IHSA 1A Dual Sectional Roundup

By Gary Larsen

Only two of last year’s eight dual team state finalists return in 2023, in defending 1A state champion Yorkville Christian and IC Catholic Prep, which is seeking its first team state medal.. Making their first-ever state finals appearances are Oakwood and Canton in a field that also includes LeRoy, Lena-Winslow, Coal City, and Auburn.

Lena-Winslow has two team state titles to its name, and LeRoy is chasing its second team title. Coal City leads all programs present in making its 11th state finals appearance in its long and storied history.

Here is a recap of Tuesday’s Class 1A dual team sectionals:

At El Paso-Gridley

Canton 57, Kewanee 24

Canton (28-9) makes its first dual team state finals appearance in history after winning 8 of 12 matches wrestled plus two forfeit wins against Kewanee. Coach Zach Crawford’s squad faces Lena-Winslow in a state quarterfinal dual on Friday.

Dual results:

106: Maddux Steele (Canton) FF

113: Jack Jochums (Canton) FF
120: John Davis (Canton) F 2:30 Landyn GreenHagen (Kewanee (H.S.))

126: Trevor Hedges (Canton) F 0:26 Benjamin Taylor (Kewanee (H.S.))

132: Brandon Eaton (Canton) F 1:41 Landon Mason (Kewanee (H.S.))

138: William Taylor (Kewanee (H.S.)) F 2:32 Jireh Hedges (Canton)

145: Wesley Chaney (Canton) F 2:27 Parker DeBord (Kewanee (H.S.))

152: Max Kelly (Kewanee (H.S.)) F 0:59 Wyatt Sego (Canton)

160: Jaxson Hicks (Kewanee (H.S.)) F 1:20 Danny Murphy (Canton)

170: Joseph Norton (Canton) F 0:21 Alejandro Torress (Kewanee (H.S.))

182: Alejandro Duarte (Kewanee (H.S.)) F 2:46 Aden Greene (Canton)

195: Rob Mayall (Canton) D 9-8 Jackson Hawkins (Kewanee (H.S.))

220: Grant Kessler (Canton) F 3:52 Douglas Swearingen (Kewanee (H.S.))

285: Asa Reed (Canton) F 0:25 Daniel Boswell (Kewanee (H.S.))

Leroy/ Tri-Valley 46, El Paso-Gridley 27

LeRoy/ Tri-Valley (24-1) is making its fourth state finals appearance, having won a team state title in 2012, placed second in 2009, and third in 2011 for coach Doug DeWald. Current coach Brady Sant Amour’s Panthers take on Coal City in Friday’s state quarterfinal dual.

Dual results:

195: Drendon Stickling (LeRoy) F 5:00 Parker Duffy (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

220: Jacob Bischoff (LeRoy) F 1:48 Chris Blackmore (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

285: Tate Sigler (LeRoy) MD 11-1Jesse Gerber (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

106: Brady Mouser (LeRoy) FF

113: Kobe Brent (LeRoy) F 1:32 Nolan Whitman (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

120: Logan Gibson (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)) FF

126: Brock Owens (LeRoy) TF 17-1 Ethan Krugger (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

132: Colton Prosser (LeRoy) F 4:00 Jack Erwin (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

138: Tyler Roth (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)) D 7-5 Jack Green (LeRoy)

145: Connor Lyons (LeRoy) MD 9-0 Waylon Melick (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

152: Bo Zeleznik (LeRoy) D 7-6 Conlee Landrus (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))

160: Dax Gentes (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)) FF

170: Ethan Whitman (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)) FF

182: Cody Langland (El Paso (E.P.-Gridley))FF

At Oregon

Lena-Winslow/Stockton 41, Marian Central 30

Lena-Winslow/Stockton (32-5) makes its fourth appearance in the state finals under coach Kevin Milder, and the Panthers take on Canton in Friday’s state quarterfinals. Milder led Lena-Winslow to team state titles in 2017 and 2019, and a second-place finish in 2012.

Lena-Winslow won 8 of 14 matches against Marian, including seven in a row to end the dual, and earned bonus points in six of its eight wins.

Dual results:

106: Austin Hagevold (Woodstock (Marian)) F 0:31 Reece Demeter (Lena (L.-Winslow))

113: Andrew Alvarado (Woodstock (Marian)) F 5:19 David Prater (Lena (L.-Winslow))

120: Arrison Bauer (Lena (L.-Winslow)) F 2:40 Josh Gawronski (Woodstock (Marian))

126: Kaden Harman (Woodstock (Marian)) F 2:44 Mauricio Glass (Lena (L.-Winslow))

132: Vance Williams (Woodstock (Marian)) F 1:27 Mark Detwiler (Lena (L.-Winslow))

138: Nick Davidson (Woodstock (Marian)) MD 15-3 Carson McPeek (Lena (L.-Winslow))

