3A Regional results for Barrington and Conant Individual Sectionals

Regionals that feed into the 3A Barrington Individual Sectional

3A Glenbrook South Regional – team champion Prospect

Prospect led from start-to-finish to claim its fifth-straight regional title on Saturday inside the Titans Dome at host Glenbrook South.

The Knights advanced into the Hononegah dual-team sectional on Feb. 20 to face No. 11 Libertyville.

Led by No. 1 Jaxon Penovich (190) the Knights outscored second place Fremd 175.5-168.5. Glenbrook South (128.5) finished third.

Loyola Academy (127) and Rolling Meadows (89.5) would round out the top five on the leaderboard.

Penovich (39-3) will lead a tourney high nine of his teammates into the Barrington sectional, including individual champs Giorgio DiFalco (138), Connor Munn (165) and Michael Matuszak at 175.

Three-time regional champ and the No. 3 man at 144, Evan Gosz will have seven of his mates at sectionals, including Drew Fifield (126) and Ryan Muslimovic (157), both regional champs.

Glenbrook South sends seven to sectionals, led by the 132-pound champ Max Brown.

Loyola Academy’s No. 1 Kai Calcutt claimed his second straight regional title, while teammates James Hemmila (106), Gavin Pardilla (120) and Joey Herbert (285) also won regional titles.

Glenbrook North’s Ayann Rizwan (113) and New Trier senior Tagg Miller (150) also won regional titles.

Glenbrook South Regional championship match results:

106- James Hemmila (Loyola Academy) F Ermunn Urtnasan (Glenbrook South).

113- Ayann Rizwan (Glenbrook North) F 0:50 Trent Odachowski (Fremd).

120- Gavin Pardilla (Loyola Academy) TF 2:56 (17-0) Trent Toro (Niles North).

126- Drew Fifield (Fremd) TF 5:33 (19-3) Michael Shick (Glenbrook South).

132- Max Brown (Glenbrook South) F 0:33 Benji Escalante (Rolling Meadows).

138- Giorgio DiFalco (Prospect) D 6-0 Chase McCluskey (Fremd).

144- Evan Gosz (Fremd) F 3:10 Andrew Haritos (Glenbrook South).

150- Tagg Miller (New Trier) D 6-5 Joseph Quirk (Prospect).

157- Ryan Muslimovic (Fremd) MD 16-3 Henry Downing (Glenbrook South).

165- Connor Munn (Prospect) F 3:24 Peter Mondus (Fremd).

175- Michael Matuszek (Prospect) F 1:34 John (Jack) Rappa (Rolling Meadows).

190- Jaxon Penovich (Prospect) TF 5:02 (23-8) Quinn Herbert (Loyola Academy).

215- Kai Calcutt (Loyola Academy) F 0:55 Ahmad Musa (Niles North).

285- Joey Herbert (Loyola Academy) F 2:42 Owen Jakubczak (Fremd).

3rd Place results

106- Jayden Garcia (Rolling Meadows) 6-4 SV-1 Ayden Castillo (Fremd).

113- Diego Arteaga (Glenbrook South) D 8-4 Quentin Williams (Loyola Academy).

120- Emilio Arteaga (Glenbrook South) F 3:51 Matthew Miralles (New Trier).

126- Karol Kosciarz (Prospect) F 2:30 Jack Chaing (New Trier).

132- Kacper Kosciarz (Prospect) D 7-0 Jovan Gongora (Fremd).

138- Isai Brindis (Rolling Meadows) D 6-2 Aiden Fladeland (Glenbrook North).

144- Bennett Westfallen (Prospect) MD 9-0 Micah Eickbush (New Trier).

150- Oliver Quiros (Niles North) F 2:48 Ilan Ruderman (Glenbrook North).

157- Yassin Aitzemjour (New Trier) F 1:53 Josh Rappa (Rolling Meadows).

165- Shane Onixt (Glenbrook North) F 1:50 Julian Slaastad (New Trier).

