Tournament roundup for Kaneland, Quincy and Carmi-White County

By Curt Herron for the IWCOA

Deerfield takes first place at Kaneland’s Margaret Flott Invite

Deerfield had originally been scheduled to compete in the Geneseo Invitational, but when the event couldn’t be held due to the weather, coach Marc Pechter became a last-minute entrant in Kaneland’s Margaret Flott Invite, which was able to take place in Maple Park.

The late addition to its schedule definitely worked well for Deerfield as it got fifth-place or better finishes from each of its 15 entrants and that helped it to capture top honors in the nine-team competition with 197 points.

Plainfield Central took second place with 134.5 points, Addison Trail finished third with 125 points, the hosts Knights edged Romeoville 110-109 for fourth place and St. Charles North took sixth place with 78 points.

Team champion Deerfield had five title winners, Luke Reddy (126), Jackson Palzet (132), Mark Martinez (144), Charlie Cross (150) and Kevin Sabau (190). 

Winning championships for runner-up Plainfield Central were Gavin Enders (138) and Anthony Minnito (215). Kaneland got first-place finishes from Angelina Gochis (106) and Kamron Scholl (120). And capturing titles for Romeoville were Alex Bahena (113) and Jamir Thomas (285).

Other champions of the Margaret Flott Invite were Addison Trail’s Martin Duarte (157), St. Charles North North’s Nathan McLoughlin (165) and Woodstock North’s Kaden Combs (175). 

1. Deerfield

Top performers for the champion Warriors were title winners Luke Reddy (126), Jackson Palzet (132), Mark Martinez (144), Charlie Cross (150) and Kevin Sabau (190) and second-place finishers Jayden Palzet (132), Jordan Rasof (138) and Max Drumke (215). In an unusual title match, Jackson Palzet beat Jayden Palzet by technical fall in the 132 finals.

Also for the Warriors, Chris Mauer (175) took third, Daniel Krive (106), Adrian Cohen (120) and Noah Palzet (126) finished fourth and Jonathan Weissmueller (150), Luca Davila (157) and Mariano Martinez (165) all claimed fifth place.

“We were supposed to be at Geneseo so I appreciate the fine folks in Kaneland for letting us in last-minute,” Warriors coach Marc Pechter said. “The team is coming together for the stretch run. We still have not had our entire starting lineup due to injuries. I’m hoping for next week.”

2. Plainfield Central

Leading the way for coach Terry Kubski’s runner-up Plainfield Central Wildcats were champions Gavin Enders (138) and Anthony Minnito (215) and runners-up Jayden Mizelle (113) and Matthias Hautzinger (144). Taking third place was Neil Lemke (157) while Jack Bowen (150), Michael Laudadio (165) and Ty Sabin (190) claimed fourth and Brody Rangel (126) took fifth.

3. Addison Trail

Coach Mike Rosengrant’s third-place Addison Trail Blazers got a title from Martin Duarte (157) and second-place finishes from Josh Amorn-Vichet (120), Damian Valdez (126) and Elmer Olascoaga (190). Taking third place were George Espinoza (106), Zion Martinez (113) and Elliot Ibarra (285) while Joshua Gutierrez (138) and Brian Torres (144) finished fifth.

4. Kaneland 

Turning in the top showings for coach Kenny Paoli’s host Knights were champions Angelina Gochis (106) and Kamron Scholl (120) while Kyle Rogers (150) and Caden Vanik (165) placed second. Taking third was Alex Gochis (126) while Russell Bickem (113), Christian Alvarez (132) and Apollo Gochis (175) was fourth and Rogan O’Neil (190) and Levi Herst (215) took fifth.

5. Romeoville

Top finishers for coach James Nagel’s Romeoville Spartans were title winners Alex Bahena (113) and Jamir Thomas (285) while Mason Gougis (175) was a runner-up. Brian Farley (120), Gabe Bahena (132), Tyler Lewis (165) and Isaiah Escobar (190) all finished in third place and Marc Thomas (215) claimed fourth place.

Leading the way for coach David Drews’ St. Charles North North Stars were champion Nathan McLoughlin (165), runner-up Declan Sons (106) and third-place finishers Brogan Sons (144) and Liam O’Brien (150). 

Coach Mike Miller’s Woodstock North Thunder were led by champion Kaden Combs (175) while David Randecker (215) claimed third place, Ben Lagerhausen (157) finished fourth and Anthony Motejzik (120) placed fifth.

