 22-9 Valerie Aligia (Glenbard South)

110 – Rebecca DiSilvestro (Geneva) MD 13-3 Frankie Abasta (Riverside-Brookfield)

115 – Star Duncan (Wheaton (WW South) F 2:58 Gracie Meluch (Naperville Central)

120 – Lucy Madrigal (Lockport) fft. Valentina Barboza (East Aurora)

125 – Mila Rocush (Shepard) F 0:46 Elena Raymond (Argo)

130 – Lana Shuaibi (Andrew) D 8-1 Anabelle Guthke (Batavia)

135 – Maria Green (Glenbard East) F 3:50 Emily Alvarez-Rodriquez (Andrew)

140 – Giselle Marin-Carrasco (West Aurora) F 0:16 Norah Stoodley (Batavia)

145 – Rosie Picari (Metea Valley) F 2:21 Ahlam Mehyar (Andrew)

155 – Jea Marie Jones (Downers Grove South)  MFFL Jordan Smith (East Aurora)

170 – Vilte Petreikyte-Zemaitis (Naperville North) MFFL Gracie Swierczynski (Downers Grove S)

190 – Trinity White (OPRF) Inj. Violet Cherep (Downers Grove South)

235 – Sky Vazquez (Elmwood Park) F 0:19 Henessis Villagrana (Romeoville)

Curie Regional

A parade of 12 sectional qualifiers for Oak Forest marched home with top honors at this year’s Curie regional, led by a a pair of regional champions in Maya Coreas Funes (145) and Isabel Peralta (190). Seconds from Iyobosa Odiase (140) and Ryann Reeves (155) and a perfect 4-for-4 finish on the third-place mat from Marjorie Rodriguez (115), Charlotte Pedroza (120), Camila O’Leary Salas (125), and Jessica Komolafe (235) gave Oak Forest coach John Sebek seven wrestlers finishing in the top four of their weight classes.

Aliyah Blound (100) and Madelyn Sears (135) finished fourth for the Bengals, and Alex Sebek (105) and Jordan Clyne (130) placed fifth in advancing.

Morton (182) finished second, Homewood-Flossmoor (162), Thornton (139) and Thornton-Fractional South (113) rounded out the top five team finishes.

Second-place Morton had a pair of individual regional champions in Monica Garcia (120) and Faith Comas (135), and third-place Homewood-Flossmoor got regional titles from London Gandy (105) and Nina Hamm (115).

Also winning individual regional championships were De La Salle’s Anapaula Cerna (100), Thornton’s Gymaria Brown (110) and Keyhanna Phillips (170), Chicago Military Academy-Bronzeville’s Tyhesia Goss (125), Tinley Park’s Simone Standifer (130), St. Ignatius’ GG Garduno (140), Oak Lawn’s Charvelle McCLain (155), and host Curie’s Aaliyah Grandberry (235).

The top six girls in each weight class advance to the Evanston sectional on Feb. 9-10.

Curie regional championship match results:

100 – Anapaula Cerna (De La Salle) F 1:14 Evelin Martinez (Curie)

105 – London Gandy (Homewood-Flossmoor) D 6-5  Hope Donnamario (Morton)

110 – Gymaria Brown (Thornton) F 5:52 Courben Session (Rich Township)

115 – Nina Hamm (Homewood-Flossmoor) F 0:53 Jaqueline Dimas (Kelly)

120 – Monica Garcia (Morton) F 2:43 Iliana Heredia (De La Salle)

125 – Tyhesia Goss (C. Military Academy-Bronzeville) F 1:54 Makayla Marr (H-Flossmoor)

130 – Simone Standifer (Tinley Park) TB-7-5 Quincy Onyiaorah (Lansing (T-F South)

135 – Faith Comas (Morton) F 1:11 Christiara Finley (Hillcrest)

140 – GG Garduno (St. Ignatius) F 1:46 Iyobosa Odiase (Oak Forest)

145 – Maya Coreas Funes (Oak Forest) F 3:00 Abigail Dominguez (Back of the Yards)

155 – Charvelle McClain (Oak Lawn) F 3:37 Ryann Reeves (Oak Forest)

170 – Keyhanna Phillips (Thornton) F 1:19 Violet Mayo (Morton)

190 – Isabel Peralta (Oak Forest) F 1:08 Reyna Padilla (Reavis)

235 – Aaliyah Grandberry (Curie) fft. Jocelyn Williams (Homewood-Flossmoor)

3rd-place match results:

100 – Faythe Robinson (Homewood-Flossmoor) DQ Melany Corona (C. Military Academy-Bronzeville)

105 – Ariel Woodfin (Harvey (Thornton) F 1:54 Carmen Jackson (C. Agricultural Science)

110 – Giselle Arambula (Curie) F 4:00 Hida Thomas (Back of the Yards)

115 – Marjorie Rodriguez (Oak Forest) F 4:32 Jayden Melendez (Tinley Park)

120 – Charlotte Pedroza (Oak Forest) F 4:52 Ava Enright (Marist)

125 – Camila O`Leary Salas (Oak Forest) TF 6:35 Nayeli Rodriguez (Morton)

130 – Jalah Wilson (Thornton) F 1:40 Yesenia De Paz (Back of the Yards)

135 – Maggie Zuber (Mother McAuley) MD 13-5 Jermia Moore (T-F South)

140 – Akayla Coopwood (T-F South) F 0:43 Leylani Bahena (Kelly)

145 – Hailey Zamot (Rich Township) F 0:11 Jocelyn Diaz (Reavis)

155 – Lilly Fish (Reavis) F 5:30 Daiana Lopez (Curie)

170 – Estrella Ramirez (Reavis) F 3:13 Liana Andrade (Kelly)

190 – Nadia Johnson (C. South Shore Int’l. College Prep) D 8-4 N`dyia Mahon-Godfrey (Kelly)

235 – Jessica Komolafe (Oak Forest) F 1:21 Sionna Stampley (Thornton)

5th-place match results:

100 – Aliyah Blount (Oak Forest) D 8-2 Anahi Ceja (Morton)

105 – Dakota Kelly (T-F South)  med. fft. Alexandra Sebek (Oak Forest)

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