145: Charlie Fitzgerald (Woodstock (Marian)) D 17-10 Karl Hubb (Lena (L.-Winslow))

152: Garrett Luke (Lena (L.-Winslow)) MD 12-3 Ethan Struck (Woodstock (Marian))

160: Jared Dvorak (Lena (L.-Winslow)) D 3-2 Max Astacio (Woodstock (Marian))

170: Eli Larson (Lena (L.-Winslow)) F 1:24 Connor Cassels (Woodstock (Marian))

182: Jace Phillips (Lena (L.-Winslow)) F 3:40 Rob Hernon (Woodstock (Marian))

195: Griffin Luke (Lena (L.-Winslow)) F 0:43 Hunter Birkhoff (Woodstock (Marian))

220: Mike Haas (Lena (L.-Winslow)) D 4-0 John Herff (Woodstock (Marian))

285: Henry Engel (Lena (L.-Winslow)) F 1:37 Ray Hughes (Woodstock (Marian))

Yorkville Christian 42, Riverdale 28

Defending 1A state champion Yorkville Christian (20-5) heads to the state finals for the second time under coach Mike Vester, and the Mustangs take on Auburn in Friday’s state quarterfinal dual.

Yorkville Christian won 8 of the 13 matches wrestled against Riverdale, which included five pins, one forfeit, and a pair of straight decisions.

Dual results:

106: Dean Wainwright (Port Byron (Riverdale)) F 1:02 Eli Foster (Yorkville (Christian))

113: Aiden Larsen (Yorkville (Christian)) D 3-2 Tharren Jacobs (Port Byron (Riverdale))

120: Ty Edwards (Yorkville (Christian)) F 0:22 Ethan Mathis (Port Byron (Riverdale))

126: Tristan Gleason (Yorkville (Christian)) F 2:38 Thad Jacobs (Port Byron (Riverdale))

132: Noah Dial (Yorkville (Christian)) F 3:12 Kolton Kruse (Port Byron (Riverdale))

138: Brock Smith (Port Byron (Riverdale)) F 0:35 John `Isaac` Gray (Yorkville (Christian))

145: Blake Smith (Port Byron (Riverdale)) F 2:59 Grason Johnson (Yorkville (Christian))

152: Drew Torza (Yorkville (Christian)) D 5-3 Eli Hinde (Port Byron (Riverdale))

160: Collin Altensey (Port Byron (Riverdale)) D 5-3 Tyler Martinez (Yorkville (Christian))

170: Jackson Gillen (Yorkville (Christian)) FF

182: Alex Watson (Port Byron (Riverdale)) MD 12-3 Jeremy Loomis (Yorkville (Christian))

195: Zac Bradley (Port Byron (Riverdale)) D 9-4 Christopher Durbin (Yorkville (Christian))

220: Jackson Mehochko (Yorkville (Christian)) F 2:55 Iyezaha Hill (Port Byron (Riverdale))

285: Garrett Tunnell (Yorkville (Christian)) F 4:28 Jake Baustian (Port Byron (Riverdale))

At Vandalia

Auburn 48, Cahokia 32

Auburn (26-3) returns to the state dual team finals for the third time under coach Mike Grimm, having made the trip in 2017 and placed fourth in 2020. The Trojans had five pins and three forfeit wins in taking down Cahokia at Vandalia.

Dual results:

160: Colby Willhite (Auburn) FF

170: Joey Barrow (Auburn) F 1:00 Kendrick Williams (Cahokia (H.S.))

182: Skylar Fay (Auburn) F 1:29 Avan Spratt (Cahokia (H.S.))

195: Nick Deloach Jr. (Cahokia (H.S.)) TF 17-2 Grant Dobson (Auburn)

220: Quinterrous Jones (Cahokia (H.S.)) F 5:58 Clinton Lovens (Auburn)

285: Cole Edie (Auburn) F 0:52 jason Dowell (Cahokia (H.S.))

106: Avionne Brown (Cahokia (H.S.)) F 1:12 Ryer Parker (Auburn)

113: Drayven Hamm (Auburn) F 5:47 Ja`marcus Agnew (Cahokia (H.S.))

120: Nicholas Scott (Cahokia (H.S.)) TF 19-4 Jasmine Brown (Auburn)

126: Anthony Ruzic (Auburn) FF

132: Demerious Mcgill (Cahokia (H.S.)) F 1:42 Walker Britz (Auburn)

138: Kody Harlan (Cahokia (H.S.)) MD 11-3 Jayden Brown (Auburn)

145: Dresden Grimm (Auburn) FF

152: Quinten Chizmar (Auburn) F 3:51 Anthony Winters (Cahokia (H.S.))

Oakwood 46, Anna-Jonesboro 31

Coach Mike Glosser’s Comets (20-10) advanced to the team state finals for the first time in program history, and will do battle against IC Catholic Prep in a state quarterfinal on Friday.