175- Bailey Corneliuson (New Trier) D 10-6 Kieran O’Sullivan (Glenbrook North).

190- Nick Labbe (Rolling Meadows) F 2:48 Shiloh Martinez (Niles North).

215- Brock Clay (Prospect) TF 5:32 (19-3) Eladio Castillo (Rolling Meadows).

285- Cray Paich (Glenbrook North) F 3:47 Brendan Gomez (Glenbrook South).

3A Huntley Regional – team champion Hononegah

No. 9 Hononegah cruised into its own dual-team sectional where it will face No. 10 Hersey in three weeks after out-scoring runner-up Huntley (249.5-193) and seven other teams, including third-place Hampshire (140).

Belvidere North (121) was fourth, followed by Jacobs (105) and its NIC-10 rivals Harlem, Guilford, Auburn and Jefferson.

Hononegah celebrated eight individual champs including twin brothers Rocco (106) and Bruno Cassioppi (113), in addition to Thomas Silva (132), Max Haskins (150) freshman phenom Brody Sendele (157) ,Connor Diemel (165), Kurt Smith (175), and Isaak Smith (215), who led a group of 12 into sectionals.

Fox Valley Conference champion Huntley (23-5) claimed a pair of regional titles on its home mats in Vlad Maluhin (144) and 2023 state qualifier Markos Mihalopoulos (285).

Huntley will send 10 to sectionals, while third-place Hampshire advanced six of its own including Carter Hintz, the 190-pound champ.

Belvidere North earned a pair of regional crowns from Bryson Teunissen (126) and Dominic Girardin (138).

Jacobs new head coach Ryan Horcher, fourth at state in 2008 at Dundee-Crown, celebrated a championship at 120 with Ben Arbotante, one of six Eagles who will go on to sectionals.

Huntley Regional championship match results:

106- Rocco Cassioppi (Hononegah) F 4:00 Kristian DeClerq (Jacobs).

113- Bruno Cassioppi (Hononegah) F 1:45 Justin Lewis (Harlem).

120- Ben Arbotante (Jacobs) D 11-4 Jackson Olson (Hononegah).

126- Bryson Teunissen (Belvidere North) F 3:28 Alexander Gutierrez (Huntley).

132- Thomas Silva (Honenegah) TF 2:36 (20-3) Gavin Nischke (Huntley).

138- Dominick Girardin (Belvidere North) F 2:38 Logan Campbell (Hampshire).

144- Vlad Maluhin (Huntley) D 7-1 Max Aranki (Hononegah).

150- Max Haskins (Hononegah) F 1:53 Andrew Bucci (Belvidere North).

157- Brody Sendele (Hononegah) TF 4:24 (21-6) Radic Dvorak (Huntley).

165- Connor Diemel (Honenegah) F 2:15 Daniel Mendez (Jacobs).

175- Kurt Smith (Hononegah) MD 15-7 Aidan Rowels (Hampshire).

190- Carter Hinz (Hampshire) F 5:58 Karlondo Dubois (Jefferson).

215- Isaak Smith (Hononegah) D 8-1 Zander Martinez (Belvidere North).

285- Markos Mihalopoulos (Huntley) F 3:01 Rocco Sauer (Jacobs).

3rd Place results:

106- Colin Abordo (Huntley) D 14-9 Dominic Angileri (Guilford).

113- Cameron Abordo (Huntley) F 3:16 Lou Jensen (Hampshire).

120- Andrew Salmieri (Hampshire) F 0:25 Julian Gutierrez (Huntley).

126- Evan Musil (Hononegah) D 6-4 Matthew Muller (Hampshire).

132- Antuan Barfield (Jacobs) D 8-2 Izayah Olejniczak (Harlem).

138- Robert Darling (Hononegah) MD 11-3 Ethan Hagerman (Harlem).

144- Nicolas Alvarez (Belvidere North) D 14-12 Xzavier Lindhe (Guilford).

150- Shane McGuire (Huntley) D 6-0 Casey Lechuga (Jacobs).