Turning in the best efforts for coach Eric Kirkman’s St. Francis Spartans were runners-up Ben Conte (157) and Mark Ortiz (285) while Grant Rabanus (138) and Chase Siguenza (144) took fourth place and Jacon Dunn (113), Alex Swiatek (132) and Cobin Jaskula (175) were fifth.

The lone competitor for coach Cory Graham’s Harvest Christian Academy Lions was Max Mulhearn (138), who claimed third place.

Some of the closest title matches featured Angelina Gochis getting past Declan Sons 6-5 in the deciding match of round robin at 106 and Kaden Combes edging Mason Gougis 5-4 in the deciding match of round robin at 175. Also, Gavin Enders prevailed over Jordan Rasof 7-4 at 138, Kamron Scholl won a 6-1 decision over Josh Amorn-Vichet at 120 and Jamir Thomas beat Mark Ortiz 5-1 in the deciding round robin match at 285.

Best records for top-four finishers in the event include Kamron Scholl at 120 (32-0, 1.000), Kaden Combs at 175 (26-1, .963), Brian Farley at 120 (21-1, .955), Mark Martinez at 144 (17-1, .944), Luke Reddy at 126 (29-2, .935), Jackson Palzet at 132 (11-1, .917), Alex Gochis at 126 (32-3, .914), Nathan McLoughlin at 165 (15-2, .882), Declan Sons at 106 (19-3, .864), Angelina Gochis at 106 (31-5, .861), Jordan Rasof at 138 (24-5, .828), Anthony Minnito at 215 (23-5, .821), Martin Duarte at 157 (22-5, .815), Max Mulhearn at 138 (21-5, .808), Jayden Mizelle at 113 (15-4, .789), Jamir Thomas at 285 (15-4, .789), Adrian Cohen at 120 (26-7, .788), Max Drumke at 215 (26-7, .788), Matthias Hautzinger at 144 (17-5, .773), Gavin Enders at 138 (19-6, .760), Damian Valdez at 126 (22-7, .759) and Elmer Olascoaga at 190 (15-5, .750).

There was a three-way tie for the most total team points at 26 between Martin Duarte, Anthony Minnito and Kevin Sabau while Jackson Palzet and Luke Reddy tied for fourth with 25.5 points, Mark Martinez scored 25 points, Charlie Cross collected 23 points and Gavin Enders had 22.

Alex Gochis had the most total match points with 47 while Luke Reddy had 35 and Neil Lemke had 34, Alex Bahena and Nathan McLoughlin both recorded four falls with the latter doing so in 6:37 while Mason Gougis only needed 3:29 to collect three pins. Kevin Sabau had the largest seed-to-place differential, after being seeded sixth and then taking top honors at 190.

Deerfield and Romeoville tied for the most falls with 14. The champion Warriors also had the most total match points with 192 while Plainfield Central edged the hosts 178-176 for second.

Title matches for Kaneland’s Margaret Flott Invite

106 – Angelina Gochis (Kaneland) D 6-5 Declan Sons (St. Charles North) round robin

113 – Alex Bahena (Romeoville) F 4:19 Jayden Mizelle (Plainfield Central) round robin

120 – Kamron Scholl (Kaneland) D 6-1 Josh Amorn-Vichet (Addison Trail)

126 – Luke Reddy (Deerfield) TF 3:38 Damian Valdez (Addison Trail)

132 – Jackson Palzet (Deerfield) TF 3:24 Jayden Palzet (Deerfield)

138 – Gavin Enders (Plainfield Central) D 7-4 Jordan Rasof (Deerfield)

145 – Mark Martinez (Deerfield) MD 18-7 Matthias Hautzinger (Plainfield Central)

150 – Charlie Cross (Deerfield) MD 14-3 Kyle Rogers (Kaneland)

157 – Martin Duarte (Addison Trail) F 2:43 Ben Conte (St. Francis)

165 – Nathan McLoughlin (St. Charles North) F 2:29 Caden Vanik (Kaneland) round robin

175 – Kaden Combs (Woodstock North) D 5-4 Mason Gougis (Romeoville) round robin

190 – Kevin Sabau (Deerfield) F 3:59 Elmer Olascoaga (Addison Trail)

215 – Anthony Minnito (Plainfield Central) F 4:19 Max Drumke (Deerfield)

