South/Southwest Suburban Conferences roundup for Jan. 21

By Curt Herron

Minooka’s girls claim top honors in Southwest Prairie Conference Tournament

Minooka had six champions and six runners-up to help it capture the championship of the Southwest Prairie Conference Tournament with 242 points while Joliet Township took second place with 188.5 points. West Aurora (79), Yorkville (79), Romeoville (68) and Plainfield South (65) were next in line in the 11-team competition that took place in Yorkville.

Leading coach Paige Schoolman’s champion Indians were title winners Sabina Charlebois (120), Sophia Rausa (125), Eva Beck (135), Bella Cyrkiel (140), Dylanie Cecala (145) and Peyton Kueltzo (235) while Brooklyn Doti (105), Holli Coughlen (110), Lexi Lakota (135), Hayla Hammer (140), Abbey Boersma (155) and Jaiden Moody (190) took second. Ava Staley (115), Makenna Carlin (135) and Sydney Ray (170) took third place while Kira Cailteux (130) finished fourth.

Here are some comments from four of Minooka’s champions.

“I thought I did welI,” Charlebois said, :I still have lots to improve on in the next few weeks for sectionals and state but I’m happy with my results. Being consistent every day at practice and finding with different partners and different feels really prepared me for this weekend.” 

“I thought I wrestled pretty well and stayed in good position,” Rausa said. “Before my matches I would lock in and focus on what I would need to get done. The team energy gets me in the right mindset and helps motivate me to do my best. When I’m wrestling and I hear my teammates and coaches cheering for me it helps me to push harder during my matches. Also I just really didn’t want to lose.”

“I feel I wrestled good on Saturday with strength and determination to finish the tournament with a SPC championship,” Cecala said. “This success that I got this weekend does not mean much though. There still is technique that I need to work on. I can always improve and I am looking forward to keep learning and getting myself ready for sectionals in a few weeks. What helped me accomplish what I did this weekend was definitely my teammates and coaches for reminding me what I am capable of and going for what I want.”

“Credit goes to my amazing coaches and practice partners who are  always willing to push me and work with me,” Kueltzo said. 

Top performers for coach Liz Short’s Joliet Township co-op squad (Joliet Central and West) were champions Kassie Ruiz (100), Chloe Wong (105), Emma Schlismann (110), Eliana Paramo (115) and Ana Franco (130) while Ariadna Arconierga (100), Itsel Vivanco (120), Alexandra Rosas (125), Izabel Becerra (130), Nydia Martinez (170) and Mayra Vincencio Ramos (235) took second place. Elizabeth Arteaga (145) was third and Wonderful Naw (155) took fourth.

Also winning SPC championships were West Aurora’s Ionicca Rivera (170) and Brittney Moran (190) and Plainfield Central’s Alicia Tucker (155). Others who took second place were Romeoville’s Brianna Garcia (115) and Plainfield East’s Kaitlyn Bucholz (145).

SPC champions and runners-up with the best records are Paramo (26-2, .929), Tucker (26-2, .929), Wong (26-3, .897), Rivera (20-3, .870), Moran (17-3, .850) and Cyrkiel (21-4, .840). Tucker led in team points with 26 while eight tied for second place  with 24 points. They were Cecala, Charlebois, Cyrkiel, Moran, Paramo, Rausa, Rivera and Ruiz while Wong had 23.5 points.”We are excited to be in a position to be able to win the first official SPC Girls Varsity Wrestling Tournament,” Schoolman said. “Lots of credit needs to go out to Liz Short of Joliet Township, who has been the flagbearer for girls wrestling in our conference and our state. Kudos to our coaching staff (Jon Calder, Jeff Charlebois and Joe Cecala) for spending the time over the last three months to get our girls prepared for this weekend. 

