IHSA 2A Dual Sectional Roundup

By Gary Larsen

Defending 2A champion Joliet Catholic, Deerfield, Brother Rice, and Mahomet-Seymour all return from last year’s dual state finals field. Deerfield was state runner-up to Joliet Catholic and Mahomet-Seymour finished third last year.

Joining those teams at this year’s finals in Bloomington will be Washington, Wauconda, Jacksonville, and Geneseo, and here is a recap of how those eight teams advanced through Tuesday’s Class 2A dual team sectionals: 

At Brother Rice:

Defending 2A state champion Joliet Catholic takes on Jacksonville in a state quarterfinal dual on Friday, on the heels of its sectional title win over Chicago’s Noble/Comer on Tuesday at Brother Rice. Joliet Catholic swept Comer en route to its second state finals appearance under coach Ryan Cumbee.

Joliet Catholic Academy 75, Noble/Comer 0

120: Jason Hampton (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 2:31 Isaac Banks (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

126: Aurelio Munoz (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 1:00 Oryan Sandifer (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

132: George Hollendoner (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 1:21 Damarius Smothers (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

138: Nolan Vogel (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 1:11 Daryl Offord (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

145: Jake Hamiti (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 5:10 Malik Wynn (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

152: Luke Hamiti (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) MD 11-1 Faizol Salam (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

160: Connor Cumbee (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 2:20 Demetrius Walker-Hill (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

170: Mason Alessio (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) TF 17-0 Larnzell McNeal (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

182: Issac Clauson (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 2:28 Kenneth Barrett (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

195: Marcello Aguilar (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) FF

220: Alex Dalach (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 2:27 Blaine Sanders (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

285: Hunter Powell (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 3:41 Joshua Pombo (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

106: Double FF

113: Noah Avina (Joliet (Catholic Academy)) F 1:24 Jadden Scott (Chicago (Noble/Comer))

Brother Rice 38, Lemont 29

Brother Rice earned its second consecutive state finals appearance under coach Jan Murzyn, winning 8 of 14 matches over Lemont that featured bonus points in five of those wins, and a pair of sudden victory wins to boot.

Brother Rice squares off with Geneseo in its state quarterfinal dual Friday.

Dual results:

120: John Vega (Chicago (Brother Rice)) SV-1 4-2 Carter Mikolajczak (Lemont (H.S.))

126: Bobby Conway (Chicago (Brother Rice)) F 0:32 Ethan Spadafora (Lemont (H.S.))

132: James Bennett (Chicago (Brother Rice)) TF 23-8 Jullian Vallianatos (Lemont (H.S.))

138: Sammy Schuit (Lemont (H.S.)) MD 11-0 Jack O`Connor (Chicago (Brother Rice))

145: Johnny O`Connor (Lemont (H.S.)) MD 16-2 Pat Gilhooly (Chicago (Brother Rice))

152: Noah O`Connor (Lemont (H.S.)) D 4-1 John Fitzpatrick (Chicago (Brother Rice))

160: Colin Goggin (Chicago (Brother Rice)) D 8-7 Nico LoCoco (Lemont (H.S.))

170: James Crane (Chicago (Brother Rice)) F 3:16 Vinny DelliColli (Lemont (H.S.))

182: Charles Connolly (Chicago (Brother Rice)) F 0:35 Dillon Labno (Lemont (H.S.))

195: Gambino Perez (Chicago (Brother Rice)) SV-1 3-1 Nathan Wrublik (Lemont (H.S.))

220: Daniel Taylor (Lemont (H.S.)) F 1:08 Mac Murzyn (Chicago (Brother Rice))

285: Alex Pasquale (Lemont (H.S.)) F 3:38 Nick Baser (Chicago (Brother Rice))

106: James Bowes (Chicago (Brother Rice)) F 1:08 Matteo Vitro (Lemont (H.S.))