285 – Jamir Thomas (Romeoville) D 5-1 Mark Ortiz (St. Francis) round robin

Team scores for Kaneland’s Margaret Flott Invite

1. Deerfield 197, 2. Plainfield Central 134.5, 3. Addison Trail 125, 4. Kaneland 110. 5. Romeoville 109, 6. St. Charles North 78, 7. Woodstock North 56, 8. St. Francis 49, 9. Harvest Christian Academy 14

Quincy Senior wins own Quincy Invitational for third-straight year

When a team sends eight individuals to the title mat and receives finishes of third or better from 11 of its 13 competitors, it’s a pretty safe bet that it has done what’s necessary to win a title.

That’s just the showing that Quincy Senior turned in on Saturday to help it collect 274 points to claim the championship at its own 11-team Quincy Invitational with Roxana claiming second place with 227.5 points and Jacksonville finishing third with 161.5 points. 

Triad (158) took fourth place, Cahokia (104.5) was fifth and Quincy Notre Dame (101) claimed sixth in an event that was reduced by nine teams who were unable to compete in the invitational due to the poor weather conditions.

It’s the third-straight year that coach Phil Neally’s Blue Devils have won the title at their own invite. It was the first tournament title of the season for Quincy Senior, which took third place early in the season at Lakes Community and Coon Rapids, Minnesota and placed fourth at Mascoutah and sixth at Granite City in other good finishes against strong fields.

The Blue Devils hope to have two more successful tournaments in Quincy when they host a Class 3A regional on February 3 and a Class 3A sectional on February 9-10.

Winning titles for the champion Blue Devils were Hugh Sharrow (113), Owen Uppinghouse (165), Bryor Newbold (175) and Todd Smith (285)

Runner-up Roxana also had four champions, Logan Riggs (132), Brandon Green, Jr. (138), Braden Johnson (157) and Robert Watt (190)

Third-place Jacksonville had three champions Deshawn Armstrong (120), Joe Reif (150) and Oliver Cooley (215) while Triad’s Will Kelly (106) and Colby Crouch (126) and Pekin’s RaMez Watson (144) were the other title winners.

Repeating as invite champions were three-time winner Sharrow, Uppinghouse and Smith, with the latter edging Roxana’s James Herring 3-1 by sudden victory in the finals at 285 to deny Herring of winning a second-straight title.

Second-place finishers were Quincy Senior’s Wyatt Boeing (120), Evan Wakefield (126), Cale Mixer (138) and Eli Roberts (150), Quincy Notre Dame’s Bradi Lahr (144), Ryan Darnell (190) and Taylin Scott (215), Roxana’s Lyndon Thies (165) and James Herring (285), Palmyra, MO’s Luke Lawson (113) and Brayden Pillars (157), Jacksonville’s Jayce Evans (106), Triad’s Ben Baumgartner (132) and Cahokia’s Jramuel Holman (175). Baumgartner and Lahr joined Herring as second-place finishers who won titles in last year’s invitational.

Beside Smith’s 3-1 win by sudden victory over Herring at 285, other close title matches included Riggs edging Baumgartner 5-4 at 132, Armstrong getting past Boeing 7-5 at 120 and Cooley prevailing 7-2 over Scott at 215.

Uppinghouse led all competitors with 31.5 team points while Cooley, Crouch and Green, Jr. tied for second with 30 points. Newbold scored 29.5 points, Reif had 29, Watson collected 28.5, Johnson had 28 points, Sharrow finished with 27.5 and Smith was tenth with 27 team points.

1. Quincy Senior

Leading the way for coach Phil Neally’s champion Blue Devils were title winners Hugh Sharrow (113), Owen Uppinghouse (165), Bryor Newbold (175) and Todd Smith (285) while Wyatt Boeing (120), Evan Wakefield (126), Cale Mixer (138) and Eli Roberts (150) finished second. 

Taking third place were Cooper Kamm (132), Brody Baker (144) and Gunnar Derhake (157) while Jayden Wilson (190) placed fifth and Dalton Mays (215) claimed seventh place.

2. Roxana

Top performers for coach Rob Milazzo’s runner-up Roxana Shells were first-place finishers Logan Riggs (132), Brandon Green, Jr. (138), Braden Johnson (157) and Robert Watt (190) while Lyndon Thies (165) and James Herring (285) took second place. Finishing in third place were Elias Thies (175) and Donald Battles (215) while Nathan Harrison (126) and Trevor Gihring (144) placed fourth and Madelyn Murphy (106), Kaden Carlisle (138) and Bryan Rodriguez (144) finished in fifth place.