157- Michael Brannigan (Hampshire) F 0:48 Landon VanAcker (Belvidere North).

165- Alex Napientek (Huntley) D 9-4 Aric Abbott (Hampshire).

175- Johnathan Strauss (Jacobs) D 8-6 Juan Cervantes (Belvidere North).

190- Wyatt Theobald (Huntley) F 5:36 Joshua Nabors (Auburn).

215- Chandler Jack (Harlem) F 5:47 Dylan Cherry (Huntley).

285- Joey Ochoa (Hampshire) F 3:46 Manny Pizano (Belvidere North).

3A Libertyville regional – team champion Libertyville

North Suburban Conference powers Libertyville and Warren were at it again on Saturday with the stakes even higher than they were two weeks ago, when Warren edged Libertyville to win the coveted top prize at the Lake County Invite.

This time, however, the Wildcats would see their way through to the regional title in their home gym by 14 points, winning 200.5-186.5 over Warren. Mundelein (126.5) finished third, McHenry (119.5) was fourth, followed by Grant (110.5) and Round Lake (94.5). Zion-Benton and Waukegan rounded out the field.


Libertyville will meet Prospect on Tuesday, February 20 in a dual-team sectional semifinal at Hononegah.

Libertyville claimed five individual champions in Luke Berktold (120), Will Carney (144), and its dynamic trio of No. 2 Matt Kubas (175), Caleb Baczek (190) and No. 3 Owen McGrory (215) to lead 10 Wildcats heading to sectionals.

Runner-up Warren advanced nine which includes No. 2 Caleb Noble (106), No. 1 Aaron Stewart (157), and sophomore Royce Lopez (165).

Other regional champions at Libertyville were McHenry’s Ryan Hanson (113) and Pedro Jimenez (150), Grant’s Erik Rodriguez (132), Mundelein’s Ethan Banda (138) and the Round Lake pair of Grayson Kongkaeow (126) and William Cole (285).

Libertyville Regional championship match results:

106- Caleb Noble (Warren) F 1:17 Jake Shafer (Libertyville).

113- Ryan Hanson (McHenry) D 5-2 Jonathan Marquez (Warren).

120- Luke Berktold (Libertyville) MD 11-3 Alejandro Cordova (Round Lake).

126- Grayson Kongkaeow (Round Lake) F 2:18 James Liu (Libertyville).

132- Erik Rodriguez (Grant) D 9-7 Orion Moran (Libertyville).

138- Ethan Banda (Mundelein) F 2:58 Antonio Kelly (Libertyville).

144- Will Carney (Libertyville) F 5:28 Adrian Khi (Grant).

150- Pedro Jimenez (McHenry) F 3:15 Kevin Hernandez (Mundelein).

157- Aaron Stewart (Warren) F 1:03 Ethan Thomas (Mundelein).

165- Royce Lopez (Warren) F 5:57 Aiden Fischer (McHenry).

175- Matt Kubas (Libertyville) MD 20-8 Justice Humphreys (Warren).

190- Caleb Baczek (Libertyville) F 1:30 Jeremija Hixson (Warren).

215- Owen McGrory (Libertyville) D 3-1 Anthony Soto (Warren).

285- William Cole (Round Lake) F 3:28 Abisai Hernandez (Mundelein).

3rd Place results:

106- Carter Hutchinson (Grant) F 5:13 Christian Saucedo (Mundelein).

113- Vince Jasinski (Grant) MD 13-0 Tyler Wuh (Libertyville).

120- Carlos Ordonez (Warren) F 1:04 Kyran Gebert (Grant).

126- Myles Wagner (McHenry) D 9-8 Evan Glowinski (Warren).

132- Luis Medina (Zion-Benton) F 1:29 Emilio Chavarria (Round Lake).

138- Marshawn Washington (Round Lake) D 6-3 Sammy Mendez (Grant).

144- Jeff Schwab (McHenry) F 2:58 Simon Castillo (Warren).