The girls that competed today are an amazing group of smart, athletic, and competitive girls. Most of them had never put on wrestling shoes before November. They are proof that girls wrestling provides amazing opportunities for girls that are competitive, self-driven, and coachable. The girls that have shown up to our room every day, listened to the coaching and work hard to make each other better, are the ones we are seeing have success.  We can’t wait to see how much improvement will happen for our team and individuals over the next three to five weeks.”

Southwest Prairie Conference Girls Championship Matches

100 – Kassie Ruiz (Joliet Township) F 1:09 Ariadna Arconiega (Joliet Township)

105 – Chloe Wong (Joliet Township) F 2:41 Brooklyn Doti (Minooka)

110 – Emma Schlismann (Joliet Township) D 3-1 Holli Coughlen (Minooka)

115 – Eliana Paramo (Joliet Township) F 0:56 Brianna Garcia (Romeoville)

120 – Sabina Charlebois (Minooka) F 5:40 Itsel Vivanco (Joliet Township)

125 – Sophia Rausa (Minooka) F 2:47 Alexandra Rosas (Joliet Township)

130 – Ana Franco (Joliet Township) D 16-11 Izabel Becerra (JJoliet Township)

135 – Eva Beck (Minooka) D 11-6 Lexi Lakota (Minooka)

140 – Bella Cyrkiel (Minooka) F 1:37 Hayla Hammer (Minooka)

145 – Dylanie Cecala (Minooka) F 2:33 Kaitlyn Bucholz (Plainfield East)

155 – Alicia Tucker (Plainfield Central) F 4:44 Abbey Boersma (Minooka)

170 – Ionicca Rivera (West Aurora) F 2:18 Nydia Martinez (Joliet Township)

190 – Brittney Moran (West Aurora) F 1:42 Jaiden Moody (Minooka)

235 – Peyton Kueltzo (Minooka) F 0:57 Mayra Vincencio Ramos (Joliet Township)

Southwest Prairie Conference Girls Third-Place Matches

100 – Daniela Santander (Romeoville) F 5:51 Kayleigh Shannon (Yorkville)

105 – Josefina Orozco (Romeoville) F 5:23 Aliyaah Campos (Plainfield South)

110 – Courtni Chuway (Plainfield Central) F 2:21 Jesslynne Ochoa (Romeoville)

115 – Ava Staley (Minooka) F 4:35 Gabi Mardula (Plainfield South)

120 – Rachel Lopez (West Aurora) F 2:32 Meryn Finnegan (Plainfield North)

125 – Brooke Coy (Yorkville) F 3:03 Justiss Silas (Yorkville)

130 – Athena Westphal (Yorkville) F 3:01 Kira Cailteux (Minooka)

135 – Makenna Carlin (Minooka) F 1:19 Tannon Whitaker (Plainfield South)

140 – Giselle Marin-Carrasco (West Aurora) MD 12-1 Fiona Sulo (Plainfield North)

145 – Elizabeth Arteaga (Joliet Township) F 1:25 Kaitlynn Valencia (Oswego)

155 – Teagan Aurich (Plainfield South) F 3:12 Wonderful Naw (Joliet Township)

170 – Sydney Ray (Minooka) F 0:33 Janiah Murray (Yorkville)

190 – Keira Enright (Plainfield South) F 1:39 Zyon Jordan (Plainfield Central)

Oak Forest edges Lemont for South Suburban Conference title

There wasn’t much separating Oak Forest and Lemont at the South Suburban Conference Tournament and when the final match ended, the Bengals led 180-177 over Lemont to capture the title of the 14-team event that took place in Summit despite winning just one title while Lemont won six. Evergreen Park (123), Richards (107), Bremen (99), Oak Lawn (62) and Reavis (60.5) rounded out the top half of the field.

Leading the way for the coach Shawn Forst’s champion Bengals were title winner Caden Muselman (132) and second-place finishers Hunter Hale (138), Hunter Daniel (145), Steve Strelow (152), Jackson Castaneda (160), Max Corral (170) and Joe Castaneda (182) took second place. Alex Sebek (106) and Austin Perez (126) took third while Keshon Johnson (195), Adam Richter (220) and Tim Marusarz (285) finished fourth.