3. Jacksonville

Turning in the best showings for coach Dustin Secrist’s third-place Jacksonville Crimsons were its three champions Deshawn Armstrong (120), Joe Reif (150) and Oliver Cooley (215) as well as runner-up Jayce Evans (106).  Finishing third was Aiden Surratt (285) while Hunter Hayes (113) took fourth, Steven Easley (113), Jordan Kholian (132), Noah Beckmann (157) and Kaleb Miller (165) all placed fifth and Alexis Seymour (120) claimed sixth place. Surratt won a title in the invite in 2022.

4. Triad

Winning titles for the Triad Knights, who are coached by 2022 IWCOA Hall of Famer Russ Witzig, were Will Kelly (106) and Colby Crouch (126) while Ben Baumgartner (132) took second place. Shane Seip (113) and Glen Henry (120) placed third, Brody Smith (138) and Landon Busch (285) finished fourth and Camden Wise (175) and Bobby Patterson (190) took sixth. Baumgartner won a title in the event last year.

5. Cahokia

Individuals who had the best finishes for coach Nicholas Deloach’s Cahokia Comanches were 

runner-up Jramuel Holman (175) and third-place finishers Nathan Fisher (106) and Kindrick Williams (165). Quinterrous Jones (215) took fourth, Kindle Williams (150) finished fifth and 

Nicholas Scott (113) and Pharrell Holman (144) placed sixth.

6. Quincy Notre Dame

Providing the best performances for coach Adam Steinkamp’s Quincy Notre Dame Raiders were second-place finishers Bradi Lahr (144), Ryan Darnell (190) and Taylin Scott (215) as well as Oliver Moore (126), who claimed third place. Lahr won a Quincy Invite title last year.

Coach Kasey Monroe’s Camp Point Central Panthers were led by third-place finisher Paul Schenk (138) while Dylan Mowen (132), Konnor Bush (150), Conner Griffin (165) and Joseph Friday (175) placed fourth and Wyatt Van De Velde (285) finished fifth. Schenk also won a title in last year’s invite.

Leading coach John Jacobs’ Pekin Dragons was champion RaMez Watson (144) while Dalton Davis (120) and Jayden Dawe (126) took fifth and Mason Waller (215) placed sixth.

The Pittsfield Saukees, who are coached by Johnathon Peterson, were led by third-place finisher Tucker Cook (190) while Joel Noble (120) and Jake Oitker (157) took fourth and Hunter Harrison (138) and Waylon White (165) finished sixth.

The top placers for Warsaw’s Titans, who are coached by Chase Hartweg, were third-place finisher Evan Carel (150) and fourth-place finisher Eli Carel (106) while Malachi McKune (215) took fifth and Kai Humphry (132) placed sixth.

Quincy Senior’s junior-varsity team received a fifth-place finish from Alex Wells (175) while Azriel Cale (126), Rennie Lilo (150) and Aiden Garcia (157) all claimed sixth place.

Top records after the invite were Owen Uppinghouse at 165 (34-0, 1.000), Taylin Scott at 215 (29-1, .967), Brandon Green, Jr. at 138 (25-1, .962), RaMez Watson at 144 (25-1, .962), Colby Crouch at 126 (22-1, .957), James Herring at 285 (26-2, .929), Oliver Cooley at 215 (30-3, .909), Bryor Newbold at 175 (30-3, .909). Lyndon Thies at 165 (27-3, .900), Logan Riggs at 132 (25-3, .893), Bradi Lahr at 144 (24-3, .889), Joe Reif at 150 (28-4, .875), Aiden Surratt at 285 (27-4, .871), Will Kelly at 106 (26-4, .867), Robert Watt at 190 (26-4, .867), Ryan Darnell at 190 (24-4, .857), Hunter Hayes at 113 (24-5, .828), Deshawn Armstrong at 120 (19-4, .826), Evan Carel at 150 (19-4, .826), Todd Smith at 285 (25-6, .806), Brayden Pillars at 157 (22-6, .786), Alexis Seymour at 120 (22-6, .786), Trevor Gihring at 144 (25-7, ,781), Brody Smith at 138 (16-5, .762), Braden Johnson at 157 (19-6, .760), Luke Lawson at 113 (22-7, .759), Tucker Cook at 190 (24-8, .750), Gunnar Derhake at 157 (30-10, .750) and Conner Griffin at 165 (21-7, .750).