150- Nicolas Hermsen (Warren) INJ 4:29 Edgar Gomez (Round Lake).

157- Aiden Schuldt (McHenry) F 4:00 James Scanio (Libertyville).

165- Charlie Clark (Libertyville) D 5-3 Gael Diaz (Mundelein).

175- Macson Rastrelli (Mundelein) F 2:29 Aaden Arroyo (Grant).

190- Francisco Yilmaz (Zion-Benton) F 4:25 Lamero Ceaser (Waukegan).

215- Celso Cabrera (Mundelein) F 4:54 Matthew Longabaugh (Grant).

285- Jesse Saavedra (McHenry) F 3:53 Ivan Martinez (Waukegan)

3A Stevenson Regional – team champion Hersey

Barrington won the first of two important postseason contests, but MSL rival Hersey came back to collect the bigger prize on Saturday, breaking open a close race to claim its second straight regional crown.

The two sides were close to each other until midway through the final round, when No. 11 Hersey began to put too many points on the board for Barrington to overcome en route to a final total of 243.

The Broncos were next at 204.5, followed closely by host Stevenson (185.5) which put up a great fight in Lincolnshire before being closed out by the front-runners.

With four sectional qualifiers, Dundee-Crown (104.5) was fourth, while Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park and Lake Zurich rounded out the field.

Hersey will face No. 9 Hononegah in its dual-team sectional Feb. 20.

Hersey claimed six individual championships from Anthony Orozco-Diaz (113), Abdullokh Khakimov (126), Maksim Mukhamedaliyev (132) Rodrigo Arceo (138), Jake Hanson (144) and Anthony Cambria at 190.

This group will be joined by nine others at the Barrington sectional, while Barrington sends 11 and Stevenson ten.

Barrington’s freshmen duo of Kaleb Pratt (106) and Ryan Dorn (120) are regional champs, as is No. 3 Rhenzo Augusto (150) and Silas Oberholtzer at 157.

A big crowd of Stevenson fans would inspire both Themba Sitshela (175) and heavyweight Andrew Timmons, who beat top-seeded Clarence Jackson of Barrington in his final.

Buffalo Grove senior Cadon Watson (215) and Highland Park senior Dmitry Derbedyenyev (165) also won regional titles.

Stevenson Regional championship match results:

106- Kaleb Pratt (Barrington) D 8-3 Evan Mishels (Stevenson).

113- Anthony Orozco-Diaz (Hersey) F 3:21 Ayush Bajaj (Stevenson).

120- Ryan Dorn (Barrington) D 12-5 Esteban Delgado (Hersey).

126- Abdullokh Khakimov (Hersey) D 8-1 Jimmy Whitaker (Barrington).

132- Maksim Mukhamedaliyev (Hersey) MD 10-1 Daniel Blanke (Barrington).

138- Rodrigo Arceo (Hersey) D 10-8 Andrew Chamkin (Stevenson).

144- Jake Hanson (Hersey) D 15-11 Val Vihrov (Stevenson).

150- Rhenzo Augusto (Barrington) MD 18-7 Frank Tagoe (Hersey).

157- Silas Oberholtzer (Barrington) D 8-1 Tim Boldt (Hersey).

165- Dmitry Derbedyenyev (Highland Park) D 1-0 Jose Gavina (Dundee-Crown).

175- Themba Sitshela (Stevenson) F 1:28 Trey Widlowski III (Palatine).

190- Anthony Cambria (Hersey) D 7-4 Ayden Salley (Barrington).

215- Cadon Watson (Buffalo Grove) F 3:13 Teigen Moreno (Dundee-Crown).

285- Andrew Timmons (Stevenson) F 0:27 Clarence Jackson (Barrington).

3rd Place results

106- Aiden Healey (Dundee-Crown) F 0:41 Alex Gudgeon (Highland Park).

113- Saul Ramirez (Barrington) F 0:53 Diego Bueno (Palatine).

