Tournament recap for Dec. 23rd

Glenbard South Raider Varsity Invitational 23

The 8-team tournament in Glen Ellyn saw Westosha Central of Wisconsin take the team title over second-place Leyden, 188.5-159, sending seven wrestlers to the finals and getting individual titles from Ashton Scheele (120), Ronan Bacle (126), Chet Pelli (132) and Michael Wilemon (157). Westosha got seconds from Jonathan Sandrik (113), Gunnar Peterson (138) and Lucas Sandrik (165).

Westosha also got thirds from Ethan Veinot (126) and Asher Pauley (175).

Leyden got individual titles from Russell Klug (138) and Moses Garza (150), and seconds from Derrick Miranda (126), Brian Gonzalez (157), Dart Garner (175), and Hector Cisneros (190). Leyden coach John Kading also got thirds from Erik Worwa (215) and Aidan Jaffray (285).

Host Glenbard South (118) placed third followed by Northridge Prep (98.5), St. Francis (97), Goode STEM Academy (70.5), Westmont (61), Kelly (53), and Lindblom (44).

Other individuals winning titles were Lindblom’s Ithan Payne (106), Kelly’s Steven Onofre (113), St. Francis’ Chase Siguenza (144) and Jaylen Torres (285), Northridge Prep’s Jon Suter (165) and Adam Haddad (175),, Goode’s Dylan Wilborn (190), and Glenbard South’s Dan Langner (215).

Wrestlers placing second also included Northridge Prep’s Sky Shang (106) and George McShane (144), Kelly’s Roberto Vitela (120), Westmont’s Laneal Conley (132), Glenbard South’s Josh Tricroce (150) and Ben Helm (215), and Lindblom’s Josue Olivo (285).

Westosha Central’s Ronan Bacle’s four pins in 8:20 were the most pins in the least time of any wrestler in the tournament, and Leyden’s Erik Worwa had the fastest pin in 0:08. Northridge Prep’s Adam Haddad had the fastest tech fall time at 2:33. 

There was a four-way tie for the most team points scored by any wrestler with 26, by St. Francis’ Jaylen Torres and Chase Siguenza, Glenbard South’s Dan Langner, and Westosha’s Michael Wilemon. Goode’s Joel Samano had the most single match points with 19, and Kelly’s Adan Bucio had the most total match points scored with 42.

Glenbard South Raider Varsity Invite 23 championship match results:

106 – Ithan Payne (Lindblom) F 5:08 Sky Shang (Northridge Prep)

113 – Steven Onofre (Kelly) D 13-6 Jonathan Sandrik (Westosha Central)

120 – Ashton Scheele (Westosha Central) D 11-5 Roberto Vitela (Kelly)

126 – Ronan Bacle (Westosha Central) F 4:00 Derrick Miranda (Leyden)

132 – Chet Pelli (Westosha Central) F 3:38 Laneal Conley (Westmont)

138 – Russel Klug (Leyden) F 1:13 Gunnar Peterson (Westosha Central)

144 – Chase Siguenza (St. Francis) F 4:42 George McShane (Northridge Prep)

150 – Moses Garza (Leyden) F 3:50 Josh Tricroce (Glenbard South)

157 – Michael Wilemon (Westosha Central) F 0:48 Brian Gonzalez (Leyden)

165 – Jon Suter (Northridge Prep) F 4:40 Lucas Sandrik (Westosha Central)

175 – Adam Haddad (Northridge Prep) D 8-2 Dart Garner (Leyden)

190 – Dylan Wilborn (Goode STEM Academy) D 11-5 Hector Cisneros (Leyden)

215 – Dan Langner (Glenbard South) F 3:14 Ben Helm (Glenbard South)

285 – Jaylen Torres (St. Francis) F 5:02 Josue Olivo (Linblom)

Washington Holiday Invitational

Mt. Carmel cruised to the title of the 8-team Washington Holiday Invite, as coach Alex Tsirtsis’ boys earned 292.5 points to second-place Washington’s 217.

IC Catholic Prep (173) was third, followed by Oak Park and River Forest (150), Geneseo (147.5), Rock Island (130.5), Belleville East (89) and Mt. Vernon (78).