Deshawn Armstrong had the most total match points with 86 while Wyatt Boeing was second with 78 and Lyndon Thies was third with 57 points. Oliver Cooley, Colby Crouch, Brandon Green, Jr., Taylin Scott and Lyndon Thies all had the most falls with five with Crouch needing just 1:38 to achieve that feat. Wyatt Boeing had three wins by technical falls. Jramuel Holman had the best seed to place differential, being seeded eighth and taking second place.

The champion Blue Devils easily had the most total match points with 372 while Jacksonville was second with 283 and Roxana ranked third with 278. And Quincy Senior also recorded the most falls with 34 and wins by technical fall with eight while Roxana collected 32 pins. 

Title matches for the Quincy Invitational

106 – Will Kelly (Triad) F 1:38 Jayce Evans (Jacksonville) round robin

113 – Hugh Sharrow (Quincy Senior) D 7-0 Luke Lawson (Palmyra, MO)

120 – Deshawn Armstrong (Jacksonville) D 7-5 Wyatt Boeing (Quincy Senior)

126 – Colby Crouch (Triad) F 0:38 Evan Wakefield (Quincy Senior)

132 – Logan Riggs (Roxana) D 5-4 Ben Baumgartner (Triad)

138 – Brandon Green, Jr. (Roxana) F 1:20 Cale Mixer (Quincy Senior)

144 – RaMez Watson (Pekin) F 1:54 Bradi Lahr (Quincy Notre Dame)

150 – Joe Reif (Jacksonville) F 1:14 Eli Roberts (Quincy Senior)

157 – Braden Johnson (Roxana) F 3:17 Brayden Pillars (Palmyra, MO)

165 – Owen Uppinghouse (Quincy Senior) TF 3:42 Lyndon Thies (Roxana)

175 – Bryor Newbold (Quincy Senior) F 2:59 Jramuel Holman (Cahokia)

190 – Robert Watt (Roxana) D 8-1 Ryan Darnell (Quincy Notre Dame)

215 – Oliver Cooley (Jacksonville) D 7-2 Taylin Scott (Quincy Notre Dame)

285 – Todd Smith (Quincy Senior) SV 3-1 James Herring (Roxana)

Team scores for the Quincy Invitational

1. Quincy Senior 274, 2. Roxana 227.5, 3. Jacksonville 161.5, 4. Triad 158, 5. Cahokia 104.5, 6. Quincy Notre Dame 101, 7. Camp Point Central 83, 8. Pekin 73.5, 9. Pittsfield 61, 10. Warsaw 43, 11. Quincy Senior JV 34

Harrisburg edges Lawrenceville/Red Hill for Carmi-White County Invite title

The proof that every point in a tournament is important was again demonstrated at the Carmi-White County Invite where Harrisburg edged Lawrenceville/Red Hill 204.5-203.5 to capture the championship of the 11-team competition that took place in Carmi.

Coach Greg Langley’s champion Bulldogs received top-six finishes from all 12 of their entrants, which included three champions, one runner-up and three third-place finishers.

Coach Samuel Hyre’s Lawrenceville/Red Hill Indians had 13 individuals who placed in the top five, with two title winners, three second-place finishers and two others who placed third.

In other tight battles for place finishes, Carterville (145.5) edged Fairfield (145) by half a point for third while Johnston City (117) beat out the host Bulldogs (116) to finish in fifth. Red Bud/Valmeyer (96) and Centralia (90) were next in line in the competition.

Harrisburg also won the Carmi-White County Invite last year while Lawrenceville/Red Hill took second but there was a 22.5-point margin between the two, unlike this dramatic showdown.

Team champion Harrisburg had three title winners, Avery Henderson (113), Tony Keene (126) and Kahmari Terry (132) while third-place Carterville also had three champions, Landyn Flood (120), Merrick Orendoff (150) and Zechariah Miller (285).

Runner-up Lawrenceville/Red Hill received titles from Drew Seitzinger (106) and Daniel Kiser (138). Fairfield also had two champions, Scotty Cuff (144) and Talan Keoughan (165), as did

Red Bud/Valmeyer, who got first-place finishes from Alex Wolter (157) and Ty Carter (175). 

