IHSA 3A Dual Sectional Roundup

By Gary Larsen

Here’s a recap of Tuesday’s Class 3A team dual sectionals. The team state finals will take place Friday and Saturday at Grossinger Motors Arena in Bloomington.

At DeKalb

St. Charles East 66, Maine South 9
The Saints were dominant Tuesday, winning 12 of the 13 matches wrestled including nine pins against Maine South. St. Charles East will compete in the team state finals for the third time in program history, having placed third in 1997 for coach Mick Ruettiger, and advancing in 2001 for coach Steve Smerz.

“I felt our guys wrestled really well on Super Tuesday,” Saints coach Jason Potter said. “It is a hard turnaround for the guys who are coming off a long weekend at individual state and I was impressed by their ability to get focused on short notice and take care of a tough Maine South team.
“We wrestled hard from top to bottom and we were even in the two matches we lost.  We’re excited about the opportunity to compete for a state championship this weekend and the challenge of facing the returning champs (Mt. Carmel) on Friday night.  We feel if we wrestle our best, we can beat anyone.”

Dual results:

106: Dom Munaretto (St. Charles East) F 1:35 Brett Harman (Maine South)

113: Christos Vaselopulos (Maine South) SV-1 10-8 Liam Aye (St. Charles East)

120: Logan Tatar (St. Charles East) FF

126: AJ Marino (St. Charles East) F 2:42 Majid Alavi (Maine South)

132: Ben Davino (St. Charles East) F 0:58 Luke Morrison (Maine South)

138: Ethan Penzato (St. Charles East) F 1:30 Sean Hamilton (Maine South)

145: Tyler Guerra (St. Charles East) F 1:01 Nate Beltran (Maine South)

152: Gavin Connolly (St. Charles East) D 3-1 Danny Spandiary (Maine South)

160: Alex Eng (Maine South) F 2:29 Ryan McGovern (St. Charles East)

170: Lane Robinson (St. Charles East) F 0:55 Sam Bartell (Maine South)

182: Brody Murray (St. Charles East) F 3:00 Fillip Michniewicz (Maine South)

195: Brandon Swartz (St. Charles East) F 2:27 Tommy Porrello (Maine South)

220: Christian Wilson (St. Charles East) F 2:27 Leo McDonald (Maine South)

285: Austin Barrett (St. Charles East) D 3-2 Tyler Fortis (Maine South)

York 38, Schaumburg 32

The final two matches of the York-Schaumburg dual decided things, with Austin Bagdasarian (220) winning a 1-0 decision and then Dominic Begora (285) winning by fall to send York to the team state finals for its first time ever.

York won 8 of 14 matches wrestled and got bonus points in six of those wins. The Dukes and coach Nick Metcalf will wrestle against Yorkville in Friday’s state quarterfinal round.
Dual results:

106: Austin Phelps (Schaumburg) F 1:57 Tommy Olins (York)

113: Jake Kubycheck (York) F 2:41 Jair Cole (Schaumburg)

120: Brady Phelps (Schaumburg) TF 20-5 Bobby Berner (York)

126: Callen Kirchner (Schaumburg) F 5:05 Jackson Hanselman (York)

132: Sean VanSleet (York) MD 12-3 Rocco Fontela (Schaumburg)

138: Sean Berger (York) F 2:33 Aiden Ploski (Schaumburg)

145: Frankie Nitti (York) D 8-4 Kolin Little (Schaumburg)

152: Gavin Hinkle (Schaumburg) F 3:55 Michael Grazzini (York)

160: Caden Kirchner (Schaumburg) F 3:24 Alejandro Carreon (York)

170: Danny DeCristofaro (York) MD 10-2 Logan Meyer (Schaumburg)

182: Sean Christoffel (Schaumburg) D 10-4 Matt Barton (York)

195: Evan Grazzini (York) F 3:59 Jacob Acevedo (Schaumburg)

220: Austin Bagdasarian (York) D 1-0 Jimmy Zinchuck (Schaumburg)

285: Dominic Begora (York) F 3:59 Dilon Najjar (Schaumburg)

At Marmion Academy:

Marmion Academy 51, Downers Grove South 21

Marmion went 10-4 with one forfeit win in matches against Downers Grove South and got bonus points in eight of the nine matches wrestled. Marmion advances to the team state finals for the ninth time in program history. Marmion is seeking its first-ever team state championship, having placed second in state twice (2013, 2016) and third twice (2014, 2019).

“The boys wrestled hard,” Marmion coach Anthony Cirrincione said. “It has been a while (2019) for Marmion, but we have been wrestling hard all year. The excitement of having an opportunity to compete for a team state title is real amongst the team. We will continue to ask the boys what we have asked them to do this entire season and that is to wrestle really hard and listen to the coaches. They have yet to not answer that request and nothing will be different this weekend. I expect us to compete really hard and give it everything we have.”