113: Cory Zator (Lemont (H.S.)) FF

At Montini

Wauconda makes its second state finals appearance in program history, having placed second in 2017 for coach Michael Buhr. Current coach Trevor Jauch leads the Bulldogs into a state quarterfinal dual against Deerfield on Friday.

Wauconda won 8 of 11 matches wrestled against Montini to advance downstate.

Wauconda 55, Montini 24

138: Logan Andrews (Wauconda) FF

145: Cole Porten (Wauconda) F 3:59 Santino Tenuta (Lombard (Montini))

152: David Mayora (Lombard (Montini)) F 0:56 Branden Flores (Wauconda)

160: Nick Cheshier (Wauconda) F 0:45 AJ Tack (Lombard (Montini))

170: Zac Johnson (Wauconda) F 3:12 Sam Ostrowski (Lombard (Montini))

182: Sean Christensen (Wauconda) TF 17-2 Jaxon Lane (Lombard (Montini))

195: Evan Jocic (Lombard (Montini)) F 5:42 Joan Vazquez (Wauconda)

220: Mick Ranquist (Lombard (Montini)) F 1:45 Michael Merevick (Wauconda)

285: Joe Scianna (Wauconda) F 2:43 Mike Wind (Lombard (Montini))

106: Gavin Rockey (Wauconda) TF 19-3 Max Neal (Lombard (Montini))

113: Nathan Randle (Wauconda) FF

120: Kam Luif (Lombard (Montini)) FF

126: Lucas Galdine (Wauconda) F 2:26 David Hernandez (Lombard (Montini))

132: Kaden Hebert (Wauconda) D 13-6 Lewis Wais-Montoya (Lombard (Montini))

Deerfield 48, St. Patrick 23

St. Patrick forfeited four weight classes and Deerfield got bonus points in the four matches it won to advance downstate for the second consecutive year. Coach Mark Pechter brings his program to the team state finals for the fourth time, having placed fourth in 3A in 2017 and second in 2A last season. 

Dual results:

138: Niko Karamaniolas (Chicago (St. Patrick)) D 8-2 Joey Shaffer (Deerfield (H.S.))

145: Charlie Cross (Deerfield (H.S.)) F 2:41 Sebastian Bruno (Chicago (St. Patrick))

152: Luca Davila (Deerfield (H.S.)) FF

160: Devin Nichol (Chicago (St. Patrick)) D 3-2 Will Holtz (Deerfield (H.S.))

170: Gio Hernandez (Chicago (St. Patrick)) MD 11-0 Grant Goldsmith (Deerfield (H.S.))

182: Kevin Sabau (Deerfield (H.S.)) FF

195: Aiden Cohen (Deerfield (H.S.)) F 0:40 Sal Espinoza (Chicago (St. Patrick))

220: Garvin Crews (Deerfield (H.S.)) FF
285: Jordan Meyers (Deerfield (H.S.)) FF

106: Danny Goodwin (Chicago (St. Patrick)) F 5:59 Vincent Serwan (Deerfield (H.S.))

113: Calvin Stahl (Chicago (St. Patrick)) MD 9-1 Noah Palzet (Deerfield (H.S.))

120: Olin Walker (Chicago (St. Patrick)) MD 11-3 Luke Reddy (Deerfield (H.S.))

126: Jordan Rasof (Deerfield (H.S.)) F 1:02 Justin Ranzzoni (Chicago (St. Patrick))

132: Jackson Palzet (Deerfield (H.S.)) F 5:59 Ben Kusar (Chicago (St. Patrick))

At Sycamore:

Washington won 10 of the 13 matches wrestled against Crystal Lake Central to advance to the state finals for the eighth time in program history. Washington won four straight team state titles from 2016-19 and placed second in 2020. Coach Nick Miller’s Panthers take on Mahomet-Seymour in Friday’s state quarterfinal round.