Johnston City got a title win from Jude Beers (215) and host Carmi-White County also had a champion, Nelson Rider (190).

Champions who also took first place in the 2023 Carmi-White County Invite were Ty Carter, Cuff and Keene. Second-place finishers last year who won titles on Saturday were Rider and Terry.

There was a three-way tie for the most team points with 26 between Keene, Keoughan and Wolter while Cuff and Rider tied for fourth with 25 points. Five individuals tied for sixth place with 24 team points, Beers, Carter, Kiser, Miller and Orendoff. 

Lawrenceville/Red Hill and Carterville both had three second-place finishers while Centralia had two. Runners-up for Lawrenceville/Red Hill were Jaxtyn Chansler (120), Dylan Aten (126) and Dylan Camden (285) while second-place finishers for Carterville were Brawnsen Bloodworth (113), Carter Jones (157) and Jacob Grob (165). 

Taking second place for Centralia were Brylan Guthrie (106) and Russell Tate (150). Other second-place finishers were Johnston City’s Benjamin Harris (132), Metro-East Lutheran’s Carter Pryor (138), Red Bud/Valmeyer’s Max Wolter (144), Carmi-White County’s Caleb Seibers (175). Harrisburg’s Brendan Hicks (190) and Fairfield’s Keegan Bare (215).

Many of the title matches were determined by falls or wins by technical falls and two were major decisions. The lone decisions involved two of Carterville’s three champions as Carterville’s Zechariah Miller won a 2-1 decision over Lawrenceville/Red Hill’s Dylan Camden at 285 and Carterville’s Merrick Orendoff captured a 14-9 victory over Centralia’s Russell Tate.

1. Harrisburg

Champions for coach Greg Langley’s first-place Harrisburg Bulldogs were Avery Henderson (113), Tony Keene (126) and Kahmari Terry (132) while Brendan Hicks (190) claimed second and Kadyn Cummins (138), Briar Butler (157) and Javier Horton (285) took third place. Finishing fourth were Cody Gunter (144), Brock Felty (144), Zeaden Bute (165) and Gunner Wayman (215) while Braxton Welge (175) was sixth.

2. Lawrenceville/Red Hill

Winning titles for coach Samuel Hyre’s runner-up Lawrenceville/Red Hill Indians were Drew Seitzinger (106) and Daniel Kiser (138) while Jaxtyn Chansler (120), Dylan Aten (126) and Dylan Camden (285) finished second and Cale Seitzinger (132) and Trevor Loy (150) placed third. Kasen Ochs (175) took fourth place while Delaney Ledbetter (113), Jack Preston (144), Tyson Lucas (157), Nick Morehead (165) and Hudson Frey (215) all claimed fifth place.

3. Carterville

Coach Daniel Alderman’s third-place Carterville Lions had three champions Landyn Flood (120), Merrick Orendoff (150) and Zechariah Miller (285). Brawnsen Bloodworth (113), Carter Jones (157) and Jacob Grob (165) all took second and Braden Berndt (126) finished fifth.

4. Fairfield

The top performers for coach Jordan Griffith’s fourth-placed Fairfield Mules were title winners 

Scotty Cuff (144) and Talan Keoughan (165) while Keegan Bare (215) placed second, Carter Poole (106) and Jedd Wellen (120) took third, Nicholas Masterson (157) and Bronson Rilea (190) finished fourth and Bentley Rogers (285) claimed fifth.

5. Johnston City

Leading the way for coach Travis Brown’s Johnston City Indians was champion Jude Beers (215) and runner-up Benjamin Harris (132). Taking third were Randy Fuqua (175) and Juan Salazar (190) while Jace Weaver (126) and Michael Wolze (138) finished fourth.

6. Carmi-White County

Turning in the best finishes for coach Terry Gholson’s Carmi-White County Bulldogs were title winner Nelson Rider (190) and second-place finisher Caleb Seibers (175) while Travor Mason (113) took third. Placing fourth were Connor Benham (120) and Gavin Peyton (285) while 

Madden Anderson (132), Kale Wiggins (138) and Tim James (150) claimed fifth place.

Rob Pipher’s Red Bud/Valmeyer Musketeers had two champions, Alex Wolter (157) and Ty Carter (175) while Max Wolter (144) placed second and Wyatt Hamilton (215) took third.