120- Mikey Polyakov (Stevenson) F 4:48 Christian Gerardo (Dundee-Crown).

126- Yash Jagtap (Stevenson) D 7-3 Chris Gerardo (Dundee-Crown).

132- Shawn Kogan (Stevenson) F 2:21 Vinnie Velasquez (Dundee-Crown).

138- Brennan O’Donnell (Barrington) D 8-5 Maxwell Turner (Buffalo Grove).

144- Brady Wright (Barrington) F 3:58 Nate Ferrari (Highland Park).

150- Alan Allende (Palatine) TF 4:38 (17-2) Daniel Gutierrez (Dundee-Crown).

157- Devitt Narens (Stevenson) D 10-8 Adrian Lopez (Buffalo Grove).

165- Alex Garza (Hersey) D 7-3 Xavier Catanzaro (Lake Zurich).

175- Leo Delgado (Hersey) F 1:06 Eli Moore (Highland Park).

190- Zach Anderson (Dundee-Crown) D 8-6 Esteban Suarez (Palatine).

215- Nick Larsen (Hersey) D 7-2 Anthony Escobar (Stevenson).

285- Gus Dammann (Hersey) F 2:59 John Saracco (Buffalo Grove).

Regionals that feed into the 3A Conant Individual Sectional

3A Maine South Regional – team champion Maine South

Host Maine South continued its winning ways by lifting its sixth consecutive regional title Saturday afternoon in Park Ridge to advance into the Addison Trail dual-team sectional, where the Hawks will face No. 1 St. Charles East.

Led by No. 1 Teddy Flores (120) the Hawks advanced 11 to the Conant sectional. Also winning regional titles for Maine South were Brett Harman (113), Luke Morrison (132), Jake Colleran (138) Gavin Hoerr (144) and Luke Gloetzner (150).

Maine South would finish with 243.5 overall points, followed by Elk Grove (179) and third place Evanston at (159).

Maine East (96) and Taft (84) were next, with Taft sophomore Bernardo Roque (106) winning a regional title. Maine West (64), Mather (43) and Niles West (39) would fill out the final three teams.

Elk Grove sends seven to sectionals, including champs Grant Madl (126), Logan Tosterud (165), Benny Schlosser (175), Dylan Berkowitz (190) and No. 9 Mikey Milovich (285).

Evanston has seven heading to sectionals, led by 157-pound champ Rodrigo Salinas.

Maine South Regional championship match results:

106- Bernardo Roque (Taft) F 2:00 George Georgiev (Maine South).

113- Brett Harman (Maine South) F 2:27 Miguel Guevara (Taft).

120- Teddy Flores (Maine South) F 1:24 David Ruiz (Taft).

126- Grant Madl (Elk Grove) F 1:50 Jack Handley Maine South).

132- Luke Morrison (Maine South) F 1:56 Eren Atac (Evanston).

138- Jake Colleran (Maine South) F 3:27 Bryan Lemus (Evanston).

144- Gavin Hoerr (Maine South) INJ 0:14 Manny Holloway (Evanston).

150- Luke Gloetzner (Maine South) F 2:27 Dylan Kroschel (Maine West).

157- Rodrigo Salinas (Evanston) F 4:45 Anthony Macina (Elk Grove).

165- Logan Tosterud (Elk Grove) F 2:16 Peter Greco (Maine West).

175- Benny Schlosser (Elk Grove) F 1:56 Evan Rioch (Maine South).

190- Mo Burt (Elk Grove) MD 13-2 Josh Marty (Evanston).

215- Dylan Berkowitz (Elk Grove) D 4-0 Leo McDonald (Maine South).

285- Mikey Milovich (Elk Grove) F 2:42 Tyler Fortis (Maine South).

3rd Place results:

106- Hesham Ghiasuddin (Niles West) F 3:46 Nicholas Biglari (Evanston).

113- Charles-evi Seri (Mather) F 0: 52 Andy Edwards (Evanston).

120- Luca Burgio (Maine West) D 11-10 Harper Papachristos (Evanston).