Washington 48, Crystal Lake Central 15

170: Cayden Parks (Crystal Lake (Central)) F 3:33 Zane Hulet (Washington)

182: Blake Hinrichsen (Washington) F 4:36 TJ Metz (Crystal Lake (Central))

195: Josh Hoffer (Washington) D 4-2 Jon Barrick (Crystal Lake (Central))

220: Justin Hoffer (Washington) MD 12-3 Tommy McNeil (Crystal Lake (Central))

285: Leo Diaz (Crystal Lake (Central)) F 2:41 Sean Thornton (Washington)

106: Symon Woods (Washington) FF

113: Noah Woods (Washington) D 10-4 Dylan Ramsey (Crystal Lake (Central))

120: Logan Makiney (Washington) D 8-4 Ramiro Rendon (Crystal Lake (Central))

126: Wyatt Medlin (Washington) D 12-7 Greco Rendon (Crystal Lake (Central))

132: Eli Gonzalez (Washington) MD 10-2 Brett Campagna (Crystal Lake (Central))

138: Peyton Cox (Washington) TF 15-0 Dom Vitale (Crystal Lake (Central))

145: Kannon Webster (Washington) F 0:46 Elliot White (Crystal Lake (Central))

152: Cael Miller (Washington) TF 18-3 Tommy Tomasello (Crystal Lake (Central))

160: Ben Butler (Crystal Lake (Central)) D 7-0 Braden Baker (Washington)

Geneseo 44, Sycamore 23

Geneseo won 9 of 14 matches against Sycamore, including 8 straight wins from 106-152, to advance to its fourth team dual state finals. Geneseo finished second in state in 2013 and 2014 under coach Jon Murray, who takes his squad to a downstate quarterfinal against Brother Rice on Friday.

Dual results:

170: Cooper Bode (Sycamore (H.S.)) TF 15-0 Logan Palmer (Geneseo)

182: Zack Crawford (Sycamore (H.S.)) F 0:29 Aaron Betcher (Geneseo)

195: Gable Carrick (Sycamore (H.S.)) D 2-0 Landon Shoemaker (Geneseo)

220: Tim Stohl (Geneseo) MD 10-1 Ethan Bode (Sycamore (H.S.))

285: Lincoln Cooley (Sycamore (H.S.)) D 1-0 Levi Neumann (Geneseo)

106: Tim Sebastian (Geneseo) F 3:34 Michael Olson (Sycamore (H.S.))

113: Grady Hull (Geneseo) D 5-3 Tyler Lockhart (Sycamore (H.S.))

120: Devan Hornback (Geneseo) F 3:13 Thomas Lind (Sycamore (H.S.))

126: Bryce Bealer (Geneseo) D 5-0 Jonathon Buckheister (Sycamore (H.S.))

132: Malaki Jackson (Geneseo) F 1:50 Logan Sandfox (Sycamore (H.S.))

138: Zachary Montez (Geneseo) F 1:55 Cole Kleiser (Sycamore (H.S.))

145: Kye Weinzierl (Geneseo) MD 12-1 Jaden Cochran (Sycamore (H.S.))

152: Josh Hock (Geneseo) FF

160: Gus Cambier (Sycamore (H.S.)) FF

At Glenwood:

Mahomet-Seymour won 36-34 over Glenwood and Jacksonville won 51-24 over Mt. Vernon to advance to this year’s dual state finals.

Mahomet-Seymour will take on Washington in Friday’s state quarterfinal round, one year after placing third in Illinois for coach Rob Ledin. Mahomet-Seymour is making its 20th appearance in the team dual state finals and won four state titles under coach Marty Williams in 1984, ‘86, ‘88, and ‘89. The Bulldogs also placed second in 1985 and third in 1987 under Williams, and finished third in Illinois under coach Rob Porter in 1991, ‘94 ‘97, and 2001.

Ledin will lead the Bulldogs downstate for the fifth time in his tenure,
Jacksonville will be making its first-ever appearance at the team dual state finals for coach Dustin Secrist and will square off with Joliet Catholic in their state quarterfinal dual.

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