Turning in top performances for coach Erik Murry’s runner-up Lemont team were champions Cory Zator (113), Carter Mikolajczak (126), Sammy Schuit (138), Johnny O’Connor (145), Noah O’Connor (152) and Nathan Wrublik (195). Alex Pasquale (285) placed second while Matteo Vitro (106) and Jullian Vallianatos (120) claimed fourth place.

Other SSC champions were Bremen’s Morgan Turner (106), Nore’ Turner (120) and Alex Jackson (220), Richards’ Mike Taheny (160), Evergreen Park’s Aseal Rubalcava (170), Oak Lawn’s Hani Odeh (182) and Thornton  Fractional South’s Cortez Jones (285).

Also finishing in second place were Evergreen Park’s Johan Bonilla (106), Nolan Rinearson (195) and Eduardo Antunez (220), Bremen’s Elijah Wofford (113), Oak Lawn’s Eduardo Nunez (120), Richards’ Muath Jiliani (126) and Hillcrest’s Jovan Williams (132).

Top records of SSC finalists are Jackson (26-0, 1.000), Rubalcava (27-1, .964), Nore’ Turner (24-1, .960), Wofford (20-1, .952), Morgan Turner (24-2, .923), Wrublik (21-2, .913), Muselman (27-3, .900), Odeh (26-3, .897) and Taheny (32-4, .889). Four individuals, Jackson, Jones, Mikolajczak and Schuit, tied for first in team points with 24. Odeh had 23 team points while Muselman, O’Connor, Rubalcava, Morgan Turner and Wrublik scored 22 team points.

South Suburban Conference Championship Matches

106 – Morgan Turner (Bremen) F 0:48 Johan Bonilla (Evergreen Park)

113 – Cody Zator (Lemont) D 2-1 Elijiah Wofford (Bremen)

120 – Nore’ Turner (Bremen) D 5-1 Eduardo Nunez (Oak Lawn)

126 – Carter Mikolajczak (Lemont) F 0:26 Muath Jilani (Richards)

132 – Caden Musselman (Oak Forest) D 6-1 Jovan Williams (Hillcrest)

138 – Sammy Schuit (Lemont) F 3:13 Hunter Hale (Oak Forest)

145 – Johnny O’Connor (Lemont) D 4-1 Hunter Daniel (Oak Forest)

152 – Noah O’Connor (Lemont) MD 14-0 Steve Strelow (Oak Forest)

160 – Mike Taheny (Richards) D 8-7 Jackson Castaneda (Oak Forest)

170 – Aseal Rubalcava (Evergreen Park) D 6-2 Max Corral (Oak Forest)

182 – Hani Odeh (Oak Lawn) MD 11-2 Joe Castaneda (Oak Forest)

195 – Nathan Wrublik (Lemont) F 0:34 Nolan Rinearson (Evergreen Park)

220 – Alex Jackson (Bremen) F 1:43 Eduardo Antunez (Evergreen Park)

285 – Cortez Jones (Thornton Fractional South) F 1:23 Alex Pasquale (Lemont)

South Suburban Conference Third-Place Matches

106 – Alex Sebek (Oak Forest) F 1:48 Matteo Vitro (Lemont)

113 – Zack Koschnitzki (Reavis)  F 1:39 Juan Villa (Argo)

120 – Chance Woods (Evergreen Park) UTB 6-6 Jullian Vallianatos (Lemont)

126 – Austin Perez (Oak Forest) Inj. Trayvonne Roberts (Thornton Fractional South)

132 – Luke Kawa (Richards) F 5:04 Ahmad Suleiman (Reavis)

138 – Dom Paul (Richards) MD 13-3 Andrew Koepke (Tinley Park)