The Comets had five pins, one major decision, and two forfeit wins against Anna-Jonesboro to advance..
Dual results:

160: Drew Holshouser (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) F 3:18 Blake Barney (Fithian (Oakwood))

170: Dalton Brown (Fithian (Oakwood)) F 1:45 Metteo Vaca-Diez (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

182: Harley Grimm (Fithian (Oakwood)) F 1:04 Carson Bracken (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

195: Rayshaun Cannon (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) F 0:53 Ezekiel Smith (Fithian (Oakwood))

220: Levi Jones (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) F 1:22 Doug Myers (Fithian (Oakwood))

285: Eddie Dahmer (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) F 2:46 Kade Flemming (Fithian (Oakwood))

106: Brayden Edwards (Fithian (Oakwood)) F 3:01 Zoee Sadler (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

113: Drew Sadler (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) MD 10-2 Tyler Huchel (Fithian (Oakwood))

120: Jack Aister (Fithian (Oakwood)) F 3:27 Brett Smith (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

126: Thomas Wells (Fithian (Oakwood)) F 4:50 Lucas Hoehner (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

132: Pedro Rangel (Fithian (Oakwood)) MD 11-2 Daniel Dover (Anna (A.-Jonesboro))

138: TJ Macy (Anna (A.-Jonesboro)) D 6-0 Carter Chambliss (Fithian (Oakwood))

145: Reef Pacot (Fithian (Oakwood)) FF

152: Bryson Capansky (Fithian (Oakwood)) FF

At  Wilmington

Coal City 75, Chicago Hope Academy 3

Coal City (40-2) advanced to its 11th dual team state finals with Tuesday’s sectional win, and its sixth under coach Mark Masters, who led the Coalers to second-place finishes in 2016, ‘19, and ‘20, and third-place finishes in 2015 and ‘18. Coal City faces LeRoy in its state quarterfinal dual on Friday.

Dual results:

152: Mataeo Blessing (Coal City) F 1:34 Tony Jones-Blakely (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

160: Landin Benson (Coal City) F 0:42 Miguel Rodriguez (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

170: Derek Carlson (Coal City) F 3:59 Tristan Phipps (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

182: Cade Poyner (Coal City) F 0:56 Mastewal Evely (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

195: Uriah Martin-Velez (Chicago (C. Hope Academy)) D 5-4 Andrew Feisley (Coal City)

220: Drake Dearth (Coal City) F 0:57 Alex Garcia (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

285: Michael Gonzalez (Coal City) F 3:20 Roy Phelps (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

106: Culan Lindemuth (Coal City) FF

113: Brody Widlowski (Coal City) F 0:30 Mike Garcia (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

120: Aidan Kenney (Coal City) F 0:50 Jorge Rios (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

126: Noah Houston (Coal City) F 1:38 Donnell Smith (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

132: Brock Finch (Coal City) FF

138: Evan Greggain (Coal City) D 4-2 Samuel Lazarus Amador (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

145: Brant Widlowski (Coal City) F 2:16 Bryan Gonzalez (Chicago (C. Hope Academy))

IC Catholic Prep 51, St. Laurence 28

Coach Jason Renteria takes IC Catholic Prep (2-3-1) to the state finals for the second straight year and the third time in program history, and the Knights take on Oakwood in a state quarterfinal on Friday.

The Knights had six pins, one straight decision, and one forfeit in winning 7 of the 11 matches wrestled against St. Laurence.

Dual results:

152: Joseph Gliatta (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 1:05 Jacob Sellers (Burbank (St. Laurence))

160: Henry Coughlin (Burbank (St. Laurence)) MD 15-6 Nate Brown (Elmhurst (IC Catholic))

170: Jack Claussen (Burbank (St. Laurence)) F 0:47 Will Bryk (Elmhurst (IC Catholic))

182: Foley Calcagno (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 1:54 Damien Torres (Burbank (St. Laurence))

195: Xavier Bitner (Burbank (St. Laurence)) F 1:22 Marcheon Griffin (Elmhurst (IC Catholic))

220: Vinnie Gonzalez (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) D 2-0 Jaquin Moreno (Burbank (St. Laurence))

285: Isaiah Gonzalez (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 1:10 Angelo Arellano (Burbank (St. Laurence))

106: Henry Manning (Burbank (St. Laurence)) FF

113: Nathan Martinez (Burbank (St. Laurence)) F 0:20 Clara Samayoa (Elmhurst (IC Catholic))

120: Saul Trejo (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) FF

126: Ben Czarnowski (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 0:59 Tyler Malonowski (Burbank (St. Laurence))

132: Kc Kekstadt (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 1:54 Eduarado Arias (Burbank (St. Laurence))

138: Justin Grace (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) FF

145: Bryson Spaulding (Elmhurst (IC Catholic)) F 1:30 Joseph Barnett (Burbank (St. Laurence))

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