126- Logan Battersby (Maine West) D 3-2 John Moor (Maine East).

132- Dulguun Nyamdavaa (Maine East) F 1:18 Nicasio Acino (Elk Grove).

138- Mukhammadali Mametov (Maine East) F 4:40 Adrian Junco (Taft).

144- Ali Mohammed (Maine East) D 7-1 Matt DiMaria (Elk Grove).

150- Julian Lopez (Mather) F 3:44 Henry Parris (Evanston).

157- Ivan Gonzalez (Niles West) D 7-0 Tim Kato (Maine East).

165- Xavier Starks (Evanston) MD 8-0 Aidan Swenson (Maine South).

175- Peter Mestousis (Niles West) D 7-3 Esmat Abdalla (Evanston).

190- Adnan Shkeir (Maine East) F 4:43 Tommy Behzad (Maine South).

215- Christopher Osta (Taft) F 0:49 Edgar Torres (Maine East).

285- Jeremy Marshall (Evanston) F 5:22 Victor Nitchev (Maine East).

3A South Elgin Regional – team champion Schaumburg

Schaumburg claimed just a pair of champions but used seven second-place medal winners to overwhelm the field and win its second consecutive regional title. Schaumburg won 200-157.5 over second-place South Elgin and Conant (151.5) finished third.

Next up for Schaumburg is a date with Oak Park-and-River Forest at the Addison Trail dual-team sectional later this month.

The Saxons advanced a tourney high 11 to sectional, which includes champions Aidan Ploski (126) and Callen Kirchner (144), who is now a two-time regional champ.

South Elgin led all teams with four individual champs, including returning state qualifier Demetrios Carrera (120), who beat Schaumburg’s No. 2 Brady Phelps by a 3-2 decision.

Joining Carrera from South Elgin were two-time regional champion Leo Rosas (150), Julius Avendano (106) and Kosta Carrera (165). This group will be joined by five others at sectionals.

Third place Conant would treat their fans to a trio of champions in Mike Goolish (113), Tanner Cosgrove (157) and 2023 state qualifier and two-time regional champion Harley Stary (285).

The Cougars will send a total of eight into sectionals next weekend.

Lake Park fell short in its bid for a third-place finish with 142.0 points, with Streamwood (64.0), Hoffman Estates (58.5), Larkin (41.0) and Elgin (39.0) rounding out the next five.

Lake Park is sending six to the Conant sectional, led by regional champs Mathias Ewouso (215) and Vince Merola (138).

Elgin’s Fabian Ramirez (190) is now a two-time regional champion, while Hoffman Estates’ Alazar Eyob (132) and Streamwood junior Gabe Inorio (175) each winning their first regional titles.

South Elgin Regional championship match results:

106- Julius Avendano (South Elgin) F 2:32 Austin Phelps (Schaumburg).

113- Mike Goolish (Conant) F 1:13 Bryce Mensik (Lake Park).

120- Demetrios Carrera (South Elgin) D 3-2 Brady Phelps (Schaumburg).

126- Aidan Ploski (Schaumburg) D 5-4 Nick Merola (Lake Park).

132- Alazar Eyob (Hoffman Estates) D 9-6 Aamir Nieves-Allen (South Elgin).

138- Vince Merola (Lake Park) D 5-2 Rocco Fontela (Schaumburg).

144- Callen Kirchner (Schaumburg) F Juan Cortes (Streamwood).

150- Leo Rosas (South Elgin) F 1:17 Gavin Hinkle (Schaumburg).

157- Tanner Cosgrove (Conant) MD 12-4 Kolin Little (Schaumburg).

165- Kosta Carrera (South Elgin) F 3:19 Keegan Creighton (Schaumburg).

175- Gabe Inorio (Streamwood) F 1:45 Elias O’Neill (Lake Park).

190- Fabian Ramirez (Elgin) F 1:30 Jace Wolf (Streamwood).