Dual results:
195: Mateusz Nycz (Marmion) F 4:00 Keandre Miles (DG South)

220: Teddy Perry (Marmion) F 1:07 Jayden Contreras (DG South)

285: Sean Scheck (Marmion) F 1:28 Semaj Croswell (DG South)

106: Nicholas Garcia (Marmion) TF 17-2 Trevor DiNaso (DG South)

113: Donny Pigoni (Marmion) MD 10-0 Miguel Castaneda (DG South)

120: Donnie Fields (DG South) FF

126: Jameson Garcia (Marmion) F 3:37 Angel Negron (DG South)

132: Ashton Hobson (Marmion) F 0:41 Jordan Christin-Holley (DG South)

138: Tyler Aters (Marmion) D 8-4 Dom Piehl (DG South)

145: Brody Kelly (Marmion) TF 20-3 Hugo Contreras-Lozano (DG South)

152: Collin Carrigan (Marmion) FF

160: Luke Swan (DG South) FF

170: RJ Samuels (DG South) D 6-3 Michael Phillips (Marmion)

182: Matty Lapacek (DG South) FF

Mt. Carmel 63, Naperville Central 9

Defending team state champion Mt. Carmel went 12-2 in matches against Naperville Central to advance to the team state finals for the 14th time in program history, having won team state titles under Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Weick back in 1992, ‘93, and ‘94, and also placed second in state in 2020 for current coach Alex Tsirtsis.

Dual results:

195: William Jacobson (Mt. Carmel) MD 14-4 Jacob Smetters (Naperville Central)

220: Nicolas Besteiro (Naperville Central) F 1:28 Nick Naujokas (Mt. Carmel)

285: Alexander Poholik (Mt. Carmel) F 1:35 over Chase Enfield (Naperville Central)

106: Kavel Moore (Mt. Carmel) F 1:02 Jacob Cochran (Naperville Central)

113: Lukas Tsirtsis (Mt. Carmel) F 3:24 Austin Aguinaldo (Naperville Central)

120: Seth Mendoza (Mt. Carmel) F 3:36 Ty Martin (Naperville Central)

126: Caleb Drousias (Mt. Carmel) MD 14-5 Ethan Olson (Naperville Central)

132: Jairo Acuna (Mt. Carmel) F 1:55 Mitchell Kaszuba (Naperville Central)

138: Sergio Lemley (Mt. Carmel) F 4:22 Larry Stubitsch (Naperville Central)

145: Liam Kelly (Mt. Carmel) MD 10-2 Hagan Taylor (Naperville Central)

152: Edmund Enright (Mt. Carmel) F 0:29 Christopher Bern (Naperville Central)

160: Gavin Bohan (Naperville Central) D 9-2 Kevin Kalchbrenner (Mt. Carmel)

170: Colin Kelly (Mt. Carmel) TF 24-8 Henry Rydwelski (Naperville Central)

182: Rylan Breen (Mt. Carmel) MD 10-0 Nyree Dabney (Naperville Central)

At Huntley

Hersey 34, Prospect 21

In a closely-fought dual, Hersey went 9-5 in matches won over Prospect, including three one-point decision wins from Aaron Hernandez (160), Anthony Cambria (182) and James Shaffer (132), and a pair of two-point wins from Ben Erhabor (220) and Parker Sena (152).
Hersey will be making its third trip to the team state finals, having last competed downstate in 1993 and 1997. They’ll take on Marmion in their state quarterfinal dual on Friday.

160: Aaron Hernandez (Hersey) D 6-5 Damien Puma (Prospect)

170: Michael Matuszak (Prospect) D 7-4 Fortis Variano (Hersey)

182: Anthony Cambria (Hersey) D 10-9 Nathan Lopez (Prospect)

195: Jaxon Penovich (Prospect) TF 22-7 Leo Delgado ((Hersey)

220: Ben Erhabor (Hersey) D 9-7 Conor Mitchell (Prospect)

285: Oleg Simakov (Hersey) F 5:09 Tommy Johl (Prospect)

106: Dan Lehman (Hersey) TF 18-3 Adam Epperson (Prospect)

113: Abdullokh Khakimov (Hersey) MD 11-2 Elijah Garza (Prospect)

120: Joel Muehlenbeck (Prospect) D 11-6 Esteban Delgado (Hersey)

126: Max Mukhamedaliyev (Hersey) MD 13-4 Jimmy Mateos (Prospect)

132: James Shaffer (Hersey) D 8-7 Giorgio Difalco (Prospect)

138: Lennon Steinkuhler (Prospect) MD 14-1 Rodrigo Arceo (Hersey)

145: Will Baysingar (Prospect) F 1:37 Jake Hanson (Hersey)

152: Parker Sena (Hersey) D 5-3 Alex Bootz (Prospect)

Warren 60, Belvidere North 16

Warren won eight of the 11 matches wrestled against Belvidere North and got bonus points in six of those eight wins, in advancing to the program’s first-ever trip to the team state finals for coach Brad Janecek. Warren squares off with Lockport in a state quarterfinal dual on Friday.