All 12 wrestlers present for Mt. Carmel finished in the top four of their weight classes, as the Caravan sent nine to the title mat and got seven individual titles on the day. 

Individual champions included Justin Williamson (113), Evan Stanley (132), Seth Mendoza (138), Liam Kelly (150), Edmund Enright (157), Colin Kelly (175), and Rylan Breen (190). Jairo Acuna (144) and Alex Poholik (285) placed second, Kavel Moore (106) and Kevin Kalchbrenner (165) placed third, and William Jacobson (215) placed fourth for the Caravan.

Second-place host Washington got individual titles from Noah Woods (120) and Peyton Cox (144) for Panthers coach Nick Miller, and seconds from Timmy Smith (132) and Wyatt Medlin (138). Zane Hulet (175) also placed third for Washington.

Third-place IC Prep was led by individual champions Joe Gilatta (165) and Michael Calcagno (215), and fourth-place OPRF got an individual title from Michael Rundell (106).

Other individual champions included Rock Island’s Daniel McGhee (126), and Belleville East’s Jonathan Rulo (285).

Belleville East’s Rulo’s four pins in 4:15 were the most pins in the least time by any wrestler present, while Mt. Carmel’s Liam Kelly had the most tech falls in the least time, with two in 6:00.

Mt. Carmel’s Alex Poholik and OPRF’s Jeremiah Hernandez shared honors for the fastest fall recorded, in 0:17, and Washington’s Peyton Cox’s tech fall in 2:27 was the fastest in the tournament.

Mt. Carmel’s Colin Kelly and Belleville East’s Jonathan Rulo tied for the most team points scored with 31, and Washington’s Wyatt Medlin had the most single match points with 25. OPRF’s David Ogunsanya had the most total match points scored with 54, and the largest seed-place difference went to Mt. Carmel’s Alex Poholik, who was seeded seventh and placed second at 285.

Washington Holiday Invitational individual championship results:

106 – Michael Rundell (OPRF) SV-1 9-7 Dominic Pasquale (IC Catholic Prep)

113 – Justin Williamson (Mt. Carmel) F 2:46 Tim Sebastian (Geneseo)

120 – Noah Woods (Washington) TF 4:58 Merrick Stockwell (Rock Island)

126 – Daniel McGhee (Rock Island) D 10-7 Zev Koransky (OPRF)

132 – Evan Stanley (Mt. Carmel) TF 3:21 Timmy Smith (Washington)

138 – Seth Mendoza (Mt. Carmel) D 3-0 Wyatt Medlin (Washington)

144 – Peyton Cox (Washington) F 1:00 Jairo Acuna (Mt. Carmel)

150 – Liam Kelly (Mt. Carmel) TB-1 6-5 Zachary Montez (Geneseo)

157 – Edmund Enright (Mt. Carmel) MD 12-3 Brody Kelly (IC Catholic Prep)

165 – Joe Gilatta (IC Catholic Prep) MD 12-2 Cael Miller (Washington)

175 – Colin Kelly (Mt. Carmel) F 1:28 Amare Overton (Rock Island)

190 – Rylan Breen (Mt. Carmel) D 4-1 Foley Calcagno (IC Catholic Prep)

215 – Michael Calcagno (IC Catholic Prep) D 2-0 Andrew Marquez (Rock Island)

285 – Jonathan Rulo (Belleville East) F 1:40 Alex Poholik (Mt. Carmel)

Grant’s 2023 Loffredo Duals

DeKalb topped the field at this year’s 8-team Loffredo Duals hosted by Grant, topping Homewood-Flossmoor (80-0) and Fremd (46-27) before winning 38-30 over host Grant in the title round.

Second-place Grant went 2-1 on the day, with wins over Crystal Lake South (61-6) and Lyons Township (46-29). Third-place Fremd also went 2-1, topping Glenbrook South (48-15) before losing to DeKalb. The Vikings then won 37-32 over Lyons for third place, on a fall in the dual’s final match by Trent Odachowski at 113 pounds.