215- Mathias Ewouso (Lake Park) F 3:29 Joey Cronin (South Elgin).

285- Harley Stary (Conant) F 2:32 Cesar Alvarez-Cuatepitizi (Schaumburg).

3rd Place results:

106- Emmett Arens (Conant) TF-1.5 (17-0) Mann Patel (Hoffman Estates).

113- Bryan Sanchez (Schaumburg) F 5:47 Gabriel Requena (Larkin).

120- Luis Flores (Conant) MD 9-0 Jayden Edgar (Elgin).

126- Caden Spizzirri (Conant) F 0:00 Tengis Vaanchigkhorol (Hoffman Estates).

132- Sergio Hernandez (Lake Park) MD 12-4 Matt Goolish.

138- No Match.

144- Victor Chevganov (Conant) D 13-10 Bela Mohapp (Lake Park).

150- Chase Hoffstetter (Lake Park) F 1:12 Christian Heishman (Conant).

157- Oscar Sroka (South Elgin) TF-1.5 (18-3) Noah Rodriguez (Streamwood).

165- Jackson Spizzirri (Conant) D 9-5 Kevin Ayala (Lake Park).

175- Michael Cwenar (South Elgin) D 8-5 Josh Benson (Schaumburg).

190- Jimmy Zinchuk (Schaumburg) D 6-1 Joshua Castillo (Larkin).

215- Abdulhamid Olowu (Hoffman Estates) TF-1-5 (19-3) Reili Carreto (Larkin).

285- Heze Garcia (South Elgin) F 1:38 Kevin Suarez (Elgin).

3A DeKalb Regional – team champion St. Charles East

Last year’s 3A team state champion took its first step towards another potential state crown, winning the team regional title 260-191 over second-place host DeKalb. Glenbard North (151.5) was third, followed by Wheaton North (111) and Geneva (74.5) in the top five. West Chicago (56), St. Charles North (45.5) and Bartlett (37) rounded out the field.

It was St. Charles East’s eighth team regional title in program history.

Leading the way for coach Jason Potter’s 12 sectional qualifiers were regional champions Dom Munaretto (113), Ben Davino (132), Tyler Guerra (138), Jayden Colon (144), Gavin Connolly (150), Brody Murray (175), and Matt Medina (285).

Placing second for the Saints were Liam Aye (120), Gavin Woodmancy (126), Anthony Gutierrez (165), and Cooper Murray (190). Brandon Swartz (215) also placed third to advance for St. Charles East.

Second-place DeKalb advanced eight wrestlers to the sectionals, led by regional champions Jacob Luce (165) and Lamar Bradley (215). Third-place Glenbard North had six sectional qualifiers, led by champions Kalani Khiev (120), Christian Chavez (126) and Tyler Ott (190).

Fourth-place Wheaton North advanced six wrestlers to the sectional and had the remaining individual regional champions in Rocco Macellaio (106) and Thomas Fulton (157).

DeKalb Regional individual championship match results:

106 – Rocco Macellaio (Wheaton N) D 8-2 Declan Sons (SC North)

113 – Dom Munaretto (SC East) D 9-5 Dominick Marre (Glenbard N)

120 – Kalani Khiev (Glenbard N) D 4-0 Liam Aye (SC East)

126 – Christian Chavez (Glenbard N) MD 9-1 Gavin Woodmancy (SC East)

132 – Ben Davino (SC East) F 0:39 David Hyde (Wheaton N)

138 – Tyler Guerra (SC East) F 1:52 Hudson Ikens (DeKalb)

144 – Jayden Colon (SC East) MD 10-1 Mekhi Cave (DeKalb)

150 – Gavin Connolly (SC East) D 5-0 Rylan Kradle (Glenbard N)

157 – Thomas Fulton (Wheaton N) D 3-1 Payton Marzen (Geneva)

165 – Jacob Luce (DeKalb) D 6-2 Anthony Gutierrez (SC East)

175 – Brody Murray (SC East) D6-4 Sean Kolkebeck (DeKalb)

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