145 – Xavier Lara (Richards) D 9-4 Ryan Serna (Evergreen Park)

152 – Latrelle Hall (Hillcrest) MD 18-6 David Johnson (Evergreen Park)

160 – Isaac Barba (Oak Lawn) D 2-1 Alberto Esparza (Eisenhower)

170 – Ayman Husein (Shepard) F 5:14 Anas Everett (Reavis)

182 – Genesis Ward (Evergreen Park) D 3-1 Hiawatha Owens (Thornton Fractional South)

195 – Terry Ferguson (Reavis) TF 5:42 Keshon Johnson (Oak Forest)

220 – Adnan Abuzir (Richards) F 3:20 Adam Richter (Oak Forest)

285 – Eric Perez-Nava (Bremen) F 4:45 Tim Marusarz (Oak Forest)

Yorkville boys capture first place in Southwest Prairie Conference Tournament

Yorkville had four champions and three second-place finishers  to help it capture the title of the  Southwest Prairie Conference Tournament with 471 points while West Aurora took second with 416 points. Oswego (375), Joliet West (355), Plainfield South (349.5) and Plainfield North (338.5) rounded out the top half of the 12-team event, that took place in Yorkville.

Winning titles for coach Jake Oster’s champion Foxes were Jack Ferguson (132), Dom Coronado (138), Luke Zook (170) and Ben Alvarez (220) while Dominic Recchia (126), Ryder Janeczko (145) and Colten Stevens (182) placed second. Liam Fenoglio (106) was third and Hunter Janeczko (195) finished fourth.

Leading the way for coach Andrew Plata’s second-place Blackhawks were title winners Robby Wyland (113), Dom Serio (145) and Noah Quintana (160) while Jesse Clayton (132), Francisco Solis (170) and Tyler Johnston (285) took second place. Dayne Serio (138) finished in third place while Aiden Massaro (126) placed fourth.

Other SPC champs were Joliet West’s Carson Weber (126) and Wyatt Schmitt (285), Plainfield North’s Maddox Garbis (106), Romeoville’s Brian Farley (120), Minooka’s Elijah Munoz (152), Plainfield Central’s Max Bowen (182) and Plainfield South’s Matthew Janiak (195).

Also claiming second place were Oswego’s Jonny Theodor (106) and Cruz Ibarra (195), Plainfield North’s Anthony Gulino (160) and Leonardo Tovar (220), Plainfield South’s Rudy Silva (113), Plainfield East’s Aidan Villar (120), Minooka’s Dominic Schiavone (138) and Oswego East’s Noah Demarco (152).

Top records of SPC finalists are Garbis (31-1, .969), Schmitt (30-1, .968), Serio (28-1, .966), Weber (27-2, .931), Bowen (22-2, .917), Wyland (31-3, .912), Quintana (33-4, .892) and Munoz (23-3, .885). Alvarez led all competitors with 50 team points while Garbis and Weber were just behind with 49.5 points and Dom Serio had 48.5 team points. Bowen, Coronado, Munoz and Schmitt all had 48 team points while Wyland scored 47.5 and Janiak had 47 team points.

Southwest Prairie Conference Championship Matches

106 – Maddox Garbis (Plainfield North) F 4:00 Jonny Theodor (Oswego)

113 – Robby Wyland (West Aurora) D 5-2 Rudy Silva (Plainfield South)

120 – Brian Farley (Romeoville) MD 13-4 Aidan Villar (Plainfield East)

126 – Carson Weber (Joliet West) TF 4:07 Dominic Recchia (Yorkville)

132 – Jack Ferguson (Yorkville) D 16-10 Jesse Clayton (West Aurora)

138 – Dom Coronado (Yorkville) MD 9-1 Dominic Schiavone (Minooka)

145 – Dom Serio (West Aurora) MD 14-4 Ryder Janeczko (Yorkville)

152 – Elijah Munoz (Minooka) F 2:26 Noah Demarco (Oswego East)