Posting 3-0 records for DeKalb coach Sam Hiatt were Eduardo Castro (120), Alan Izaguirre (126), Ayden Shuey (138), Mekhi Cave (144), Sean Kolkebeck (175), and Lamar Bradley (285). Going 2-1 for DeKalb were Jaden Bradley (106), Cam Matthews (157), and Elvis Mora (190).

DeKalb earned an 8-5 edge in matches won before the first-place dual ended in a double forfeit at 113. 

Of all wrestlers present in Fox Lake, DeKalb’s Lamar Bradley had the most pins in the least time, pinning all three of his opponents in 5:02. Lyons’ Gunnar Garelli post the most tech falls in the least time, winning by tech fall twice in a total of 7:31. DeKalb’s Hudson Ikens had the fastest tech fall in 2:13.

Garelli also posted the most single match points with 28, and the most total match points with 76.

Conant and Glenbrook South tied for sixth, and Homewood-Flossmoor and Crystal Lake South tied for eighth place.

Title dual results: DeKalb 38, Grant 30

120 – Eduardo Castro (DeKalb) D 4-0 Ayane Jasinski (Grant)  3-0

126 – Alan Izaguirre (DeKalb) F 1:34 Kyran Gebert (Grant) 9-0

132 – Ayden Shuey (DeKalb) D 7-4 Sammy Mendez (Grant) 12-0

138 – Erik Rodriguez (Grant) F 4:45 Hudson Ikens (DeKalb) 12-6

144 – Mekhi Cave (DeKalb) TF 25-10 Ben Ramos (Grant) 17-6

150 – Michael Hodge (DeKalb) F 3:13 Adria Khi (Grant) 23-6

157 – Cam Matthews (DeKalb) D 9-2 Grayson Lennon (Grant) 26-6

165 – Christian Wittkamp (Grant) F 1:07 Jaden Allen (DeKalb) 26-12

175 – Sean Kolkebeck (DeKalb) F 1:21 Aaden Arroyo (Grant) 32-12

190 – Casey Gipson (Grant) F 1:32 Elvis Mora (DeKalb) 32-18

215 – Lamar Bradley (DeKalb) F 0:59 Matthew Longabaugh (Grant) 38-18

285 – Landon Jones (Grant) F 0:48 Josh Jones (DeKalb) 38-24

106 – Larry Quirk (Grant) F 3:28 Jaden Bradley (DeKalb) 38-30

Loffredo Duals top performers by weight class

Wrestlers with 3-0 records:

106: Grant’s Larry Quirk; 113: Fremd’s Trent Odachowski; 120: DeKalb’s Eduardo Castro, Lyons’ Griff Powell; 126: DeKalb’s Alan Izaguirre, Lyons’ Roger Martinez; 132: DeKalb’s Ayden Shuey; 138: Lyons’ Jack Kutchek; 144: Dekalb’s Mekhi Cave, Fremd’s Evan Gosz; 157: Fremd’s Ryan Muslimovic; 165: Lyons’ Gunnar Garelli, Fremd’s Peter Mondus; 175: Grant’s Christian Wittkamp, DeKalb’s Sean Kolkebeck; 190: Grant’s Casey Gibson; 215: DeKalb’s Lamar Bradley; 285: Crystal Lake South’s Andy Burburija, Fremd’s Owen Jakubczak.

Wrestlers with 2-0 records:

106: Conant’s Emmet Arens; 113: Conant’s Mike Goolish, Grant’s Vince Jasinski; 126: Glenbrook South’s Michael Schick; 132: Conant’s Matt Goolish; 138: Grant’s Erik Rodriguez; 190: Glenbrook South’s Nathan Crecan.

Wrestlers with 3-1 records: 144: Grant’s Adrian Khi

Wrestlers with 2-1 records:

106: DeKalb’s Jaden Bradley; 120: Homewood-Flossmoor’s Robert Williams; 132: Grant’s Sammy Mendez; 157: DeKalb’s Cam Matthews; 175: Crystal Lake South’s Caden Casimino; 190: DeKalb’s Elvis Mora, Lyons’ Matt Turek; 215: Homewood-Flossmoor’s Khamryn Beaver, Lyons’ Nick Arquilla, Fremd’s Jamie Vela.

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