Coach Tristan Penrod’s Centralia Orphans received second-place finishes from Brylan Guthrie (106) and Russell Tate (150) while Nate LeCrone (126) took third place, Lane Griffin (132) finished fourth and Emmanuel Enriquez (190) claimed fifth.

April Roach’s Trico/Elverado Pioneers got third-place finishes from Tristan Tapp (144) and Colin Hughey (165), a fourth from Jaxton Thompson (113) and a fifth from Johnny Ramaker (175). 

Leading the way for coach Evan Jones’ Metro-East Lutheran Knights were runner-up Carter Pryor (138) and fifth-place finisher Miles Dennis (120). 

Best records of top-four finishers are Tony Keene at 126 (25-1, .962), Nelson Rider at 190 (24-1, .960), Talan Keoughan at 165 (22-1, .957), Jude Beers at 215 (21-2, .913), Ty Carter at 175 (30-3, .909), Zechariah Miller at 285 (27-4, .871), Scotty Cuff at 144 (20-3, .870), Caleb Seibers at 175 (20-3, .870), Gavin Peyton at 285 (12-2, .857), Kahmari Terry at 132 (23-4, .852), Kasen Ochs at 175 (26-5, .839), Dylan Aten at 126 (25-4, .828), Avery Henderson at 113 (21-5, .808), Nate LeCrone at 126 (25-7, .781), Jacob Grob at 165 (28-8, .778), Colin Hughey at 165 (17-5, .773), Landyn Flood at 120 (19-6. .760), Lane Griffin at 132 (22-7, .759), Keegan Bare at 215 (21-7, .750), Brendan Hicks at 190 (21-7, .750) and Gunner Wayman at 215 (12-4 at 215).

Trico’s Colin Hughey had the most total match points with 50 while Centralia’s Russell Tate ranked second with 40 and Fairfield’s Scotty Cuff was third with 38. Nine individuals had three falls with Harrisburg’s Tony Keene doing that in the least amount of time, 1:49. And Johnston City’s Randy Fuqua was seeded 10th and took third place for the largest seed-place difference.

Harrisburg edged Lawrenceville/Red Hill for the most falls by a 22-21 margin. And Trico had four wins by technical fall to collect the most total match points with 115 while Centralia ranked second with 79, followed by Lawrenceville/Red Hill (75) and Harrisburg (74).

Title matches for the Carmi-White County Invite

106 – Drew Seitzinger (Lawewnceville/Red Hill) F 1:24 Brylan Guthrie (Centralia)

113 – Avery Henderson (Harrisburg) TF 3:00 Brawnsen Bloodworth (Carterville)

120 – Landyn Flood (Carterville) TF 5:35 Jaxtyn Chansler (Lawrenceville/Red Hill)

126 – Tony Keene (Harrisburg) F 0:24 Dylan Aten (Lawrenceville/Red Hill)

132 – Kahmari Terry (Harrisburg) MD 13-5 Benjamin Harris (Johnston City)

138 – Daniel Kiser (Lawrenceville/Red Hill) DQ Carter Pryor (Metro-East Lutheran)

144 – Scotty Cuff (Fairfield) TF 3:00 Max Wolter (Red Bud/Valmeyer)

150 – Merrick Orendoff (Carterville) D 14-9 Russell Tate (Centralia)

157 – Alex Wolter (Red Bud/Valmeyer) F 3:25 Carter Jones (Carterville)

165 – Talan Keoughan (Fairfield) F 2:13 Jacob Grob (Carterville)

175 – Ty Carter (Red Bud/Valmeyer) F 3:12 Caleb Seibers (Carmi-White County)

190 – Nelson Rider (Carmi-White County) MD 8-0 Brendan Hicks (Harrisburg)

215 – Jude Beers (Johnston City) F 2:22 Keegan Bare (Fairfield)

285 – Zechariah Miller (Carterville) D 2-1 Dylan Camden (Lawrenceville/Red Hill)

Team scoring for the Carmi-White County Invite

1. Harrisburg 204.5, 2. Lawrenceville 203.5, 3. Carterville 145.5, Fairfield 145, 5. Johnston City 117, 6. Carmi-White County 116, 7. Red Bud 96, 8. Centralia 90, 9. Trico 62, 10. Metro-East Lutheran 34, 11. Pinckneyville 16

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