160 – Noah Quintana (West Aurora) D 8-5 Anthony Gulino (Plainfield North)

170 – Luke Zook (Yorkville) MD 9-1 Francisco Solis (West Aurora)

182 – Max Bowen (Plainfield Central) D 4-2 Colten Stevens (Yorkville)

195 – Matthew Janiak (Plainfield South) D 3-2 Cruz Ibarra (Oswego)

220 – Ben Alvarez (Yorkville) Inj Leonardo Tovar (Plainfield North)

285 – Wyatt Schmitt (Joliet West) D 4-0 Tyler Johnston (West Aurora)

Southwest Prairie Conference Third-Place Matches

106 – Liam Fenoglio (Yorkville) F 2:16 Savion Essiet (Romeoville)

113 – Lou DelPage (Plainfield North) D 11-8 Peter Dallas (Joliet West)

120 – Damien Flores (Minooka) TF Alex Fernandez (Joliet Central)

126 – Brayden Swanson (Oswego) TF Aiden Massaro (West Aurora)

132 – Cole Stonisch (Minooka) D 1-0 Aiden Rudman (Plainfield Central)

138 – Dayne Serio (West Aurora) MD 15-6 Jorge Robles (Joliet Central)

145 – Austin Perella (Joliet West) D 6-3 Jack Tota (Plainfield North)

152 – Niko Duggan (Plainfield East) MD 12-4 Colin O’Grady (Oswego)

160 – Joey Griffin (Oswego) F 1:10 Jerry Nino (Plainfield East)

170 – Mason Gougis (Romeoville) F 1:40 Dylan Crawford (Oswego East)

182 – Manny Howard (Oswego East) F 1:48 Christian Sticklen (Joliet West)

195 – Jovon Johnson (Joliet West) Inj Hunter Janeczko (Yorkville)

220 – Sam Guzman (Plainfield South) F 4:47 Josh Edwards (Oswego East)

285 – Bradley Etolue (Plainfield North) D 7-4 Logan Fenoglio (Yorkville)

Coal City has eight champions, rolls to Illinois Central Eight title

Coal City had eight champions, 11 finalists and placed fourth or better at each weight to easily capture  top honors in the Illinois Central Eight Conference Tournament with 250.5 points while Reed-Custer took second with 121.5 points. Lisle (112) and Peotone (88) were next in line in the eight-team competition that was held in Wilmington.

Leading the way for coach Mark Masters’ champion Coalers, who are the top-ranked team in Class 1A, were title winners Culan Lindemuth (106), Brody Widlowski (113), Aidan Kenney (120), Brant Widlowski (138), Mataeo Blessing (145), Derek Carlson (170), Joey Breneman (182) and Braiden Young (195). Placing second were Brock Finch (126), Jack Poyner (160) and Drake Dearth (220) while Evan Greggain (132) and Tyler Porth (285) took third and Zakk Kramer (152) finished fourth.

Top performers for coach Yale Davis’ second-place Comets were champions Kody Marschner (220) and Gunnar Berg (285) and runner-up Rex Pfeifer (170). Taking third place were Jayden Sanchez (113), Kris Budick (126), Jeremy Eggleston (138) and Dominic Alaimo (182) while Max Lichaj (120) took fourth place.

Other ICE champions were Peotone’s Micah Spinazzola (126) and Santino Izzi (132), Herscher’s Payden Strahan (152) and Manteno’s Carter Watkins (160).

Lisle had five second-place finishers, Ryan Hsu (106), Alexander Ferari (120), Norbert Guzik (138), Bradley Kohnen (182) and Joe Raineri (195). Also claiming second place were Wilmington’s Landon Dooley (113), Matt Swisher (152) and Brody Benson (285), Herscher’s Gerrit Osenga (132) and Peotone’s Ian Kreske (145).