Dual results:

160: Royce Lopez (Warren) SV-1 2-1 Antonio Alvarado (Belvidere North)

170: Colin Young (Belvidere North) F 1:59 Justice Humphreys (Warren)

182: Demetrius Lin (Warren) F 3: 26 Juan Cervantes (Belvidere North)

195: Jeremiah Hixson ((Warren) F 0:40 Christian Mendoza (Belvidere North)

220: Caleb VanLeer ((Warren) FF

285: Anthony Soto (Warren) F 0:38 Zander Martinez (Belvidere North)

106: Jonathan Marquez (Warren) F 4:00 Unknown (Unattached)

113: Brayden Teunissen (Belvidere North) MD 13-1 Carlos Ordonez (Warren)

120:Jose Ordonez (Warren) F 1:29 Bryson Teunissen (Belvidere North)

126: Jorge Valenzuela ((Warren) D 11-5 Geren Stapleton (Belvidere North)

132: Zack Piszkiewicz (Warren) FF

138: Evan Onstead (Warren) F 1:51 Andrew Bucci (Belvidere North)

145: Dominick Girardin (Belvidere North) F 2:21 Daniel Currea (Warren)

152: Aaron Stewart (Warren) FF

At Lincoln-Way West

Lockport 42, Lincoln-Way West 22

Lockport went 9-5 in matches won against Lincoln-Way West to secure its eighth trip to the dual team state finals, having won the state crown in 2017, placed third in 2016 and 2022, and finished fourth in 2015, all under former coach Josh Oster. In his first season at the helm, current coach Jameson Oster takes his squad into a state quarterfinal dual against Warren on Friday night.

“The team wrestled really well,” Oster said. “Being down three starters made the dual a lot more interesting, but our guys stepped up like they’ve been doing all season. We are looking to keep this momentum going and bring home another trophy this weekend.”

Dual results:

220: Nick Kavooras (Lincoln-Way West) MD 11-1 Malik Salah (Lockport)

285: Wojciech Chrobak (Lockport) TF 16-0 Michael Bylaitis (Lincoln-Way West)

106: Isaac Zimmerman (Lockport) F 1:43 Carter Dibenedetto (Lincoln-Way West)

113: Timmy O`Connor (Lockport) D 5-3 Haden Anderson (Lincoln-Way West)

120: Liam Zimmerman (Lockport) F 0:23 Caiden Selof (Lincoln-Way West)

126: Jad Alwawi (Lockport) MD 12-0 Jakob Siwinski (Lincoln-Way West)

132: Karter Guzman (Lincoln-Way West) F 2:43 Robert Vukobratovich (Lockport)

138: Logan Kaminski (Lockport) D 9-3 Jase Salin (Lincoln-Way West)

145: Luke Siwinski (Lincoln-Way West) D 11-7 Chris Miller (Lockport)

152: Durango Valles (Lockport) D 10-3 Tyler Mansker (Lincoln-Way West)

160: Jimmy Talley (Lincoln-Way West) D 7-3 Max Knezevich (Lockport)

170: Logan Swaw (Lockport) F 1:06 Devin Swidergal (Lincoln-Way West)

182: Aidan Nolting (Lockport) F 3:02 Nate Elstner (Lincoln-Way West)

195: Anthony Sherman (Lincoln-Way West) F 1:23 Chase Creed (Lockport)

Yorkville 35, Edwardsville 23

Yorkville won 8 of 13 matches wrestled including four of the final five matches to notch its 11th trip downstate. The Foxes most recent state titles came in 1993 and ‘94 under coach Bob Long and they finished second in state in their most recent trip downstate under coach Joe Fornell in 2012.
In his 7th year at the helm, current coach Jake Oster takes Yorkville downstate to face York in a state quarterfinal dual on Friday.

220: Ben Alvarez (Yorkville (H.S.)) F 1:28 Roman Janek (Edwardsville (H.S.))

285: Dawson Rull (Edwardsville (H.S.)) D 10-3 Logan Fenoglio (Yorkville (H.S.))

106: Liam Fenoglio (Yorkville (H.S.)) D 5-0 Bryson Nuttall (Edwardsville (H.S.))

113: Tyler Perry (Edwardsville (H.S.)) F 4:00 Ramsey Barton (Yorkville (H.S.))

120: Levi Wilkinson (Edwardsville (H.S.)) MD 14-6 Nathan Craft (Yorkville (H.S.))

126: Ryan Richie (Edwardsville (H.S.)) SV-1 9-7 Dominic Recchia (Yorkville (H.S.))

132: Jack Ferguson (Yorkville (H.S.)) D 4-1 Zeke Rhodes (Edwardsville (H.S.))

138: Dom Coronado (Yorkville (H.S.)) MD 9-1 Blake Mink (Edwardsville (H.S.))

145: Drew Landau (Edwardsville (H.S.))  MD 14-6 Caleb Viscogliosi (Yorkville (H.S.))

152: Ryder Janeczko (Yorkville (H.S.)) F 1:27 Brendan Landau (Edwardsville (H.S.))

160: Cam Peach (Yorkville (H.S.)) MD 11-0 Jack Cloud (Edwardsville (H.S.))

170: Luke Zook (Yorkville (H.S.)) FF

182: Hubey Thomas (Edwardsville (H.S.)) D 4-0 Colten Stevens (Yorkville (H.S.))

195: Ryan Stockl (Yorkville (H.S.)) D 5-2 Simon Schulte (Edwardsville (H.S.))

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