Best records for finalists are Young (31-1, .969), Brody Widlowski (29-1, .967), Marschner (26-1, .963), Brant Widlowski (16-1, .941), Berg (30-2, .938) and Blessing (34-3, .919). Seven individuals tied for the most team points with 24, They were Berg, Breneman, Izzi, Lindemuth, Marschner, Strahan and Brant Widlowski while Young was next with 23.5 team points. 

Illinois Central Eight Conference Championship Matches

106 – Culan Lindemuth (Coal City) F 2:46 Ryan Hsu (Lisle)

113 – Brody Widlowski (Coal City) D 13-8 Landon Dooley (Wilmington)

120 – Aidan Kenney (Coal City) D 7-2 Alexander Ferari (Lisle)

126 – Micah Spinazzola (Peotone) D 2-1 Brock Smith (Coal City)

132 – Santino Izzi (Peotone) F 4:48 Gerit Osenga (Herscher)

138 – Brant Widlowski (Coal City) F 4:46 Norbert Guzik (Lisle)

145 – Mataeo Blessing (Coal City) MD 11-3 Ian Kreske (Peotone)

152 – Payden Strahan (Herscher) F 4:43 Matt Swisher (Wilmington)

160 – Carter Watlins (Manteno) D 7-6 Jack Poyner (Coal City)

170 – Derek Carlson (Coal City) D 5-1 Rex Pfeifer (Reed-Custer)

182 – Joey Breneman (Coal City) F 1:41 Bradley Kohnen (Lisle)

195 – Braiden Young (Coal City) TF 4:34 Joe Raineri (Lisle)

220 – Kody Marschner (Reed-Custer) F 0:30 Drake Dearth (Coal City)

285 – Gunnar Berg (Reed-Custer) F 1:13 Brody Benson (Wilmington)

Illinois Central Eighth Third-Place Matches

106 – Nicholas Pollett (Streator) F 1:58 Judith Gamboa (Reed-Custer)

113 – Jayden Sanchez (Reed-Custer) Bye

120 – Jesus Martinez (Streator) F 2:36 Max Lichaj (Reed-Custer)

126 – Kris Budick (Reed-Custer) F 3:34 Bryse Astle (Herscher)

132 – Evan Greggain (Coal City) D 4-3 Nolan Kelly (Lisle)

138 – Jeremy Eggleston (Reed-Custer) F 1:15 Laith Abunijmeh (Peotone)

145 – Morgan Tremmel (Lisle) Bye

152 – Steven Goplin (Streator) F 5:58 Zakk Kramer (Coal City)

160 – David Skonieczny (Lisle) Bye

170 – Jackson Bergeron (Peotone) F 3:50 Logan VanDuyne (Wilmington)

182 – Dominic Alaimo (Reed-Custer) TF 4:00 Quintin Strahan (Herscher)

195 – Hunter Hayes (Wilmington) F 3:12 Gavin Collins (Herscher)

220 – Muhammad Hassan (Lisle) F 1:44 Aydan Radke (Streator)

285 – Tyler Porth (Coal City) F 4:59 Tate White (Herscher)

Rochelle wins top honors at Interstate Eight Conference Championships

Rochelle had four four champions and four second-place finishers to help it claim the title at the Interstate Eight Conference Championships. The Hubs scored 217.5 points while host Sycamore placed second with 190 points. Kaneland (168), Ottawa Township (123) and Morris (117) were next in line in the eight-team competition that took place in Sycamore.

Top performers for coach Alphonso Vruno’s champion Hubs were title winners Tommy Tourdot (113), Joseph Nadig (126), Brendan Voight (145) and Brock Metzger (182) while Xavier Villalobos (120), Frank Nasca (132), Grant Gensler (152) and Kaiden Morris (220) took second. Roman Villalobos (170) and Alexander McBride (195) placed third while Keagan Alber (106) finished fourth.

Coach Randy Culton’s second-place Spartans had five champions, Gus Cambier (152), Zack Crawford (160), Cooper Bode (170), Gable Carrick (195) and Lincoln Cooley (285). Tyler Lockhart (113) took second, Michael Olson (106) was third and Thomas Lind (120), Jonathon Buckheister (126) and Tyler Curtis (182) finished fourth.

Other Interstate Eight champions were Kaneland’s Kamron Scholl (120) and Caden Grabowski (132), Ottawa Township’s Ivan Munoz (106), Sandwich’s Miles Corder (138) and LaSalle-Peru’s Connor Lorden (220).

Also claiming second-place finishes were Plano’s Gio Diaz (160), Richie Amakiri (182) and Alex Diaz (285), Morris’ Owen Sater (106) and Tyler Semlar (145), Kaneland’s Alex Gochis (126) and Max Pietak (195), LaSalle-Peru’s Gunnar Skoog (138) and Sandwich’s Bryce Decker (170).

Seven individuals tied for the most team points with 26, Corder, Crawford, Grabowski, Lorden, Metzger, Nadig and Tourdot while Cambier, Cooley and Munoz had 24 team points and Carrick collected 23 team points.

Interstate Eight Conference Championship Matches

106 – Ivan Munoz (Ottawa Township) D 4-0 Owen Sater (Morris)

113 – Tommy Tourdot (Rochelle) F 1:23 Tyler Lockhart (Sycamore)

120 – Kamron Scholl (Kaneland) TB 2-1 Xavier Villalobos (Rochelle)

126 – Joseph Nadig (Rochelle) F 3:19 Alex Gochis (Kaneland)

132 – Caden Grabowski (Kaneland) F 1:30 Frank Nasca (Rochelle)

138 – Miles Corder (Sandwich) F 1:56 Gunnar Skoog (LaSalle-Peru)

145 – Brendan Voight (Rochelle) D 7-2 Tyler Semlar (Morris)

152 – Gus Cambier (Sycamore) D 2-0 Grant Gensler (Rochelle)

160 – Zack Crawford (Sycamore) F 2:57 Gio Diaz (Plano)

170 – Cooper Bode (Sycamore) MD 11-2 Bryce Decker (Sandwich)

182 – Brock Metzger (Rochelle) F 3:56 Richie Amakiri (Plano)

195 – Gable Carrick (Sycamore) MD 12-1 Max Pietak (Kaneland)

220 – Connor Lorden (LaSalle-Peru) F 3:51 Kaiden Morris (Rochelle)

285 – Lincoln Cooley (Sycamore ) D 3-0 Alex Diaz (Plano)

Interstate Eight Conference Third-Place Matches

106 – Michael Olson (Sycamore) MD 15-2 Keagan Albers (Rochelle)

113 – Brandon Anderson (Morris) MD 14-5 Ashlyn Strenz (Sandwich)

120 – Carter Skoff (Morris) MD 13-0 Thomas Lind (Sycamore)

126 – Kazden Klinker (Morris) F 1:12 Jonathon Buckheister (Sycamore)

132 – Nico Stanfill (Ottawa Township) Bye

138 – Kyle Rogers (Kaneland) D 14-7 Trevion Gilford (Plano)

145 – Sy Smith (Sandwich) D 7-3 Marek Duffy (Ottawa Township)

152 – Nolan Bobee (Sandwich) F 2:43 Sebastian Cabrera (Ottawa Township)

160 – Apollo Gochis (Kaneland) F 3:19 Wyatt Reding (Ottawa Township)

170 – Roman Villalobos (Rochelle) F 1:30 Anthony Evans (Ottawa Township)

182 – AJ Franzetti (Morris) D 3-1 Tyler Curtis (Sycamore)

195 – Alexander McBride (Rochelle) Bye

220 – Nate Diaz (Kaneland) D 4-0 Eliyas Peray (Plano)

285 – Jacob Nonnemacher (Kaneland) F 3:08 Nik Belski (LaSalle-Peru)

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